Top 5 Do's and Don'ts of Custom Software Development

Top 5 Do's and Don'ts of Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development: Which Things Should Keep in Mind and Which Not!

There’s been a debate going on about “build versus buy” in the software development industry. Many organizations have seen the implications of customization on their growth. In this competitive market, it has become important for every business to stand alone in the market from its competitors in every way and custom software development rests at the core of this differentiation.

But if you are planning to develop a project, you should look for the best, experienced and versatile custom software development company in India. An IT outsourcing company in India helps your project to plan very carefully and well-executed. Having vast experience in software development, we have come up with some do’s and don’ts to help make your custom software development project a success. Before proceeding ahead, let us tell you why custom software is important for any business at the moment.

Why Custom Software Development is Important?

Custom software allows the business to fulfill its requirements which are unique to specific businesses. This really helps businesses gain a competitive advantage and leverage the software to build processes that define an effective USP. Let us tell you some of the points that will help you choose best from the list of custom software development companies.

Satisfies Your Needs

satisfied customer needs

Since the custom applications are developed as per your requirements and needs, the final outcome will effectively address your needs. This way, you can save time and effort on the entire business process.

Minimal Training

minimal training

Another feature of custom software development makes it very easy to use and requires minimal training to become a pro for that. The interface requirements will be customized when the software is optimized for each development. This will surely match the needs and skill level of your employees.

Works As Per Your Needs

our team work as per client needs

Since the name suggests custom software, it allows the user roles and business to work and function effectively as per your requirements.

Safe and Secure

safe and secure code

Writing a unique code that is specific to your software reduces external threats and unauthorized access.


cost effective software development company

Custom software helps automate several manual processes and thus saves on manpower. It also eliminates the licensing costs.

Increased Scalability

increased business scalability cost

Since the custom software developers are experienced and skilled, they can easily scale the software accordingly to the growth of the business.

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Top 5 Do's And Don'ts of Custom Software Development

Here are the top 5 factors of Do's and Don'ts for custom software development that help avoid the usual pitfalls that have been known to crop up in this process.

1. Pre-Planning

Don't: Don't Avoid Planning
Many times, you will find that clients want quick solutions for their app requirements. They generally hire developers who work without having any proper planning and deadlines. Thus, the main planning and research work are ignored and that creates an impact on the development process. If the company doesn’t fetch the necessary information and materials at the beginning, then it may lead to additional changes and the timeline for your project will have to be pushed back. Eventually, this will cost you high.

Do: Start Preparing
The most important and crucial phase in software development is planning. As it allows the developer to do thorough research and planning for the steps of the project. At this planning stage, wireframe and sketches help developers to understand the design and system. This helps to get things done in a proper manner and stay on schedule.

2. Make Sure Its Customization

Don’t: Create for Yourself
You might be aware of the term - False Consensus Effect, where one thinks that others also think the same way he/she thinks. This same thing happens while designing the app. It’s an easy way to throw your ideas into a design and make it work. But sometimes, what you like is not necessary to be liked by others as well.

Do: Make It User-Centric
By keeping users in mind, developers have to develop the software carefully. Developers must stick to the given requirements while continuing to give their inputs. Make an app more user-centric.

3. Technical Feasibility and Prototype

Don't: Don't Let The Misunderstanding Happen
Misunderstanding or miscommunication while understanding the business requirements about the platform and format can lead to major issues in developing the application.

Do: Communicate When Needed
Staying active always and communicating with the team about the technical requirements and layout will help you develop the app prototype. It’s very difficult to visualize what an app would look like and how it will function without having its prototype. Your frequent communication with the team of developers will help you obtain feedback at every stage of the development process.

4. Design and Development

Don't: Don't Avoid Essential Requirements
Designing and development are the most essential phase and they take the most amount of time. If you don’t take requirements or any phase of development seriously and ignore them, then you might end up developing a bad product or app. So, the company should be cautious when hiring web designers. 

Do: Understand The Requirements
The most important factor while developing an app is to understand the requirements of UI/UX. You must be clear with the needs of the business. There will be many changes to the app requirements. When changes are implemented, ensure that the development team and management team remain on the same page. Once the decision is made, stick to it.

5. QA Testing

Don't: Don't Be Negligent
The QA department must be aware and more careful while testing the application. They should not be careless towards bugs, from functionalities, and security licenses. This could damage the product if proper care is not taken. The app should be passed under all the phases of testing and not launched until all aspects have been tested.

Do: A Thorough QA Test
QA testing is the final and important phase of the development life cycle. The app should go under its compatibility, interface, security, and performance.


Since custom software development is developed on the basis of the company's requirements, they save time and costs in the long run. Whether it's about developing HR solution software or accounting software or customer-facing application, as a custom software development company, The One Technologies allows you the freedom to choose the feature and add functionality as per your business and requirements.

If you want to expand your business and generate greater revenue, then The One Technologies - custom software development is the right solution. It meets the needs of the company's requirements. If you would like to know more about how a custom software development company works, get in touch with us today!

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