How-to Guide for Software Outsourcing To India

How-to Guide for Software Outsourcing To India

In today’s hyper competitive market, businesses have no choice but to excel in quality and be prompt in delivery. When you look at all the giants like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, you realize that they’ve found a strategy to complete many projects simultaneously while maintaining their quality standards.

That strategy is outsourcing. By moving backend operations to a popular destination like India, these businesses get access to an enormous talent pool, cutting-edge infrastructure, and supportive government policies while significantly lowering their costs and operating 24/7.

You may wonder how to outsource your software development projects to India and get the same benefits. Well, that is why we’ve developed this ten-step software outsourcing guide. Let’s take a look.

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A Ten-Step Guide

Here are ten simple but vital steps for software outsourcing to India:

1. Gather the Required Documents

No matter which company you choose to handle your software development projects, you need to gather several key documents, including:

  • Requirement Specification documents.
  • The Proposal Analysis document.
  • The Contract Execution document.
  • The Software Development Plan.

Here, you’ll need to address topics such as the project’s goals, consistency factor, support and maintenance, scope, payment terms, prominent characteristics, and many others.

2. Define Your Objectives

The second step in our software outsourcing guide is to define your goals. Outsourcing software development is not something that all companies experience. As a result, you must clarify your objectives to simplify your search. Your quest for a software development company will become easier with specified objectives. If your goals are unclear, you may end up hiring the wrong company for the task. This firm might be unprofessional or not a good fit for your business.

3. Determine the Budget

Every offshore software development firm is unique. Some provide packages, while others charge by the hour. As a result, you should have a budget in place from the start. Look for firms who can finish the software development project within the budget. Out of need, many firms pick the least expensive option. But, in many circumstances, this shows to be a mistake.

Although pricing is one of many deciding factors in the software development industry, you usually get what you pay for.


4. Use Google Or Online Review Sites to Find IT Companies

You must know where to look for the best development firms with a proven track record and portfolio of software projects. B2B review sites are excellent places to look for software outsourcing companies. Reach out to the top-rated Indian companies with the highest ratings and the most projects. Finally, you can always use Google and a handful of keywords to find your desired software development company in India.

5. Look at Their Track Record, Strengths & Weaknesses

The fifth phase in the software outsourcing guide is identifying development firms that match the necessary expertise for the software project. Once your shortlist is complete, you must download and review the software created by them. Assess their strengths and weaknesses using the software they have created. You may always call their clients and review their merits and flaws to gain better insight.

6. Perform Technical Assessment

After examining their portfolio, you may now choose a few software developers and start a technical assessment of their fundamental programming abilities. The technical interview process, led by the CTO, may be completed remotely for foreign app developers utilizing a video conferencing platform such as Zoom. It is critical to design extensive questionnaires matching the programming language abilities and frameworks for the project.

7. Hold a Programming Session

You may hold a live programming session for the development firm. In most cases, remote recruiting is handled through teamwork activities, including both in-house and remote teams working on a single software project. The pair programming meeting must focus on a short project that requires the core abilities of the software project.

8. Assess Soft Skills

After holding a technical interview and a live programming session, it’s time to assess the soft skills of the programmers. The process must revolve around communication skills, collaboration abilities, and work attitude. These are critical characteristics of any development team in determining the outcome of a project.

9. Draft & Sign Agreements Before Finalizing The Details

The review process is nearly finished, and you are on the verge of hiring an outsourcing firm for the project. Now is the time to discuss the important details. You must first have the development team sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to preserve the software concept’s intellectual property rights and avoid any breaches of the data given during development.

In addition to the NDA document, your partner firm needs to sign the following documents as well:

  • Master Services Agreement (MSA)
  • Services Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Statement of Work (SOW)

10. Hold an Onboarding Meeting

The last critical stage in the software outsourcing guide is onboarding the firm’s developers. This involves holding a teleconference session to enable developer contact on both sides. During this phase, the project manager must consult with the developers on the teams’ work processes and practices, communication techniques and timelines, and all essential steps and measures to make sure there’s successful cooperation with other teams.

Bottom Line

With a 55% share (as per the data published in Market Watch) in the global outsourcing industry, it’s no surprise that India is the most popular outsourcing destination for software development companies around the world. As a business, you only need to find an affordable third-party provider with a long track record of providing premium offshore services.

We at The One Technologies are proud to say that we are one of the leading players in this sector. With the cutting-edge infrastructure in India and a well-established customer base around the world, we make partnerships and daily communication as easy as it can get. A software outsourcing company is just a phone call away, ready to help!

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