Importance of NetSuite Integration - Top 6 Benefits

Importance of NetSuite Integration - Top 6 Benefits

The decision to switch to an ERP is not an easy one, as it takes time to understand each system and determine which one is right for your business. One thing is for sure: adopting a cloud platform is an excellent move for your enterprise. With NetSuite integration methods, you can help your growing business reach its full potential.

The ERP space has long been dominated by NetSuite, which offers customizations and scalable pricing.

NetSuite ERP is able to automate what would otherwise have to be done manually. Moreover, it can provide a centralized backend for all your core business processes. This article will explain NetSuite’s functions and outline six of its most helpful integration benefits.

  1. NetSuite Business Technology Overview
  2. The Importance of NetSuite Integration
  3. NetSuite Integration Benefits

NetSuite Business Technology Overview

As the global market for system integrations in 2018 was $278 billion, according to the global system integration report. The global market for system integrations continues to grow rapidly. Have you ever wondered why?

Netsuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning platform that allows companies to easily manage their finances, operations, and customer relations based on their unique requirements. The best part? It converges all of them into one system.

The NetSuite technology is primarily used in finance, but other departments including marketing, sales, and human resources use it too. It’s worth noting that many of these departments already use NetSuite and take advantage of its numerous benefits.

NetSuite integration benefits go far beyond its platform and can connect with a wide range of other systems, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Amazon, and Shopify. In other words, NetSuite is the first solution that delivers intelligent, integrated, and simpler applications for growing and midsized businesses.

The Importance of NetSuite Integration

Integrating two or more systems enables the existing system to gain competitive advantages. A single platform can integrate several functions without causing any interference.

The integration of different systems leads to better business results. Complex customizations can also be simplified using this method.

NetSuite is flexible enough to be applied to a variety of business applications. For instance, NetSuite Stripe Integration eliminates manual reconciliation and custom integrations by automating all income and cash entries.

NetSuite allows its users to build custom solutions for their business-specific scenarios, which we refer to as NetSuite customization.

With this integration, users are able to keep NetSuite as their base system while also managing other platforms that suit their department's needs.

NetSuite Integration Benefits

NetSuite ERP introduced a completely new way to integrate POS systems. With NetSuite POS integration, you create an omnichannel shopping experience that covers multiple devices and platforms and creates new marketing and sales opportunities.

We will now discuss how integrating a NetSuite retail ERP into your system can create benefits for businesses.

Real-Time & Data-Driven Insights

By integrating NetSuite, all stakeholders and authorized persons can have access to real-time analytics and data-driven insights about sales patterns, market trends, specific sales triggers, irregularities, anomalies, etc.

With the help of data-driven insights, decision-making will be quicker and more precise.

Customer, Supplier, and Partner Involvement

Nowadays, everyone wants to work closely with their partner as part of an extended enterprise. This technology’s self-service portals will enhance collaboration between B2C and B2B.

By receiving proactive notifications of partner-specific events, you'll be able to accelerate the process cycles and improve responsiveness, ensuring your status as a preferred partner.

Faster growth

Because of the unified order and accounting management processes and data, this integrated software helps businesses grow on multiple platforms and create additional sales channels. This also helps the company upsell and cross-sell to existing customers, resulting in improved visibility.


Provides Convenient Multilingual Support

The most discouraging thing is having access to specialized software only to realize that it isn't multilingual. Due to ERP-specific vocabulary and industry-specific terminology, it may be difficult to understand these terms if the language provided is not your native language. The result is confusion and a failure to master NetSuite as software.

Oracle NetSuite ERP supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Japanese. This provides a great service to international companies with subsidiaries outside of English-speaking countries.

Process Efficiency Across The Organization

Daily operations involve many key processes, including order management, fulfillment, invoicing, cash collection, expense approvals, and financial consolidations. By automating such processes, you can avoid hiring additional employees to run them manually.


Scalability is among the most NetSuite integration benefits. When your business grows, so does NetSuite. NetSuite's four-tiered package allows companies to scale with the software as their business grows. For example:

  • When you need more users, you should upgrade to NetSuite Enterprise.
  • If your business has gone international, you should purchase the NetSuite module, OneWorld.

You will have a partner for life (a great advantage) once you launch NetSuite. Rather than changing ERPs every few years as you grow, NetSuite's features are designed to meet your ever-changing needs.


With NetSuite's key partner solutions, businesses experiencing major challenges can now afford the best ERP.

You can integrate the software designed by these partners into your Oracle NetSuite ERP system. Applications include supply chain management, demand management, and e-commerce.

Regardless of your industry, service, or product, these solutions will face your organization's challenges and deliver outstanding results.

As Integrating retail POS solutions into NetSuite's leading cloud ERP platform enables retailers to deliver a truly personalized and seamless omnichannel shopping experience. Many businesses around the world trust and use NetSuite ERP because it seamlessly integrates business transactions, purchases, and customer data with ERP analytics and reporting tools.

As a result, marketers can use data-driven insights about buying patterns and market trends to target and retarget customers. Also, NetSuite integration solutions come inbuilt without requiring any third-party integration tools.

As NetSuite implementation specialists, we are proud to help growing companies automate their core data and increase visibility. Simply contact us, and we’ll let you in on everything you need to know about NetSuite business usages.

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