The Next Big Thing in .NET Framework for Web Development

The Next Big Thing in .NET Framework for Web Development

ASP.NET Core & ASP.NET are rated as the most preferred web frameworks in the Stack Overflow 2021 survey.

Also, huge tech such as Amazon and Microsoft are putting tremendous assets in the .NET ecosystem. And, the majority of IT company are developing new web projects using .NET as their primary development platform.

Now the question is, what is driving them to make such a massive investment in the .NET platform?

This article will show how the .NET is growing and the .NET framework trends for 2022.

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What is the Current Web Development Scenario?

  • By accepting and implementing cutting-edge technology, companies wish to keep their edge and challenge big players.
  • In the early stage, Microsoft understood the requirements of the industry and designed one of the most complete and performance-driven solutions to create business applications faster.
  • NET development company is excited along with .NET developers with the updates and trends as they found developing applications easier with .NET as compared to other frameworks.
  • The future of .NET is about to change, and 2022 brings new business offerings.

Evolution of .NET Framework

Microsoft is assembling some bold steps as we heard everywhere about the future of .NET that will change this year. Some big changes anticipated for the .NET framework are:

  • In 2019, the announcement was made that all the different .NET products are merging with Microsoft framework technologies. For example, .NET Framework and .NET Core into one single. NET.
  • The release of .NET core 3.1 was announced as the previous separate version. The version then will be merged with .NET
  • .NET has been used to create web applications, windows servers, and Microsoft azure apps, but now the scenario is different. After merging all the products, the possibility of more opportunities and web applications will increase.

Let’s glance at the .NET trends that will rule in 2022.

More Serverless Computing Using .NET Core

Serverless computing is one of the most prevalent as it helps businesses go serverless while holding their data in the cloud. Cloud computing technologies are booming, and it has undoubtedly enabled enterprises to explore their services and application functions.

Serverless computing is achieving more visibility as it offers a great facility being highly scalable, cost-effective, secure, and stable at the same time.

Based on the data, the Serverless Computing Market is predicted to expand at an outstanding 23.17% CAGR during the year 2021–2026.

Azure Cloud


Cloud computing has been in the market for a couple of years due to its huge storage capacity and helps reduce stress on the client-side or local processing systems. With cloud computing, a huge amount of data can be easily accessed and stored anytime and from anywhere.

It also makes it simple for businesses to raise their operations as there is no local set-up needed, and all the up-gradation of memory and processing can be purchased from the cloud. By hiring .NET developers, you can leverage features like cloud computing to incorporate into your web application.

Cloud is such great technology that it only needs no maintenance from the client-side as it permits more versatility and flexibility to businesses. Microsoft created a cloud storage app called Azure due to an increasing trend of the cloud.

Azure is hugely favoured and used worldwide by businesses as it offers big data and complete data analytics solutions. .NET development companies use Azur and deploy in ASP.NET framework-based applications on the cloud with the help of ASP.NET MVC front-end.

Introduction of .NET 6 Framework


Here we discuss a new open-source, cross-platform framework introduced by Microsoft and is well-known as .NET 6 Framework. Apart from the next version of the .NET framework; it is a new

.NET 6 is a Long-term Support (LTS) release supported for three years. In addition to that, .NET 6 is more compatible with various operating systems, including Apple Silicon, macOS, and Windows Arm64. It also provides a unified platform for browser, cloud, desktop, IoT, and mobile applications with flexibility. It has been updated to meet all app types’ requirements and make code reuse easy across all of your apps.

A new update from Microsoft – ML.NET 1.4 will let you adopt new and exciting features into your .NET applications. Let's see what ML.NET is all about.

ML.NET 1.4

logo of ml dotnet

A new update from Microsoft – ML.NET 1.4 will let you adopt new and exciting features into your .NET applications. Let's see what ML.NET is all about.

  • What is ML.Net?

ML.NET is an open-source and cross-platform machine learning framework covering a Model Builder and CLI (Command-Line Interface). It makes application development easy and helps developers to create custom Machine Learning (ML) models with Automated Machine Learning (AutoML).

It fetches Machine Learning analytics and forecast capabilities to .NET developers where the framework has been developed upon .NET Core and .NET Standard. Thus, ML.NET has inherited the ability to run on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Though the ML.NET framework is relatively new, its history started in 2002 as a Microsoft research project which was named TMSN (text mining search and navigation). ML.NET is derived from the TLC library, and thus they planned to change the name.

It was planned to be used only for Microsoft products internally. And history says that the name was later changed to TLC, which is a code in 2011. Hire .NET developers with expertise in framework to develop competitive .NET applications.

Security Features in ASP.NET Core Applications

logo of security features in dotnet

Security is one of the essential domains of the development process due to the increase in cyber-attack activities.

Also, .NET Core seeks to deliver a broad range of security features for customized web app development. The most important security feature possesses RCR, i.e., Runtime Code Regions and Structured Exception. With the help of the .NET Core framework, developers can enhance security features for any business application.

Suppose you consider being the topmost security in software development for your business. Specifically, when managing high-level payment and sensitive user data, app security is essential to secure customers' data. With more data breaches and the world going digital, awareness about security is raised, and thus, data protection modules need to be incorporated in app development.

So, the platform made with .NET core is preferred by most businesses. .NET can guarantee security for business apps as it offers features such as code checks, encryptions, validations, and code access security. It has an MVC architecture leaned for SoC and supports secure and scalable web and mobile applications.

Blazor Framework for Web Apps

Blazor is used as one of the finest web-based frameworks for developing client-side applications. A known .NET programmer Steve Sanderson has designed Blazer for straightforward development.

With Blazer, sharing libraries and codes becomes easier as C# writes the code, both at the client and the server-side. Besides, Blazer doesn't even require any additional plugins or add-ons.

With WebAssembly, Blazor runs instantly on any browser with only client-side C# code. It makes Blazer a top trend of .NET, where developers will write for the web from now.

With the Blazor framework, web app development companies can create interactive, web-based Single Page Applications (SPAs) that can be easily developed and deployed on all platforms. Also, while processing requests on a page, the framework does not use any I/O thread, making it enterprise-level for high-performance demanding apps requiring higher bandwidth.

Major features of Blazor are:

  • Zero restrictions with HTML and CSS
  • Dependency injection.
  • It makes common tasks easy, like working with the DOM, fetching data over HTTP, and client-side routing.
  • SignalR as a NuGet package.
  • Hot reload- allowing developers to see the browser's output instantly.
  • Pre-Rendering and Authentication.
  • Lazy loading- in Blazor WebAssembly, use lazy loading to improve the app's performance.
  • Effective communication with gRPC-Web.
  • Forms and Validation.


With its major trends in the last release, .Net app development has been popular in the digital world. In very little time, .NET has been modified and came with the newest version for more scalable and flexible web applications.

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