ASP.NET - Signin with Google plus using Google Plus API - Part 1

ASP.NET - Signin with Google plus using Google Plus API - Part 1

The user base of google+ is increasing steadily. No doubt, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are Giants of Social networks, each of them provides API to integrate sign-in with websites. Recently Google plus has joined that band wagon.

Previously Google was allowing to login in with Google account which is quite similar. However using this new sign in with Google plus account, website owners has added advantage to access the google plus user information like Profile, circles posts by users and other Google plus Features on the website.

Lets take a look How to use Google plus Signin in with Google Plus API

Login to Google API Console and 'create' an application to get ClientID and Client Secret:

Google plus API Console

Once the application has been created, select the API Access tab and click on 'Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID'.

Google plus API OAuth 2.0

Provide the name of your application, add the Homepage URL of your website on which you are going to use this Sign in feature and click Next

Google plus API Application Branding

Specify the callback URL, click the 'more options' link in the dialog and specify the redirect URL. You can add multiple URLs per line:

Google plus API Application Type

You can also click 'Edit Settings' later on add multiple Redirect URLs if you wish

Google plus API Redirect URLs

Once done you can click on the 'Create client ID' button. Note down the Client ID and Client secret which needs to be used in the code.

Google plus API Client ID

Stay tuned for next part of this blog for actual website integration with google plus API for sign in with Google Plus


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