Customizing Your Umbraco Theme: Tips for a Stunning Website Design

Customizing Your Umbraco Theme: Tips for a Stunning Website Design

Are you dedicated to design excellence and searching for tips about Umbraco templates because you have heard they deliver highly effective ways to build stunning websites in no time? As a leading Umbraco development company, we recommend using Umbraco because it's simply one of the best open-source content management systems around.

Apart from having an informative website, it is also important to uniquely design your website to make it stand out from your competitors on the web. A well-designed Umbraco design helps to grab your customers' attention and engage them. So, if you're planning to build one, you need a web design company by your side to lay out a strategic online plan and draw clients' engagement.

This post will discuss website design tips for making a stunning site using customized Umbraco themes. After reading this article, you will easily make the right choice for your online design project by implementing our expert tips, whether it's an eCommerce store or a website.

So, let's get started!

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Tips for Creating a Stunning Website Design with Umbraco Themes

Use uSkinned Site Builder

uSkinned is a content editing environment that overlays the Umbraco CMS and provides a no-code place to design your website. It is used with Umbraco theme customization to help you launch a new website using the powerful Umbraco CMS. These theme designs are specially developed to give a responsive web look and feel independent of your device. Also, users can seamlessly browse through the website and know your organization from the palm of their hand.

Once you start using uSkinned on top of Umbraco, it provides a user-friendly and no-coding environment for building stunning website authoring. You can create and edit your Umbraco website using various tools offered by uSkinned, giving you more control over your site content and structure.

Setup Uno Theme

Do you want to use Umbraco without editing and creating your own templates? Then Umbraco Uno is the preferred choice for you.

There are numerous website design tips, but if you're using Uno in Umbraco, you can enable custom code to extend its functionality in ways it wasn't necessarily envisioned to do. It combines Umbraco CMS and Cloud with a website foundation and an extensive library of ready-made widgets. We highly recommend using Umbraco Uno to get an updated theme and has all the latest Umbraco features. Apart from this, you'll get a great front-end design editor, theme section, and a WYSIWYG editor without writing a single line of coding.

Create a Perfect Layout

As a leading open-source CMS, Umbraco is flexible to your branding guidelines, customizable to your business requirements, and scalable. Once your business starts expanding, Umbraco ensures it grows with you. It often allows you to use the grid editor feature, a simple drag-and-drop page editor used by content editors to create uniform layouts for web pages and content in the backend of the CMS. You can choose your website content layout while creating a new page, as it helps you prioritize in an easy-to-follow manner.

Not only this, but your web pages will also render correctly on various devices keeping all the pages laid out in a mobile-friendly fashion and increasing organic visibility.

Use Umbraco Starter Kit

To create a custom website design using the capabilities of Umbraco themes, we recommend using the Umbraco Starter Kit for Umbraco Cloud, which can be downloaded for the Umbraco CMS. It contains a website with all the basic functionalities to help you get started. If you configure the Starter Kit, you can state Umbraco's content creation and editing abilities from a content editor's point of view.

You will get various great page templates for your website's home page, contact page, blog, product catalogs, and more. It is a great way to make yourself familiar with how templates work in Umbraco and create customized web designs.

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Custom Fonts and Colors

Fonts and colors are important factors to consider in improving your brand identity. While working with Umbraco, you can stay on-brand by importing your custom fonts and creating your own color scheme. You can also configure "color/fonts" rules for your editors directly in the CMS to control how exactly buttons, headlines, background, and text will look, ensuring your website always looks stunning and on point.

Use Latest Umbraco Version

Last but not least, make sure to keep yourself updated all the time. As an active community, Umbraco comes up with improvements and advanced features with all its upcoming versions. So, keep up with the technology because the Umbraco CMS is regularly updated based on the latest trends and offers out-of-the-box functionalities to create a stunning custom website design.

Final Words

So that’s it for the post!

In closing, we would like to mention that the Umbraco CMS is one of the most effective platforms for marketers as it helps to boost conversions. But, apart from that, it allows you to create a customized user experience that continually moves them through the website. The tips we discussed here will surely help your web design team utilize the best Umbraco features and automatically increase overall user engagement.

If you are willing to beautifully design your Umbraco website and hand over your project to a leading Umbraco development company, The One Technologies have certified and fully trained developers to help you create a customized website integrated with the Umbraco CMS.

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