15+ .Net Libraries You Must Know About

15+ .Net Libraries You Must Know About

Back when Windows was the only incumbent of the programming world, any developer used the Microsoft .NET Framework for their desktop and web development needs. But as other platforms gained popularity and people started using different devices and technologies, we all felt a great need for a cross-platform, open-source solution on .NET runtime.

That’s when .NET core was created to help programmers build and run apps across different operating systems and devices. What’s great is that programmers could use the same expertise to work with .NET core libraries, compilers, and application frameworks.

Besides being open-source and platform-independent, developers enjoy using .NET core libraries because they are lightweight, require less coding, support many languages, and offer full command-line support.

If you’re not familiar with .NET core libraries, you can start by checking out our list.

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We'll begin with Swashbuckle, a well-known open-source framework for creating API guides for ASP.NET Core apps. It's a common tool to define OpenAPI specs for different models and controllers, helping users offer dynamic, browser-based docs with little work.

Plus, it provides several customization features, like putting XML comments in written documents, changing operation tags and terms, and changing the design of the UI.


Polly is an open-source framework that provides patterns and building blocks for application fault tolerance and resilience. Thanks to the Retry Policy, Polly allows developers to try again a rejected request that was caused by an error or a sudden or bad result of a code.

Besides retry policies, this .NET library supports circuit breaking to avoid consecutive failures by stopping requests to a server with problems. You may use Polly to create apps that can survive the unpredictability of distributed networks and give users greater satisfaction.

Auto Mapper

AutoMapper is a basic option that can change object types, serving as a convention-based mapper. The most notable advantage of utilizing AutoMapper in your work is simpler code, which requires fewer lines to exchange data across various objects. This simpler code can also simplify and streamline the development process, as object mapping requires less effort and coding.

With other libraries, you must go over every mapping spot, execute the update, and test all scenarios to change the mapping. But AutoMapper allows you to focus only on one spot and develop unit tests for validation.


As the name suggests, SaasKit is a lightweight library for creating SaaS programs. With SaasKit, we may quickly develop multi-tenant programs utilizing OWIN.

SaasKit is a collection of NuGet bundles that contribute to cutting boilerplate code and simplifying typical tasks while developing SaaS programs. It also interfaces with other libraries, so the initial setup is simple.

Also, it is extremely strong, reliable, and performs nicely across multi-tenant and single-tenant scenarios.


Services, planned operations, sockets, efficiency indicators, and file space are just a few elements that you can check with Diagnostics.HealthChecks.

If these criteria are satisfied, it also offers ways to send email warnings. This tool would be beneficial in the circumstances involving ongoing integration when it is essential to inform users when failure is likely.

By using HealthChecks, you may alert monitoring tools to check potential issues so you can identify and solve them before they cause any severe damage.


MallKit is a popular option that allows users to send files, provide opinions, receive feedback, and exchange data through .NET Core apps. It links the.NET Core program to an offsite SMTP server and lets clients interact through email.

Also, because it utilizes TLS or SSL-based asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, it creates an ideal space to transmit large volumes of email safely.

Cache Manager

CacheManager is a free and open-source library built in C# for Microsoft. NET. It works well with many cache providers and has numerous sophisticated functions. The primary goal of the CacheManager library is to help developers navigate any easy or complicated scenario where caching is needed.

It’s actually a popular tool among developers because it offers multiple-layer implementation while saving the .NET core developer from writing long code lines.


Dapper is a well-known .NET Core mapping package that focuses on the mapping of computer languages to databases. It offers great efficiency, speed, and customization as a shared ORM library. To implement it, first create an IDbConnection object, and then build a request for CRUD functions. After you have completed every phase, Dapper begins operating inside the ASP.NET Core app.


Most Ocelot users use.NET and have microservices that require just one means of access to their network. It can still work on any platform supported by ASP.NET Core and be interoperable with everything that runs on HTTP.

You may combine several APIs under one entry point using Ocelot, improving user access and offering a uniform API surface. Ocelot interacts nicely with other.NET systems and works well with different protocols.

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NLog is one of the most common logging packages available. In addition to being free, it offers a simple and extensible API for logging communications from .NET apps, helping programmers quickly monitor and find problems in their code.

A .NET core developer may use NLog to log signals to many spots, like files, email, and others. Sophisticated functions include filtering, multilevel logging, and parallel logging to several places.


When compared to SQL databases, LiteDB runs up to 100 times quicker. If you are familiar with SQL, LiteDB is ideal for your future work because it is highly compatible with SQL syntax.

It's also compatible with Microsoft.NET Core so that you can use it across all major operating systems. LiteDB is an additional option for your work if you plan to have .NET on any system other than Windows or don't want to use Java.


Smidge is one of the most lightweight .NET core libraries for ASP.Net that manages, minifies, compresses, and combines JavaScript and CSS files. Besides debugging configurations, it offers many advanced features such as Fluent syntax, server/client-side caching, and compression. All of these features make it a popular tool for developing the framework of many applications.


For applications designed to operate with passcodes, keys, and other delicate data, the Bcrypt package offers hashing and authentication techniques. It works well with previous Unix crypt(3) executions, although it provides considerable benefits in terms of both program speed and memory utilization.

Thanks to its flexible algorithm, Bcrypt utilizes a collection of secret constants designed by its creator based on an updated form of Blowfish.

Fluent Email

FluentEmail is a free package that allows you to add emailing features to your software instantly. It comes with ready-made layouts, typically Razor, in addition, to support for common email senders.

The best way to utilize FluentEmail is to identify the sender and the mail template via standard .NET Dependency Injection that can help you send emails in .NET frameworks and support you across many scenarios.

Unit Conversion

As an open-source .NET library compatible with all major operating systems, UnitConversion is a popular tool among users who wish to quickly and seamlessly convert between a wide range of measurement units.

It allows a developer or a .NET core development company to utilize the Visual Studio platform and the C# language for processing and performing mathematical calculations across values. You can also use UnitConversion to adjust and control units of measure in runtime.

Fast Report

FastReport supports Object-Oriented Development and is compatible with a variety of databases. It is light and simple, making it one of the most popular .NET core libraries available.

This tool assists developers in creating apps that must include reporting functionality. You may produce reports using their procedures or properties; there is no need to code.

Auto Complete

Autocomplete is a free JavaScript package for creating autocomplete scenarios. The autocomplete scenario begins when someone provides input, and this library finishes their sentences by offering the whole phrase or alternatives.

This .Net library has become a common feature in most, if not all, search engines. On desktop and mobile devices, search engines like Google, online retailers like eBay, and even streaming platforms like YouTube offer autocomplete features to users.

Bottom Line

So, there you have it. Our list of the most popular .NET core libraries ends here. If you're a Net core developer, you can use all the libraries mentioned above to create code in less time and effort. Of course, there are many other .NET libraries like Oracle, Cscore, NetOffice, and SignalR that we did not mention for the sake of brevity.

But, in any case, if you plan on achieving success through software development, you need .NET core experts. If you don't, you can always outsource your operations to a reliable provider like The One Technologies, which has the expertise and infrastructure to save money and time. To better understand our services, don't hesitate to contact us and let our experts answer all your questions.

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