All about NetSuite Integration Options - Your Handy NetSuite Guide

All about NetSuite Integration Options - Your Handy NetSuite Guide

Are you searching for a master of all trades to assist you with business operations? If so, NetSuite will be a great benefit to your company. Using NetSuite as an enterprise resource planning software, businesses worldwide can achieve growth and profitability through the optimization of business processes.

There is no doubt that NetSuite is one of the best and most popular ERP software tools on the market today. However, you must properly integrate NetSuite into your business to be effective.

You will soon learn more about NetSuite integration options, their benefits for businesses, and how to find the right solution for your needs.

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What is NetSuite Integration?

NetSuite is a powerful business tool that combines existing software with cloud-based solutions.

A Software as a Service (SaaS), NetSuite eliminates the need to use different CRM, ERP, or eCommerce solutions and streamlines virtually every aspect of your business. In other words, your subscription fee provides access to the technology, but the technical support and maintenance of the systems are not yours to take care of.

It's not just a case of reducing costs when you eliminate the maintenance and upgrade expenses associated with on-premises solutions, but it is also a case of allowing employees to focus on the organization's goals.

Furthermore, NetSuite offers a range of integration options with on-demand enterprise systems like SAP and Google Apps.

It is possible to replace many different software applications including accounting, customer information, and human resources administration software with NetSuite dashboards. Most IT developers still prefer it because it allows them to write customized connectors in any language. This also quickens different systems’ integration processes.

You’re going to read more on the three NetSuite integration options soon, but let’s review several notable benefits of integrating NetSuite first.

NetSuite Integration Benefits

Technologies have significantly altered the way businesses function today. A single cloud-based solution is now covering business processes of all sizes and shapes to revolutionize the conventional method and bring about a new edge digital space.

With NetSuite integration, you get the power of CRM, business automation, accounting, and eCommerce in one convenient solution. This means that information is shared seamlessly between NetSuite software and other systems, such as those we mentioned earlier.

An organization can expand rapidly and exponentially with NetSuite's cloud-based framework. Moreover, the database automatically updates without requiring any action whenever new data is collected.

In addition to eliminating the need for multiple databases, NetSuite expense management can manage and automate a majority of business processes. Integrating NetSuite with other programs is done by hand-coding.

Business owners can also benefit from Netsuite integration in the following ways.

Data Security: In a world where all organizations are looking for a system that provides data security and integrity, Netsuite provides it at all levels.

System Reliability: It is always important to have a system that performs consistently and provides accurate data.

Perform Various Business Operations: Software like NetSuite accounting system runs entire business operations like financial reporting, shipping, and order management from centralized and localized cloud servers.

Global Business Options & Enhanced Communication: NetSuite integration facilitates information exchange between a business and its stakeholders, suppliers, and clients. The NetSuite solution also supports multiple languages and currencies.

VoIP features: With VoIP features in niche AR software, collection agents can call their clients directly from the software to save time and reduce errors. Although NetSuite does not have built-in VoIP features, it supports integrations to help you get this functionality, especially to improve CRM capabilities.

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NetSuite Integration Options

Through end-to-end integration, Netsuite eliminates the need to use different CRM, ERP, or eCommerce solutions. Furthermore, it streamlines virtually everything your business does.

  1. Natural Integration

All applications pull data from and insert it into the central database to keep NetSuite's knowledge base centralized. By combining native modules within the platform, third-party integrations are no longer necessary.

This is good news since these third parties may not all be reliable or able to handle real-time updates.

  1. Integration Platform (CIS, IPaAS, Middleware)

Since many NetSuite integration platforms have emerged over the past few years, they represent the modern approach to EDI solutions. These include the Center for Internet Security (CIS), Integration Platform as A Service (IPaAS), and Middleware.

Using these platforms, you can control and share data effectively. No matter what type of device users use, they will be able to access the platform securely through a browser or their other smart devices.

  1. Outsourced Hand-Coding

When integration is hand-coded, outsourced developers create the NetSuite integration from scratch. Because it's created specifically for your business and the software you use to run it, this integration option gives you the most customization options.

Choosing the Best NetSuite Integration Option

Choosing the right NetSuite integration option isn't easy.

If you choose to implement NetSuite as your ERP software, there are a few things you need to take into account. First, you’d better take inventory of all legacy and third-party programs your company uses throughout the organization before you begin.

Just to make sure you don't miss anything, ask each team to make a list of the tools they employ as well. Then, analyze your business processes and find the ins and outs of how they work.

Don’t forget that you also need to choose a suitable NetSuite integration service provider to manage the whole integration procedure. It is crucial that both you and your integration service provider respect and strive to achieve your company's objectives.

Only then can you plan out the best method to integrate each workflow into NetSuite so you can keep track of everything and further improve your progress.

The One Technologies Can Help - NetSuite Integration Services

We have a highly-trained team specializing in NetSuite implementation, consulting, and management. Our knowledge of the following fields enables us to better meet the needs of our customers.

  • JavaScript
  • Structured query language (PL/SQL)
  • Designing relational databases
  • NetSuite Stripe integration
  • Development of stored procedures with Oracle and MY SQL Server

NetSuite RESTlets are NetSuite integration options built using NetSuite's SuiteScript language, allowing developers to customize everything from scratch. You can programmatically access NetSuite data and business processes using SOAP web services through an XML-based application programming interface (API).

We at The One Technologies have expertise in both technologies and can help you get the most out of them. Moreover, our team can handle NetSuite Integration Methods - SuiteScript, SuiteCloud, SuiteFlow, SuiteBuilder, and SuiteTalk.

Whether you need standard NetSuite configuration or advanced customization, our NetSuite team is here to help.


With NetSuite, you can eliminate duplicate work, refresh outdated business procedures, and consolidate all your business data into one place. The NetSuite software can do wonders for your business, but making sure it's properly integrated is crucial.

Using The One Technologies, you will gain greater insight into your business data processing, resulting in better sales and higher conversion rates. Using NetSuite ERP and other tools, we improve cross-sale and up-sale, maximize productivity, and increase profitability.

To schedule a NetSuite consultation, contact us today. It is our pleasure to advise you on the most appropriate NetSuite integration option for your business.

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