How to choose right software company when outsourcing to India

When outsourcing to Indian companies one wants to make sure they are choosing the right firm because a lot is on stake here; you are investing a lot in the business that is going to run in some other part of the world and you want to make sure it runs smoothly. Why Indians firms you may ask—well the answer is because Indian software companies are high in demand since they produce high quality software in the limited amount of time and budget. This means that you are benefiting from low costs and obtaining the highest quality of work and diversity. Therefore, what are the tips for choosing the Software Company when outsourcing to India—read on and find out.

Past performance and achievements

You can always judge a company by their past performance, achievements and mode of work and so one of the first things to check is company credibility and past record. How many clients have they benefited and how many other companies have they worked for—all of these things are the questions and thoughts that you should ask before you decide to mingle with Indian companies. Make sure the Indian company is used to working with foreign companies, if they have already done so then you can expect them to take your business ideas and interpret the software development in the utmost best manner.


Secondly, see if the Indian company in question has the flexibility to incorporate the changes you want them to make. Software development has no hard and fast rule. You have to experiment and redo things many times over before the final product can have the green signal and so you want to make sure your Indian counterparts will be flexible enough to undergo a different working routine every other month or so. If they are not so flexible then they may not be able to develop the software within the period or the budget.


Thirdly, whichever company you decide to choose should depend on the factor of if they are able to maintain and upgrade the software as per your wishes and requirements. No company should be stagnant when it comes to software development because millions of other individuals worldwide are devising new ways and methods to improve, maintain and upgrade their software solutions. Therefore, your company should be able to adjust and make changes.

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  • jeremy
    Also you have to find a company in india that works somewhat in US hours. It kills projects when you have to wait until 9 or 10 PM each night to communicate to them. Many decisions need to be done during the day.

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