How to Make Money From Digital Healthcare App?

How to Make Money From Digital Healthcare App?

The increasing demand for digital healthcare applications has significantly transformed the healthcare industry. These medical apps have entirely changed how consumers access medical information, interact with healthcare providers, and organize their overall well-being. If you consider building a medical app, not only will you be contributing to an expanding market, but there is also a potential for financial gain.

The realm of digital healthcare apps offers more than just saving lives and improving well-being. It presents exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and developers to make a difference while profiting. If you have ever wondered how to transform your passion for healthcare and technology into a lucrative venture, you have landed at the right place.

Whether you are an experienced healthcare expert or a technology enthusiast, success in this ever-evolving industry is within reach. Prepare yourself to explore these strategies that not only empower you to create a valuable healthcare app but also demonstrate how to turn your passion into financial gain. In this post, we will delve into seven effective strategies for generating revenue from your digital healthcare app. 

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7 Ways to Make Money from Digital Healthcare Apps

Freemium Model

In the app market, the freemium model is a common business model when it comes to increase healthcare app revenue. This strategy provides a free basic version of your digital healthcare app while charging consumers for more features or content. For instance, you might charge for advanced services like customized health evaluations, telemedicine consultations, or in-depth health reports while allowing access to common health suggestions and tracking tools for free. With this strategy, you can draw in a sizable user base and resell premium services to a portion of your user population.

Subscription Plans

Create tiered subscription levels with unique features and benefits, such as offering access to a library of health articles, basic tracking features for a basic subscription, and a premium subscription that offers unlimited access to telemedicine services, personalized health plans, and priority support. Make sure that the subscription pricing aligns with the value your healthcare app offers.

In-App Purchases

This mHealth in-app revenue source is incredibly successful and lucrative despite its complexity. In-app purchases are available in various forms depending on the type of app. For example, users can purchase additional lives or one-time cheats in a gamification app. Fitness apps offer extra workout options, while medical applications allow patients to pre-pay visits, buy supplements, or refill prescriptions. Another option for apps is merchandising, where they can serve as a platform for selling both their own branded products and external brands to users. Cure.Fit app in India exemplifies this by selling their own merchandise, such as sports shoes, t-shirts, and track pants on their app.

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Content Monetisation

So, have you ever wondered how to monetise mobile app? For healthcare professionals, comprehensive understanding and staying up to date on the latest news in their field is paramount. Mobile phones make educational resources accessible anytime, anywhere. However, not all information found online is reliable; thus, it can be risky. As such, offering verified and premium content within your mHealth app for a fee is entirely reasonable.

Doctors can access a limited selection of content on your application without charge. To gain access to reliable information (such as technological advancements, research findings, and helpful advice in the medical field) regularly refreshed, they must register and pay a subscription fee. After subscribing, this cost will be continuous.

To get this model running, you must have a consistent content publishing strategy & infrastructure to publish high-quality medical content regularly.

Sponsorships and Content Marketing

Consider seeking sponsorships from healthcare-related organizations or medical professionals who can endorse your app. Work together to create material, like articles, videos, or webinars, and charge a fee to use their knowledge in your app. This can help your app get more credibility, appeal to a larger audience, and boost healthcare app revenue.


The pay-per-usage model has proven successful for SaaS products and is now being trailed by multiple mobile apps. This model allows users unlimited access to all the features and resources offered by an app, but they only have to pay for what they use. If your healthcare app is addressing a significant healthcare problem and your target audience includes entities and providers, it is essential to implement a pay-per-usage model. A prime example is any healthcare software that provides a dedicated healthcare mobile app for every user's convenience. In this setup, users are billed at the end of each month based on the resources they utilized during that specific time.

Telemedicine Consultations

After the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has gained immense popularity. You can earn money from your healthcare app by establishing video consultations between consumers and medical experts. Offer monthly membership plans that include a set number of consultations or charge consumers per consultation. Ensure your platform's healthcare specialists have the appropriate credentials and licenses to offer medical advice.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the market for digital healthcare apps offers profitable opportunities for business owners and investors. It is feasible to profit significantly from this expanding industry by comprehending the requirements of healthcare professionals and patients, creating a clever and user-friendly app, and using successful marketing techniques. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that success in this industry necessitates continuing study, trend adaptation, and app enhancement.

Making money from a medical app may be financially profitable and help increase access to high-quality healthcare globally with the appropriate approach and commitment. Why then wait? Hire industry experts from a top-notch healthcare software development company to make your digital healthcare app a successful business.


How can a digital healthcare app generate revenue?

A digital healthcare app can be profitable by charging for downloads or subscriptions, providing in-app purchases or premium features, collaborating with healthcare providers for referral fees, and displaying targeted advertisements, among other options.

Do I need a large user base for a digital healthcare app to generate revenue?

Although a huge user base can undoubtedly contribute to increased revenue, it is not always necessary. You can still make a sizable profit even with a smaller user base by providing high-value services or distinctive features that target a certain niche.

What are some effective ways to monetize a digital healthcare app?

Effective ways to monetize a digital healthcare app include:

  • Implementing subscription models for access to premium content or features.
  • Offering one-time purchases for additional functionalities or upgrades.
  • Integrating partnerships with healthcare providers who pay referral fees for new patients.

How can I effectively attract users to my digital healthcare app?

To successfully attract users to your digital healthcare app, create a user-friendly interface that offers practical solutions and addresses the specific needs of your intended audience. Utilize various marketing techniques like social media promotions, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and partnerships with influential figures or medical experts to enhance the app's visibility.

How long does it typically take to start making money from a digital healthcare app?

How soon can a digital healthcare app start earning money? The timeline for a digital healthcare app to begin earning money can vary based on its functionality, target market, competition level, marketing efforts, and user adoption rate. It could take several months to over a year before substantial revenue starts flowing in.

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