Integration of NetSuite with Stripe Payment Gateway - Case Study

Integration of NetSuite with Stripe Payment Gateway - Case Study

Some companies are promising startups looking at automation solutions for the first time, or businesses that are not satisfied with the current software. In many cases, a few tweaks and adjustments will make the system much more helpful.

That’s what we did for one of our clients who could not achieve NetSuite Stripe Integration. In this article, we’re going to review this very case. But first, let’s see why businesses use NetSuite in the first place.

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Why Use NetSuite?

With robust, cutting-edge technology, NetSuite powers leading corporations, the most creative mid-size enterprises, and the most productive small businesses.

NetSuite's success in delivering high-quality cloud-based solutions to businesses worldwide, helping them drastically reduce IT expenses while also boosting performance, continues as the adoption of the cloud is accelerating globally. Designed to help a business expand and evolve, NetSuite is highly flexible and adaptable.

Here are some NetSuite Integration Benefits that drive businesses into using this platform.

  1. Boosting Efficiency

Order processing, fulfillment, invoicing, accounts receivable and expense approvals are just a few of the crucial activities that are involved in day-to-day operations. By automating these procedures, you can hire fewer employees than you otherwise would.

  1. Enhancing Visibility

Real-time visibility is critical to decision-making. Since no resources are wasted on information gathering, data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. All processes become more accurate and faster as a result.

  1. Saving Time & Money

One of the most prominent NetSuite integration usages is cutting down costs. In other words, your IT department won't need to buy, set up, and maintain as many platforms because there are numerous integrations between them. When IT time is invested in streamlining company processes, operational costs will be reduced.

  1. Rapid Expansion

With unified order management solutions and real-time data access, this integrated solution enables faster expansion to many locations and the addition of new marketing channels. It also helps the company upsell and cross-sell to existing customers, providing greater efficiency and transparency.

  1. User-driven innovation

Businesses can leverage their expertise to design processes and applications to improve performance during process changes and accelerate deployment. At the same time, IT can focus on business strategies that add value by developing new solutions.

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Case Study – Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

Now, it’s time to explore how we helped our client achieve NetSuite Stripe integration. First, let’s talk about the problem, i.e. what the client wanted to accomplish.


Our client was looking for a way to link their NetSuite software to a payment gateway called Stripe. They wanted to do that by incorporating a payment button in NetSuite. Like all businesses, they initially looked for an integration solution, but none was available.

Therefore, they tried to build a NetSuite Stripe integration solution. Since they did not have the expertise, they needed to find a service provider that could manage the NetSuite Stripe integration. That's where we came in.


We also tried to find direct solutions but did not find any and decided to design a tailored solution to incorporate the Stripe payment button into the NetSuite software. Our PHP experts used one of the NetSuite integration methods, SuiteScript 1.0 and 2.0, to add the payment button and create a secure NetSuite Stripe integration platform.

Our developers enabled seamless communication between NetSuite and Stripe APIs by developing a special script. Plus, they introduced other features that improved multi-currency CSV imports.


Fortunately, our efforts paid off, and we managed to create an affordable yet efficient solution. We incorporated the payment button within NetSuite, allowing the client to make one-time or recurring payments via Stripe. We also incorporated Stripe transaction IDs in the NetSuite platform to help the client cross-check transactions.

About The One Technologies

There's no doubt about what NetSuite can do for businesses in various industries. Integrations with platforms such as Stripe, Shopify, and FedEx can multiply those benefits. However, this is not always easy to accomplish and requires significant customization to meet your specific requirements.

To do this, you need a reliable service provider expert in NetSuite integration. At The One Technologies, we can take care of that. Our team is here to help you get the most out of NetSuite. Just hire .net developers, and let's get started!

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