Top 8 ASP.NET Development Tools for your Project

Top 8 ASP.NET Development Tools for your Project

The ASP.NET framework is ideal for developing web apps and services with .NET and C#. Along with Microsoft, .Net assist in developing the most suitable application through its tools.

It’s a famous web framework for developing dynamic web applications that software consulting companies use. Frameworks like ASP.Net help companies to build websites and publish applications with the help of tools such as Visual Studio Gallery, Web Platform Installer, .Net Reflector, and more.

Professionals and developers dive deep into technology and tools that help create an excellent application. This post will explain each tool to make you understand it most proficiently.

Developers generally have two choices- either get familiar with valuable tools for software development or know the essential, necessary tools to implement. Our dedicated developers know how the tools and all necessary software methodologies to develop a more reliable application.

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Here are the Best Tools for .NET Developers

Web Platform Installer

ASP.Net provides some free tools that give the best app features. One such tool is Web Platform Installer which is easy for developers to download, install and stay up-to-date with the latest components on Microsoft. The Microsoft Web Platform - .NET Framework, SQL Server Express, and the Visual Studio.

The Web Platform Installer delivers a specified installation workflow to install open-source applications and technologies. This tool also comes with a built-in windows web application gallery and makes it easy and straightforward to run the free web applications.

Web Essentials for Visual Studio

The Visual Studio extension of the ASP.Net framework helps in augmenting the core VS functionality with more powerful and useful features. The features consist of task shortcuts and improved Intelligence for CSS/HTML/JavaScript, and more.

This ASP.Net tool is easy and accessible for web developers using Visual Studio can be a real productivity enhancer. Mostly, developers will not get such basics of web development apart from the Web Essentials extension for Visual Studio.

A business can develop and receive custom editors, a Browser Link to immediately see changes, TypeScript, Less, Markdown, and more.


NuGet is a tool that is a whole package manager for .NET. It allows developers to access various third-party libraries and develop and share your tools to develop an excellent . NET-based application. Software outsourcing companies use the tool for third-party components.

The process for downloading components was challenging before the NuGet tool. In addition, the tool simplifies the delivery of third-party components directly into your Visual Studio project. It is easy to use while designing the app as it includes a command line for CI/CD automated deploys.

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The Visual Studio Gallery tool is essential as it helps locate the right extension for your needs. Without the VS Gallery, it may be challenging to click on Extensions in VS. It is important to use VS gallery as it offers quick access to Visual Studio controls, extensions, and templates.

In addition, the apps integrate with the IDE enabling the developer to access over 7,000 products.


Chocolatey is an ASP.Net tool that is precisely designed and developed for the Windows NT platform to develop specific web applications. This tool is like a high-end software package that assists in executing an engine that uses the NuGet packaging infrastructure and Windows PowerShell.

For installing the software in Windows, the Chocolatey tool will provide an automation tool and aim to streamline the process for the user.


It is the tool that sanctions testing LINQ queries or any C#/F#/Visual Basic program. LINQPad is a platform for prototyping & instant feedback. It is the ideal tool of ASP.Net that comes built-in for features like debugger and autocompletes. LINQPad tool also enables to control source code clutter in the Visual Studio Console.

It is an essential tool for testing as LINQ and testing code snippets before they are submitted into your code.

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.NET Reflector

.NET Reflector tool is another best tool of ASP.Net that functions as a decompile and a static analyzer for the framework. It allows you to understand and debug the .NET code and help developers solve errors. It also lets you work for third-party components even if you don't have any comments or documentation.


NDepend is a Visual Studio extension that is highly used for static code analysis. This .NET tool lets you know your code quality using various designs, its metrics, and lets you accurately assess your technical depth within the IDE.

If you ask developers to choose a tool, they recommend NDepend as your toolkit.

NDepend is one of the developers' favourite tools as it optimizes and refactors code at a high level. It basically lets developers see the "wood for the trees" and gives a 10,000-foot view of your app code. It also delivers custom querying language to discuss your application's coupling and analyze to measure its standards.

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Some Extra .Net App Development Tools


SQLComplete tool that helps boost app productivity. It also augments the SQL Server Management Studio by counting valuable features such as script generation, navigation, tab coloring, and more.

This totally customizable .Net tool enhances the quality of the code.

It additionally smoothens building SQL queries with context-based code completion, code completion for CTE, managing aliases, code highlighting, and more.


The ReSharper tool comes with unique features that concentrate on code quality analysis. It will recognize the issues in the code and automatically crack the problems.

The automated solution ReSharper will use wide code refactoring to change the codebase. It helps boost the legacy code and the project structure of your app development.


We have gone through multiple tools here that help you develop and explore all of the essential features of the .NET app development. Our web developer companies aim to offer advanced technology and tools that make your business app stronger and more reliable. Developing an app with cutting-edge technology requires knowledge and expertise, The One Technologies possess in-depth code knowledge and experience in the ASP.Net framework.

These tools are consistent with Microsoft visual studio to develop an app with quality code. Also, for static code analysis of all types of latest web applications, these .Net tools are helpful.

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