Features to Include in Food Delivery App

Features to Include in Food Delivery App

Welcome to the realm of easily satisfied appetites and delicious food! Hop on a delicious tour through the essential features that turn the meal delivery app into the ideal kitchen partner. Handle everything, from delectable menus to on-time deliveries. One order at a time, let's investigate how technology is changing the way we enjoy our favorite cuisines.

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Food Delivery App Feature Listing


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Food Delivery App Front-End Features

Search Restaurant

The 'Search Restaurant' tool serves as a digital portal to a world of culinary delights in the busy world of meal delivery applications. Discover a wide variety of restaurants catering to their desires with just a few taps. This user-friendly function delivers a smooth search experience together with comprehensive information about nearby restaurants, cuisines, and customer reviews. With just the palm of your hand, indulge in appetites, discover new flavors, and unearth hidden jewels.

View Restaurant

The 'View Restaurants' feature in the context of food delivery apps shows an array of dining possibilities. Launch the app to see an abundance of restaurants appear at fingertips. The features allow the display of their menus and specialties. The options range from quaint neighborhood bistros to fine dining venues. This tool gives customers the ability to make well-informed selections and offers a virtual tour of the dynamic culinary scene in their neighborhood. With each swipe, explore, discover, and satisfy cravings on this dynamic digital menu, along with address, location, and timings.

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View and Select Drivers for Delivery

Add a personal touch to food delivery experience with 'View/Select Drivers for Deliveries' function. Select from a list of reliable drivers who are all prepared to deliver food quickly and in excellent shape with a fast scan. Enable trace delivery from the kitchen to the doorstep and get you a sense of control. This function not only increases transparency but also gives peace of mind that order is in good hands.

View Orders

Stay informed about dining orders in real-time by using the 'View Orders' option.Follow the progress of order with only a tap, from the kitchen to your door. Be sure to be constantly aware of what's happening and excited about tasty meal.

Add to Cart

Choose the Restaurant to order from and add the food items to the cart. Add or remove food items to the cart before making the final order.

Get Notifications

Stay in the culinary loop with the 'Get Notifications' feature. From order confirmations to real-time delivery updates, it keeps you informed and eagerly anticipating delicious feast.

Rating and Reviews

Publish culinary exploits on the internet by using the 'Reviews/Ratings for Driver and Restaurant' feature. With just one click, make views heard by applauding excellent service and enjoying exceptional flavors.

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Order History

Check the order history at any time, including a list of all orders, date of order deliveries, restaurant name, ordered items, total amount, mode of delivery, and ratings and reviews given to the restaurants and drivers with this features

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can make payment in multiple modes, whether it is COD, debit or credit card, or using an online third-party payment gateway. Users can also use Apple Pay for iOS and Google Pay for Android.

Chat with Driver

The food delivery app solution allows chatting with the driver. The user can accept the driver's invitation, know his name, check the profile image, and start chatting about location or delivery time.

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Restaurant Owner Side Features For Food Delivery App

Make it simple for restaurant owners to maintain and make changes to the descriptions, costs, and photos of their menu items.

Order Management

Offer a dashboard so that incoming orders may be processed, approved, or rejected, and real-time order status updates can be made.

Table Reservation

To help restaurants maximize seating, provide a function for handling and accepting bookings for tables.

Inventory Tracking

Make it possible for restaurant operators to monitor the stock of ingredients to prevent shortages and guarantee that the menu is always current.

Discounts and Promotions

To draw in more patrons, let restaurant owners design and oversee unique discounts and promotions.

Customer Feedback

Compile and provide ratings and reviews from patrons so that restaurant owners can react and make improvements in response to the input.

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Drivers Side Features For Food Delivery App

My Account

Drivers can create their accounts with the app. They can add their basic details like name, experience, add their profile photo, and any such details.

My Deliveries

The driver can view the number of deliveries assigned for the day, the number of deliveries completed, and number of deliveries pending. The driver can also access all the deliveries completed to date along with the locations, dates, addresses, and other information about the deliveries.

Accept/Reject Delivery Request

The delivery partner gets the delivery request and the delivery details. The driver has the option to accept or reject the delivery request. If the driver accepts the request, he will deliver the order.

Get Order Details

Our food delivery app development company has integrated a feature where the driver gets the order details, including the food to deliver, restaurant name, and address from where the order must be picked up. The driver also gets the customer's name, delivery location, and contact information.


The driver can send a chat request to the customer and give updates that he has reached the Restaurant, picked up the order, and left with the order to the delivery location. The driver can also chat with the customer regarding the address and location.


The driver can receive notifications about the order request, customer messages, delivery status, payment received, and ratings and reviews shared by the customer.

Receive Payment

The driver can receive the payment in multiple modes, either in cash or third-party payment methods through the app.

Rating and Reviews

The driver can get ratings and reviews about the deliveries they have made. Getting more positive reviews builds more trust and increases credibility.

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Food Delivery App Back-End Features

Restaurant Management

Admin can manage restaurants registered with the app. They can add new restaurants and remove them as well. They can change the restaurant address or contact details. They can also check and update the total number of restaurants updated with the panel. Admin can also make changes to the restaurant menu.

Customer Management

The ability to manage customers is essential for any on-demand food app. It makes managing clientele easier by making it simple to browse, update, or edit customer data. It's a useful tool for providing excellent customer care because it allows accessing customer names, emails, and phone numbers and the option to set their active or inactive state. The client database may be readily managed by admins, resulting in a seamless and customized experience for each user.

Driver Management

Developing a food delivery app requires careful consideration of driver management, which simplifies the management of registered drivers. This tool provides complete driver information, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses, for anything from adding new drivers to tracking their assignments. Administrators have the authority to supervise and manage the profiles of drivers, guaranteeing a dependable and effective delivery network for a flawless client experience.

Payment Management

Admin can access the payment details with the payment management feature. They can access the total payment received, payments made by the customers, and payments made to the drivers. All the payments can be managed and tracked with this feature.

Order Management

All the order details can be managed through the order management feature of the app through this feature. Details of orders, Restaurant from which order has been made, customers to which orders are delivered, every other thing related to orders.

Delivery Management

With the delivery management feature, the admin has the right to manage multiple deliveries, know and track their status, and know the total number of deliveries made from a restaurant and the total number of deliveries made by a driver.


The notification management feature of the meal delivery app keeps updated on important occasions. Receive notifications when new drivers, customers, or restaurants are registered. It's the quick link to the core of app's development and functionality.

Manage Ratings and Reviews

The admin can view and manage all the ratings and reviews added to multiple restaurants as well as drivers. They can approve the feedback given to the Restaurant and drivers as well.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up, the food delivery app features provide a thorough rundown of the key elements that combine to create a fun and effective culinary partner for today's meal delivery apps. The entire dining experience is improved by these features, which range from the practicality of "Add to Cart" to the transparency of "View Restaurants" and the customized touch of "Select Drivers for Deliveries." Food delivery apps have completely changed how we enjoy our favorite foods in a world where flavor and convenience go hand in hand. The future of food delivery app development seems to be delicious, convenient, and personalized, with a plethora of user-friendly features at our fingers. Opt for hotel booking web development to take food delivery to the next level.

These features make the process easier and more fun for everyone involved, whether you're a client waiting impatiently for order or a restaurant owner looking to grow food delivery app solution. One thing is certain as we embrace technology's role in our culinary explorations: food delivery apps are here to stay and will only get better over time to satisfy our wide range of tastes and preferences.

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