Introduction to ASP.NET Core 2.0

Introduction to ASP.NET Core 2.0

In this article, I'll tell you why you should transfer your application to a new "hot spot" and how it can pay you good results in the long run. This latest release from Microsoft helps developers easily develop new enterprising workloads to scale with major public clouds, such as MS Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Points you should know about .NET Core:

  1. It is an open source platform.
  2. It was developed and maintained along with communal support.
  3. It consists of four key parts
    1. .Net runtime
    2. Primitive data types
    3. SDK tools and language compilers
    4. The .net app hosts which allows .net core app to launch
  4. Flexible deployment means more options for using .net core. one can get more option as it has a flexible deployment.
  5. It is cross-platform design.
  6. Standard development makes .net core an agile development tool.
  7. .Net core characteristics as command-line tools.
  8. It is close to .net framework.
  9. If we talk about core, it is in the process of getting even more enhanced.
  10. This platform is part of digital transfiguration.

Advantage of moving to .Net Core 2.0


Performance is the most important benefit. When you mix new technology and language enhancement while compiling your code, you will surely get optimized code.

The good side is you don’t need to re-type your code. The compiler will by nature optimize it with new enhancements. This shows that Microsoft made a lifelong assurance to exhibit in ASP.NET Core.

Less Code

Who doesn’t like less code? Yes, this new language features you to write less code which means its ease of use.

But, there are always 2 sides of a coin. If you are not aware of the new changes, they may be resistant to change and think for the next loop is just fine instead of using a LINQ statement.


When there is less to maintain, it’s always very easy to maintain.

When you are a working as a web architect or a beginner developer, it is part of your job to be updated with latest enhancements of language.


Yes, it is Hybrid. You can now write applications for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

And finally, a question comes in mind, is there any cross platform app development?  Of course, there are cross-platform app development companies and you can write applications for Mac, Linux and Windows.


ASP.NET Core 2.0 is a wide range of applications that comprises all the features of modern applications and is the most preferred network used in today’s time. It’s one of the most popular platforms which supports mobile applications without converting the code into the intermediate form.

Here, we’re focusing on building advanced applications so if your application is running on an older version then setting the migration will be your call. Ever got confused about migrating, better reach out to the renowned ASP NET Core Development Company or Hire ASP.NET Developers to leverage a seamless experience.

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