Top 6 Features of Xamarin as Cross Platform Framework

Top 6 Features of Xamarin as Cross Platform Framework

Software and app like Chrome, Instagram, Firefox, and similar other apps have chosen cross-platform development as the leading solution to offer the best application experience to users. Cross-platform tools provide users with a relatively limited budget, a higher audience reach, and features like native UI experience.

Regardless, one must select a suitable UI framework to develop a cross-platform app for business. If the UI of an app is inadequate, the app ultimately leads to a problematic solution for the end-users.

Thanks to the highly competitive conditions of growing technology, we have a framework like Xamarin to develop scalable and performance-driven applications. Software outsourcing Company in India can help you design and develop a cross-platform app with Xamarin. The One Technologies have dedicated Xamarin developers who are experienced in developing successful applications with complex features.

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Introduction: Why Xamarin

Xamarin’s applications are immensely successful and known for their user experience worldwide. As per the survey, more than 15,000 organizations and 1.4 million programmers were using Xamarin, and the number is increasing. Bosch, Slack, Pinterest, Siemens, and other similar applications most in-demand are developed using Xamarin. Users love these mobile and web apps, and they are used globally.

Several industry experts and practitioners have proved Xamarin as one of the best frameworks for cross-platform by implementing it to existing and new app development. Xamarin is far more efficient and reliable for competitive app development.

We have multiple reliable frameworks in the market for cross platform app development. Still, among multiple choices, Xamarin, if more flexible with features like code-reusability and low maintenance, makes it worth adopting.

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Top 6 Features of Cross Platform Mobile App Development Using Xamarin

1. Native Multiplatform Support

Xamarin comes with multiple form support. Yes, developers get full support to access native APIs and tools for all three platforms Android, iOS, and Windows.

Therefore, Xamarin delivers all native UI experience and performance-driven functions for your business application. Also, it is known for flexibility, and thus, businesses choose Xamarin-based solutions over their hybrid competitors.

2. Close Development Deadlines

For any app that needs migration, Xamarin is the best option as it helps develop the app in less time. It works in tight deadline and budget-friendly terms where Xamarin satisfies the business requirements. With a close deadline, Xamarin has other benefits, like:

  • Code reusability for both Windows and iOS reduce the development time.
  • The building of Visual Studio is sufficient to get started.
  • Xamarin is easy to use as it comes with C# and .NET, which speeds up the development.
  • Xamarin is a more powerful and suitable development tool for developers who enjoy using the framework.
  • It enables developers to make an app prototype in one day and test it without real devices in Visual Studio using simulation models.

3. Choice of Priorities

what to choose in xamarin development

For Xamarin app development, there are two approaches– Forms and Native. For a performance-driven application, Xamarin.Native is the ultimate choice for cross-platform app development. A software app development company can help you develop an app as per your business requirements.

Select Xamarin.Forms to develop:

  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) App Solutions.
  • Simple applications with Limited Features.

Choose Xamarin.Native to develop:

  • High-load Systems Applications.
  • Applications Integrated with Other Services.
  • Apps where User Interface is more Important.

4. Easy Maintenance

Xamarin is easy to develop and maintain. Developers get code help through several Xamarin tutorials and guidelines. It assists with best practices that new engineers can learn and adapt for rapid app development.

The resource provided by the Xamarin community and libraries is worth exploring as it gives all the necessary data. In addition, Xamarin makes it easier to maintain apps and does not make any harder for developers to update any change. And they are automatically applied to iOS, Android, and Windows apps, but it only works for applications using Xamarin.Forms.

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5. Code Reusability: Write Once Use Everywhere

One of the most mesmerizing aspects of choosing Xamarin for a cross-platform framework is to share business logic between different mobile platforms. With the help of C#, one can use any code and write on Android and iOS with minimal changes, and the rest of the code can be reused. Hence, it decreases the development time and offers less code maintenance.

Besides, with Visual Studio as your leading IDE, Xamarin helps share projects between operating systems. It will also mean that developers can fast move the code around different projects. And also, Xamarin delivers more control over their UX, which developers frequently take pride in as the love working on!

6. Highly Safe and Secure

xamarin highly safe and secure

As a cross-platform app development, businesses want their application secure and safe. Yes, in a highly competitive market, the best way to develop software is with end-to-end encryption and authentication.

Developers can easily secure applications without exposure with an application like Azure Key Vault and Azure Active Directory. With the help of Xamarin’s code signing capabilities within Visual Studio, one can guarantee authenticity across all devices.


Most decision-makers and entrepreneurs choose Xamarin for their cross-platform app development. As Xamarin reduces the development cost and offers quick development, it is considered one of the most preferred technology stacks.

If you are looking for expertise to build two app versions from scratch, contact a Xamarin app development company. We have an experienced team of Xamarin developers and designers with the ability to build MVP with minimal costs quickly.


  • Why should you use Xamarin?

Xamarin allows code reusability where developers have to make code once and share it to iOS and Android. Xamarin also offers complete access to native APIs and tools used across Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. So, it can deliver nearly native design and performance-driven applications.

  • Is Xamarin good for app development?

Yes, for cross-platform app development, Xamarin is an ideal choice. It has some of the most significant benefits that authorize creating Android, iOS and Windows phone applications sharing the same C# code base. Also, with Xamarin Forms, a business can get 96% reusability on an application.

  • What are your Xamarin app development services?

We offer end-to-end Xamarin App Development Services, including Xamarin Consulting, Xamarin Custom App Development, Xamarin App Migration & Support, and more.

  • What are the major benefits of Xamarin app development?

There are multiple benefits of Xamarin. Here are some key benefits: flexibility, quicker app development, code reusability, cost-effectiveness, time-saving, and more.

The One Technologies is a known web and app development company that offers the best cross-platform app development. We have expertise in cross-platform app development with a professional team of developers, designers, and business analysts. Contact us.

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