Native iOS App Development Using Swift 2

Native iOS App Development Using Swift 2

As a top iPhone app development company, at The One Technologies, we work with iOS native application development using Swift2. It is a modern programming language that is fast, safe, and interactive.

Swift is a powered programming tool that is used to develop applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad), OS X, and watchOS. Using swift one can create codes easily as it has many features that enable smooth working functions. The syntax is short and expressive. With the use of Swift, one can run apps at lightning-fast speed as it works side-by-side with Objective C.

Swift is all about safety. With the introduction of the automatic API availability checking in Swift 2.0, there is another great new feature that makes your apps more stable. So, as a business owner or an entrepreneur, if you are looking to grow your business then Swift offers you all the advantages of developing the best in class, highly functional, and completely customized iOS applications. This is the major reason why LinkedIn, Lyf, and others have upgraded their iOS mobile application in Swift.

Every year Apple releases a new major iOS update, and with each update, there are new features and APIs. But since it is not unusual to support at least the previous iOS version, you have to be careful in using these new APIs.

Here are some other apps made with Swift:

app development with swift

Swift 2 provides several features that can make your development easy.

Following are few features of iOS development with Swift:

Error Handling Model

Swift provides an advanced error handling model that is clear. It has an expressive syntax of exceptional handling. Developers can create their own custom error names so that they can describe clear error cases.

No More println()

There’s an absence of the printIn(). In Swift 2, we can only use print() to write something to the output. Apple has combined both printIn() and print() functions into one. If you want to output something with a new line, you can set the appendNewline parameter to true.

Improvised Syntax

Now using Swift you can create more expressive codes as it has improved a lot across the language. The SDK has employed new Objective-C features such as generics and nullability annotation to keep the codes clean and safe.

Open Source

Later this year, Swift will be termed as open source. It is a unique combination of power, elegance and safety that has the ability to move the entire software industry forward.


It’s considered to be the latest research of programming language, combined with a vast experience of developing Apple platforms. Named parameters brought forward from Objective-C are expressed in a clean syntax that makes APIs in Swift even easier to read and maintain.

Interactive Playgrounds

Using playgrounds one can write swift codes with incredibly simple and fun. Results appear immediately as you type the codes. The resulting view can display graphics, lists of results, or graphs of a value over time. You can open the Timeline Assistant to watch a complex view evolve and animate, great for experimenting with new UI code, or to play an animated SpriteKit scene as you code it.

Designed for Safety

It eliminates the entire class of unsafe code. Variables are always initialized before use, arrays and integers are checked for overflow, and memory is managed automatically.

Fast and Powerful

Swift is a fast compiling and executable programming language. It uses a high-performance LLVM compiler, Swift code is transformed into optimized native code that gets the most out of modern hardware.


We really hope you enjoy reading this quick overview of Swift 2. There’re many things you can watch on WWDC video to learn more about Swift 2. We firmly believe that Swift is the way to go. In fact, all major sessions at WWDC 2015 are in Swift.

We really like where we are now and appreciate the coming changes. Swift is modern and brave. You have got to be modern if you want to outgrow Objective-C. If you also want to implement in your iOS application, then get the best iPhone app development services or hire iPhone app developer from The One Technologies. Now is the time to take action.

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