Developing E-commerce website on Umbraco and uCommerce Platform

Introduction To uCommerce

U-Commerce means Ubiquitous (i.e.  present everywhere) Commerce. Its related to variety of goods and services. uCommerce is a feature-rich e-commerce platform and represents "Anytime, Anywhere" Commerce. We can say its extension of E and M Commerce.

uCommerce is an e-commerce platform built on Microsoft .NET combining Umbraco or Sitecore.


  • E-commerce website remains open all the time so customers can buy product at time which is comfortable to them.
  • Via uConnector you can integrate your full ERP system with uCommerce.
  • It supports highly customizable product presentation.
  • Supports comfortable way to manage content and highly customizable checkout flow.
  • It supports inventory management, Multiple language support, Multiple store support.
  • SEO: supports Multilingual Friendly URLs, Friendly URLs, In Google search results you can find ratings, Reviews and Pricing information.
  • Easy Order management and order History.


  • Customers sometimes want to touch, smell, Hear or test the product. Here they can not experience the product before purchasing it.
  • Without Internet and Internet compatible device customer can not buy products.
  • Delay in receiving Goods: While buying products online customer need to wait for product to be shipped.
  • You need Umbraco or SiteCore CMS setup and running before you can setup uCommerce
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