How E-learning Solutions Come to Rescue in Coronavirus Pandemic?

online e-learning solution in coronavirus pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rise in the world and has made people hopeless and restless by paralyzing them, sitting at a home and being quarantined. Many businesses are going down and shut around the globe.

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and has especially impacted education. Also, the school, colleges, classes and learning community has faced the same impact. Universities have been forced to move many or all education resources online to virtual classrooms to ensure the safety of their faculty and students. However, they have hurriedly shifted to online classes in an attempt to curtail the spread.

Institutions are actively working to ensure students and faculty are equipped with the support they need to navigate the crisis. There are more than 300 million students worldwide who are having their education disrupted by the spread of Coronavirus. Schools and colleges haven’t faced this level of disruption in generations, but unlike any time in the past, we have the ability to continue education even when schools close thanks to the internet and smartphones.

Why are E-learning Platforms Important During Coronavirus Pandemic?

elearning resources during coronavirus pandemic

E-learning or online learning is developing a more widespread presence at institutes or universities across the globe when the Coronavirus has taken a storm. The ability to offer classes via Internet access allows students to take the courses on their own time. However, these benefits and importance have prevented students from embracing them as a full-time college choice during this Coronavirus pandemic. E-learning is trying to fit in the digital world. Somehow, it succeeded. Many of the universities and tuition centers have implemented this method in their learning techniques to allow their students to enjoy learning whenever and wherever they feel like.

Since this is a rise of the digital era, many businesses have been shifted to online. The live instructor teaches the course and provides the opportunity for students to ask questions via voice or instant message (IM) during the online class.

If you are school or university, and if you had an online education solutions website, then you would have survived in this crisis and made it to the top by offering seamless services to your students.

List of Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Used by Schools

education industry use e-learning portal

In this crucial situation, it’s important that learning and teaching continues, even if it cannot happen in person. In the absence of a specifically designed Online Education Platform, schools have started using various Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing tools to provide remote education to their students. Here is a list of such tools being used extensively:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Hangouts Meet
  • Skype
  • Zoho ShowTime
  • Workplace by Facebook
  • Cisco Webex Meetings
  • Adobe Connect

Here is how my daughter attending an online class on Zoom hosted by her school.

Student attending an online class

The One Technologies - Online Education Software Developer

online education software development

Our esteemed client CE21™ provides Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for organizations offering Continuing Education to their members and customers. The One Technologies has developed this online e-learning solution for CE21™. This enables education providers to host a range of products and services for online education and seminars including:

  • Live Webinars
  • Live Webcasts
  • Interactive Video Replay
  • Digital Seminars
  • Achieved Event Download
  • Live Webinars
  • Online Courses

Due to the disruption cause by the COVID-19 pandemic, CE21 has experienced unprecedented interest from educators and online learners, leading to a 220% jump in digital online courses consumption for March, compared to the previous year.

Online Course consumption chart

The registrations for Online courses like Live Webcasts and Live Seminars experienced exponential growth in March-2020, and that trend continues in April. Here is a monthly comparison with the previous year.

CE21 Online courses registrations chart

Just last week, the Live Webcast The Global Coronavirus Crisis: Steering Ourselves and Our Clients Through New & Developing Traumas by Bessel van der Kolk a renowned psychiatrist and post-traumatic stress researcher, had more than 36,000 registrations within 24 hours.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Virtual Summits

As the world continues to respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, your organization may be searching for alternatives to potential conference disruptions. CE21™ has multiple Virtual Conference solutions that can help you address these challenges - solutions that prevent postponing or canceling from being the only options available to you. Contact CE21™ to tell them about your virtual conference.


As you can see, the online platforms will play a vital factor for every business. Being an University or School, if you are ready with your e-learning portal, you don’t need to worry about any outbreak or pandemic scenario in the future. This seems you are not just ready for your business, but ready for the future too. The e-learning platform will not only help you offer online courses or live sessions, but it will gain trust and thus help you increase business revenue.

It is the right time to build an e-learning platform for your school, university or college and convert your classes and courses into online platform. If you are still in doubt or have no idea about this, then you could definitely contact the best e-learning software solution provider, The One Technologies.

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