Flutter for Building MVPs – What makes it an Optimal Choice?

Flutter for Building MVPs – What makes it an Optimal Choice?

In the technology domain, it’s not an easy task to develop a product and launch it successfully. Development time is the most prioritized factors we need to consider it while developing any application. Before any product launches, it must go through the testing phase for its validity, performance, and feasibility. It will surely help you save from money loss and damage to your reputation.

Suppose you plan to get into a contract with a custom mobile app development company for developing a mobile application. In that case, you are indeed opting for the best mobile app development frameworks that fit your organizational goal. And with so many mobile app development frameworks available in the market, you might get confused about which framework to choose. But now keep your worries aside. Because Flutter is one of the most essential and ultimate solutions for MVP that can take you towards your end goal real soon.

Now you must have a question that what is MVP? Well, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a version of the product with the basic features required to give customers an idea about the product and get their feedback on the product. It helps your organization to check the viability of the product before launch and allows you to do adjustments and enhancements if it’s required.

The Characteristics of MVP that helps companies:
  • Cost-effective for development
  • Small scale integrations
  • Time-saving
  • Simple interface and design
  • Limited and effective features

As per the research, because of poor marketing and research, 70 % of startups fail to thrive in the market. By utilizing MVP for your application, you can promote your idea to understand the market, get feedback and gain user trust. Even, having the same working model may attract investors and you can use it for the pitching process.

Why Flutter is an Optimal Choice for MVPs?

Nowadays, clients require the most focus around the development time, which often comes even before the project budget. The main object behind that is, to have a competitive advantage, reducing time to market and getting it before any other person does. By using the methodology of MVP helps you validate your business idea comfortably.

However, when you launch a product using an MVP, it can create a huge difference in the market. As you get the customer feedback, understand their mentality, this will surely save you from causing damage to your product before its actual launch. An MVP serves as a tool to realize the true potential of a given thought. Accordingly, you can plan and strategize your business idea to give the right direction.

Why Should Business Adopt an MVP?

MVP is a Minimum Viable Product that requires a minimum working product or a basic model or version created with deep research and more. It helps to understand the market situation and the mind of the users. So that we can improvise the product by adopting the user’s feedback faster even before the actual product gets launched in the market. By testing the product on a small scale or creating a hypothesis, we can minimize errors using MVP.

To the point, it’s the simplest form of software that allows you to determine errors, bugs, feedback to save you from the damage before it actually gets launched. Hence, this helps companies to promote their product ahead of time, which you can count in as your benefit. It also helps companies to hit the marketplace with their amazing products along with gaining traction even before the competitors. It also gives early access to the product to views and makes it expectant. It has been rated as one of the best strategies to get an insight into your product by improving it with reviews and flourish it in the right direction.

Top 5 Brands That Implemented MVP Successfully

Implemented MVP Successfully

1. Buffer

Buffer is a very popular social media account handling and scheduling application. Initially, Buffer was launched as a two-page site with minimal features. The developers adopted the lean methodology, presenting the idea to examine whether this product would appeal to the customers or not.

2. Dropbox

Since the company encountered some financial challenges before an MVP could be put out, in order to give you some rough idea of how Dropbox cloud platform would work, Dree Huston created an MVP video explaining the idea behind Dropbox.

3. Instagram

The renowned photo and video sharing application – Instagram was launched as an MVP initially for iOS only. But after its a huge success, they started adding more features to it and which made it more popular and successful.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb has made its mark in the tourism industry. Initially, the company came up with MVP, providing various apartments to travellers at cheap rates with images of the apartments and flats.

5. Uber

Uber is that application that has completely changed the mode and way of transportation with its ease. Initially, it was implemented in MVP to check if people would prefer going out by booking cabs or taxis with their smartphones. GPS feature was also part of it. And then it really worked for them.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-development platform and open-source UI software development kit that is provided by Google. Flutter development framework aims to develop native Android or iOS application using a single code-base.

Flutter comes with enhanced features such as bug fixes and other widgets which makes your app more beautiful and easier to handle.

Why Flutter is the Perfect Solution for MVP Development?

Flutter provides some unique and extraordinary features for mobile app development, which does not offer any other platform. The flexible user interface, easy integration, speed optimization, performance, and many more features allow Flutter unique and more usable than others.

Let us tell you why Flutter is the perfect solution when they work on MVPs.

1. Low-cost Development Apps

Since the beginning, budget constraints or cost limitations have been one of the main hindrances for businesses that are willing to enter the mobile app market. Since the arrival of Flutter, this issue has been resolved and allowed developers to use this free of cost.

Flutter supports and serves the purpose of development for both Android and iOS platforms through a single code base. This has made them a much easier process of working on both platforms and one can simultaneously develop apps, reducing cost.

2. Speedy Development Process

Speed is all that matters in the development process. So, thanks to Flutter. It comes with a hot reload feature that helps developers to fix the bugs and view the changes that have been made to the app coding spontaneously. When changes are made in software, the developers can see it immediately. That’s why the development process has become easier and faster.

3. Attractive Designs Catches Investor’s Attention

It’s very important for both businesses and startups to draw in investors to their app idea. Flutter SDK has some enriched UI features, latest technology, and interactive designs, which attract investors and customers to your board.

Flutter not only supports accessible widgets but also helps developers to customize the widget as and when required. 2D GPU accelerated APIs are also kind of supported by Flutter. It supports the material design and Cupertino, which further helps with highlighting the overall design of the product. Various types of themes can be used as per the User Interface (UI).


From quality to quantity, back-end support, features, reliable, Flutter has made its way in the mobile app development sector since it has been launched. It provides an excellent MVP for your business idea.

Moreover, there are many huge brands that are using the Flutter in order to develop new applications or to modify existing ones, which makes it an even more, trustworthy, and user-friendly option while you are developing an MVP for your application.

Now, no doubt that Flutter is immensely powerful with amazing loaded features like attractive designs, Google support, serverless programming, and more, which makes your application faster and more reliable.

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