Feature to Include in a Mobile Banking App

Feature to Include in a Mobile Banking App

Mobile banking apps have evolved into vital tools in today's fast-paced digital world, blending invisibly with our everyday activities. An essential compass for consumers navigating a world of financial transactions, security, and convenience is easy payment through a mobile banking app. With so many options, consumers and financial institutions must comprehend the whole spectrum of services.

Dive into the lucrative industry of banking software development with a list of mobile banking app functionalities curated. This mobile banking app feature listing blog offers a comprehensive overview that makes banking software development an essential component of contemporary finance, from simple bill payments and fund transfers to state-of-the-art security precautions. Come along to explore how these apps function and are changing the way we handle our finances.

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front end and back end features

Mobile Banking App Front-end Features

KYC and Onboarding

A smooth and safe onboarding procedure is guaranteed by the banking app's "KYC & Onboarding" feature. Government-issued identification documents, such as passports, Adhar cards, Pan cards, and driver's licenses, can be easily scanned and uploaded by users. Utility bills or official documents can be used to verify an address more easily, while facial recognition is used in selfie verification to increase security. Automated KYC verification frequently makes use of outside identity verification providers. To provide a seamless user setup procedure, users can complete their profiles with personal information and accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the app.

Account Management

Our mobile banking app's advanced features include "Account Management." It gives the complete control over money. It allows quick checking of account balances, use search and filter options to look through transaction history and move money across accounts with ease. It's easy to manage payments and pay bills; for even more ease, the app allows setting up recurring payments.

Account Statements

Access e-statements and important tax papers with the "Account Statements" feature of our mobile banking app. Integrate banking experience seamlessly with tax management and financial record-keeping by downloading and viewing account statements on the go with ease. With a few touches, stay informed and organized.

Mobile Wallet

Digital payments are made easier with the "Mobile Wallet" function of mobile banking app. Easily add and update cards in well-known wallets like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Phone Pay, and more. Easily monitor wallet balance while on the go to and be in charge of your money.

Card Management

A card management feature in a mobile banking app allows users to control and monitor their debit or credit cards conveniently. It empowers users to perform tasks such as card activation, temporary card blocking, setting spending limits, and receiving transaction alerts, enhancing security and flexibility in managing their finances on-the-go.

ATM/Branch Locator

"ATM/Branch Locator" is one of the essential features of mobile banking apps. This feature simplifies banking experience. Quickly locate nearby ATMs and bank branches, ensuring easy access to financial services. Find the nearest banking facilities with just a few taps. Convenience at your fingertips.

Budgeting and Expense Tracking

It's a strong tool that helps users effectively organize and track their spending. It offers a transparent financial framework and the option to set spending limitations. It also provides insightful information on spending habits, assisting people in making wise financial decisions.

Account Linking

An essential secure banking app feature that enables customers to link their external financial accounts and get a complete overview of their finances in one location is "Account Linking." By combining all account data into one location, this feature streamlines financial management by making it simpler to keep track of transactions and make wise investment and budgetary decisions.

Loan Management

Users can apply for loans, view detailed loan information, and quickly make loan payments thanks to the "Loan Management" function, which simplifies the loan application procedure. This digital banking app feature makes borrowing easier and guarantees timely repayments, assisting borrowers in meeting their financial obligations.

Investment Services

"Investment Services" gives customers a one-stop shop for all of their financial management needs. This tool makes it easier to trade stocks, improves portfolio management, and provides access to information about investment accounts. It gives consumers the ability to effectively manage their assets and make well-informed investment decisions, all from a single, user-friendly interface.

Customer Support

The "Customer Support" function provides easy help from within the app; customers can contact or chat with customer support to get quick answers to their questions. To handle more complicated difficulties, customers may also easily send help tickets. This guarantees a user-centric and responsive support system for a seamless user experience.

Link Payment Methods

With the flexible "Link Payment Methods" function, customers can easily link their credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, and UPI to facilitate easy transactions. For further security, users can choose to remove associated accounts. To guarantee the precision and security of payment methods, the function comprises SIM and account connection verification.

Mobile Banking App Back-end Features

User Management

The banking app's "User Management" function gives users complete control over their accounts. Administrators can see, modify, and control user accounts with this feature. They can even suspend or ban accounts as necessary. To guarantee correct and compliant data, this tool also permits account inspection and user profile verification. To provide a smooth user experience, it also helps users with KYC and identity verification during the onboarding process.

Transaction Management

The banking app's "Transaction Management" function takes a user-centric approach, making it simple for users to access and evaluate their unique transaction history. This feature makes financial actions for each user easier to track and manage while also improving transparency.

Filter and Search

Administrators can access data more efficiently thanks to the "Filters & Search" option in the banking app. It provides possibilities to filter data according to criteria and allows keyword searches to get user details quickly. This feature makes maintaining user information more accurate and efficient, making the experience more user-friendly and productive.

User Support and Ticket Management

The banking app's "User Support and Ticket Management" feature acts as a crucial support center, facilitating effective handling of customer questions, problem-solving, and thorough ticket management. This guarantees a strategy that is both user-centric and responsive, resulting in a smooth user experience and timely resolution of issues.

App Configuration and Feature Activation

Administrators can adjust app parameters, including interest rates, fees, and transaction limitations, with flexibility through the banking app's "App Configuration and Feature Activation" feature. It also makes it easy to activate and deactivate features and functionalities, giving control over the app's settings and guaranteeing a customized and flexible user experience.

Content, Promotions & Offers Management

The banking app's "Content, Promotions & Offers Management" function gives administrators the ability to update the app's content as needed to make it interesting and engaging. Administrators can also easily add, remove, or update discounts and promotional offers, giving users access to current and useful information to improve their banking experience.


The banking app's "Notification" feature does two things. It facilitates efficient communication and problem-solving by allowing users to submit feedback and open tickets. In addition, it is essential for both fraud detection and compliance, alerting users to questionable activity and guaranteeing that rules are followed for a safe and open banking environment.


The banking app's "Reports" function gives administrators and users access to a range of vital data. Transaction histories, user profiles, compliance logs, ticket statuses, feedback, user categories, location-based insights, and verification reports are all easily accessible for users to download and see. This all-inclusive reporting solution improves data-driven decision-making and transparency.


In conclusion, the modern mobile banking app, with its diverse array of functionalities, plays a pivotal role in enhancing and expediting the banking experience. These features, spanning transaction management to user support content management to notifications, ensure security and compliance while affording users greater flexibility and control over their financial transactions. As technology continues to evolve, these features are likely to adapt to meet the changing needs of banking customers, further highlighting the significance of mobile app development outsourcing in keeping these apps at the forefront of innovation.

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