How to Calculate the Cost of Hiring a .Net Developer?

How to Calculate the Cost of Hiring a .Net Developer?

If you plan to create a business website or application that returns you with profit, you likely understand the benefits of having a secure and scalable infrastructure. But can a business have an inadequate solution at a lower price?

The .NET platform and its associated framework, XAMPP, will give you a well-optimized solution for a reliable and scalable website or app. Such a performance-driven web solution will deliver solutions as per business needs. Also, the .NET framework is one of the most used frameworks by developers, as per Statista.

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Major industries offer ASP.Net development services for a secure and more reliable application or website for the target audience. It is used for developing robust and efficient software and web applications. Top IT companies will provide flexible models to hire developers based on specific business needs. Here, we will help you know all budget-related knowledge to hire the .Net developer for your project.

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Cost to Hire .Net Developers

To evaluate the cost of hiring .net developers, one must see all the related factors to determine the cost.

Here are the three main aspects of considering the cost of hiring net developers:

First, it differs from candidate to candidate, which is obvious. Second, it relies on the app's complexity or the processes used for enhanced back-end development. Third, the cost factor depends on the experience and expertise level of a .Net developer you hire.

This way, the cost of hiring an ASP.NET developer starts from an average of $25 hourly, and it can go to $100, as per the candidates, specifications, attributes, and app complexity.

Hidden Costs to Consider While Hiring ASP.Net Developers

Hiring a.NET developer entails several costs associated with the recruitment and onboarding process, including: 

  • Job Postings and Advertising:

To draw in applicants, you may need to publish job openings on multiple sites, which will cost money. Posting a job on a specialized tech website or job board may cost money. 

  • Fees for Recruitment Agencies

You will normally pay a fee based on the salary of the chosen applicant if you decide to deal with a recruitment agency to locate a new developer. 

  • Screening and Interviewing

Costs associated with screening and interviewing include panelists' time and resources like video conferencing software, testing instruments, and technical assessments. 

  • Background Checks and References

Verifying a candidate's background and checking their references may also cost money, particularly if you use third-party services. 

  • Onboarding Materials

After you've hired a developer, you might need to spend money on onboarding supplies like promotional items, welcome packages, or training manuals. 

  • Training Time

Consider the time your team will spend mentoring, onboarding, and transferring expertise to the new developer.

  • Employee Benefits and Overheads

In addition to the developer's compensation, you should also take into account the following expenses:

  • Healthcare and Insurance

Including medical, dental, and vision insurance, among other healthcare services, raises the overall cost. Usually, a portion of these costs is covered by the employer. 

  • Retirement Contributions

You might need to match employee contributions or make additional contributions on their behalf if your employer offers retirement plans like 401(k)s. 

  • Paid Time Off (PTO)

Consider the price of the paid vacation days, holidays, and sick leave you provide to your staff.

  • Office Space and Equipment

Office space and equipment may still be required even if your developer works remotely, and you may have to foot the bill for their internet and home office costs. 

  • Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes, including Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes, are the employer's responsibility. 

  • Employee Advantages

Some businesses provide extra advantages for employees, such as gym memberships, benefits for commuting, or wellness programs. However, these might raise the overall cost. 

  • Training and Skill Development:

You must support your .NET developer's continual education and skill development if you want to guarantee their productivity and familiarity with the newest technologies: 

  • Continuous Learning

Encourage your developer to take online courses, seminars, or workshops to stay up to date on.NET and similar technologies. There are frequently related costs with these courses. 

  • Certifications

Take into account the costs of exam fees and study materials if certifications are crucial for your projects or sector.

  • Improvement of Abilities

Give your developer time and resources to work on their abilities. This could entail investing in books, online courses, or developer resource subscriptions. 

  • Team Collaboration

There are fees associated with the platforms and technologies that enable your developer to operate efficiently with the team.

While the developer's salary is a big componentof the entire cost of hiring a .NET developer, considering these additionalcharges can have an impact on your budget and help you make a better-educated decision regarding the hiring process.

Why Hire .NET Developers?

When you choose a .net development service or directly hire developers from India, you will get benefits in terms of cost and time to develop a web application. To get an effective and competitive application, you can easily contact a net development company that will help you with optimum quality ASP.Net software solutions.

The .NET framework is a powerful programming platform that is well-designed and developed by Microsoft. It is built to help you create the best web applications. In addition, experienced engineers who work with .NET mobile development are skilled in SQL/PL, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring .Net Developer

Before hiring the most appropriate .net development company, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What will be the size and scale of your project?
  • What kind of commitment do you want from the developer?
  • How complex are the app features?

factors affecting the cost of hiring .net developer

Let’s see the major factors affecting the cost of hiring .Net developers:

Project Size

When you decide to develop any application, the first thing to evaluate is the size of the project. The project size can affect the cost of hiring a .net developer, as each project has different requirements. Also, the level of experience of the developers matters the most as it will determine the time required to engage with the developers.

Small Projects

For a small development service, the dedicated developer is all you need for your project. However, it doesn't require an army of developers, but the cost of hiring the developer is based on your pre-decided deadline and project needs.

Medium Size Project

Medium-sized app development may need more than one developer to hire, and that will decide the cost. For example, you need to update your web application and require chat and video functionalities, integration, and other features.

If you want to build such a web application faster, you need to hire experienced .net developers for your project.

Enterprise Level Project

A huge software development such as enterprise-level consists of whole features to increase productivity and offer higher security, which means more development time and thus the cost. To develop such a web application, you need to hire a dedicated .net developer team who have expertise in offering quality-based and performance-driven solutions.

In addition, .NET development companies have significant experience in business applications of the enterprise level. They provide multiple services with high efficiency. Yet, the cost of .net development services will depend on the required third-party integration and other specific business requirements.

The Complexity of Features

Features and app design make all the difference for any unique application development. For the .Net app development, you must decide the features that relate to your business needs, and it is the backbone of your app. For instance, Instagram and Snapchat are social media platforms, but both have different features that set them apart.

And that's why app features and their complexity contribute mainly to your development costs. Here are some of the features you may incorporate into your software or app.

  • Chat
  • Seamless payment
  • Basic search
  • Push notifications
  • In-app wallet
  • Wishlist
  • Video streaming
  • Shopping cart

On the other hand, you need skilled .net developers who can easily add required features like video streaming, payment integration, map integration, and more such user-demand features.

Go through the checklist for hiring .net developer

Engagement Model

To develop the software, you can choose the engagement model offered by the .net development company. So, the hiring cost of .Net developers also relies on the engagement model you choose.

Before hiring, you must go through all engagement models that are time-based, hourly-based, and monthly models, along with other engagement models.

Costing Based on Experience

Based on your business application, you must evaluate the experience level developers. The developer and designer's level of expertise and experience will make your application sound and more reliable.

In addition, the development cost increases based on the application's complexity and the number of .net developers you hire. Therefore, the cost of developing a .net application will be different depending on the case.

Junior-Mid Level .Net Developers

If you have decided on the features of your app and the complexity level is low, you can opt to hire a junior .Net developer from India. It will cost you less and save your development time.

A developer with 1 to 3 years of experience as a junior developer is well-versed with the framework and knows about the technology to incorporate essential features. Midlevel Dot NET developers can perform specific development tasks, including continuous integration, deployment applications, and functional and class elements.

They can even assist with app features and test components using the .Net test library and retrieve asynchronous data from the API. Further, the Test Drive Development (TDD) experience is an added benefit that the majority of mid-level .net developers have done. They can help you get the best .net app on a budget.

Furthermore, collaboration with other designers and engineers is essential to create a rich user experience. Therefore, they can participate in design reviews and technical reviews to provide feedback on specific aspects of the front end.

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Mid-level .Net Developer

Mid-level .net developers have about 3 to 5 years of experience. They can perform specific development tasks such as class elements and functional elements. They can also test components using the .Net test library and retrieve asynchronous data from the API.

Mid-level .Net developers may have experience with continuous integration and deployment applications. Furthermore, the ability to write code and infrastructure as an automated deployment is an added benefit.

Senior .Net Developer

They have 5-7 years of experience and are experts in .net applications. The majority of experienced developers can help you build entire applications with external integration. If you want to develop a complex app with unique features, they are also known to perform debugging activities.

When you evaluate the developer's experience level to hire, confirm their knowledge of advanced technology such as IoT, AI, and ML. In addition, senior developers can energetically discuss your app's development and planning process and suggest some smart ways to get the application well developed.

Thus, it is better to hire .net developers for your competitive application makes sense.

Location-Based Cost

Geographical location is essential when hiring because .net developers differ in the average price worldwide. In addition, these developers have different experience dynamics depending on their area, which they bring to the board when you hire dot net developer.

Ballpark cost to hire ASP.NET developers from India on Upwork are:

  • Junior: $20 per hour
  • Intermediate: $30-35 per hour
  • Advanced: $90 per hour

Price Variation: Freelancer Vs. Dedicated .Net Developers

The price of hiring freelance .net developers varies from the dedicated .net developers for several reasons. When you choose to hire freelance developers, they can be a little less expensive but may not be able to offer complete development.

At the same time, dedicated .net developers may cost you little but are capable of offering end-to-end development with quality work.

Here are a few reasons to hire a .NET developer

  1. The tight integration of .NET with SQL Server gives you a perfect .NET web developer who will be highly versatile and capable.
  2. .Net developers can develop reliable applications as they use standard and higher quality code.
  3. .NET Developers are familiar with the .NET platform and have the ability to develop an app quickly by saving development costs and time.
  4. With experience in creating multiple .net applications, experienced .net developers offer a unique feature for developing a customized app for your business.
  5. They know and understand major coding methods and offer versatile features to meet your company's requirements on deadline.
  6. A .NET developer "compiles" a .NET web application into machine-readable form and creates an application that runs significantly faster. It will help eliminate the syntax errors that can cause an application to crash.
  7. .NET developers design applications that are upgraded with longevity, and scalability, and are easy to maintain.

You can hire dot net developers to build custom business solutions that help grow your business with no overhead costs. If you are not looking to invest in the infrastructure, you can hire a dedicated developer who will exclusively work on your project.

Reasons to Hire MVC Developers in India

reasons to hire dotnet developer

To get a suitable developer or a dedicated .net developer with high skills for a specific project is difficult nowadays. You can make a checklist to hire .net developers from leading .net development companies to compare these factors by communicating with developers. Interviewing a few MVC developers is the best option before selecting for your project development.

It could be fast and cost-effective once you compare the factors offered by .net services of various organizations.

To hire developers on a budget, you must know all the models of hiring. Whether it is fixed cost, part-time or full-time to get the infrastructure facility along with expert professionals, the key to hiring ASP.Net developers in India is expertise with less development time, and you can develop an app in your budget.

Here are the basic steps mentioned to hire .Net developers in India:

  • Focusing on Deadline
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Agile Development Process
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Eight days Free Trial
  • Quick Team Scaling
  • Source Code Authorization

What are the Steps to Hire an Experienced .Net Developer?

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ASP.NET Web Development Process

  • Evaluate:

Compare the developer's knowledge and evaluate the organization's engagement model once you are at the finalization stage. Evaluating dedicated ASP.Net developers and managers is suitable for your business domain for a feasibility check.

  • Project Development:

A real-time development of the web starts here. Web designers and developers develop a project with all required features and design needs. Quality code is used to create performance-driven web applications.

  • Execution:

Consulting a known .Net development company will help execute the project after its development under the supervision of project managers, dedicated developers, designers, and quality analysts. Choosing the right .net developer will help you in project execution as they have experience executing a project.

  • Project Delivery:

An experienced developer checks all the essential delivery notes. On the other hand, a project manager takes feedback from the developers and incorporates it to meet your expectations before delivering the project.

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In the digital era of technology, custom software development is the key to success. Business needs to be experienced .net developers with high skills who can offer you unique features with a better user experience for a robust and scalable web application. Hiring a .net developer by evaluating the cost of hire will provide a suitable developer for your project development.

A highly developed skillset in .net is quite challenging to find. By choosing an ASP Net development company, you can get the best resources along with a team of designers and QA. It will help you develop your web application at less cost and time. Therefore, when looking to hire .net services, evaluate all the cost factors mentioned above for your business solution.


  • Why Outsource ASP.NET development to India?

There is no doubt that Indian companies have the best resources and offer budget-friendly engagement models. They charge less than other countries, and with 24/7 support, you will get your app developed quickly with no compromise in the quality.

  • Why choose ASP.NET for web application development?

If you are looking for a competitive web application that will drive your business growth, ASP.Net is the answer.  It offers more scalability and performance-driven solutions as .net developers are well-versed in multiple languages. 

  • How much does it cost to hire .net developers?

The .net developers depend on various factors, including their level of expertise, experience, location, project needs, the complexity of projects, features, and more. .Net development services will cover the aspects of your project and we offer the most dedicated .net developers for our client.

Besides, we provide a team of developers along with a project manager who will be in continuous communication with clients for the success of our web application development company.

  • Can I get a project manager to monitor the development of the project?

Yes, we have a team of developers whose work is managed and organized by an experienced project manager. Our project manager will help you understand the app design and development flow and give you feedback for every task we do with technology expertise.

  • What is the difference between ASP.NET & ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET core is the inheritor of the popular ASP.NET framework. In the front, the ASP.NET core was known as ASP.NET 5; later on, it was renamed. In addition, it works for all the major operating systems, macOS, Windows, and Linux. At the same time, ASP.NET was only for Windows.

Contact our experts and discuss the framework for your next mobile and web application for more information.

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