The Power of Umbraco: Real-Life Success Stories from Businesses

The Power of Umbraco: Real-Life Success Stories from Businesses

Umbraco is one of the best content management systems used by developers across the world, which is built on Microsoft's .NET framework using ASP.NET and written in C#. Its open-source nature resembles that a dedicated global community maintains it; everyone can contribute to the CMS.

As seen in the statistics, the popularity of Umbraco development has remained stable in 2023, and based on that scenario, it will likely gain more popularity in the coming years.

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Like a well-tailored glove, Umbraco is suitable for various solutions and is a major enterprise solution. Let us explore some popular implementations of the friendliest CMS with live examples of Umbraco.

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Case Studies on Umbraco

#Case Study 1: The Council of the European Union

case study the council of the european union

Sector: Public sector and Charity

Skills used: Integrations, Content Creation


About The Council of the European Union

The major expertise of Umbraco development lies in the public sector, where institutions leverage the CMS’s seamless integrations, accessibility compliance, and government-approved security features to deliver smooth user experiences while getting the job done on time. And one such public sector institution was the Council of the European Union, which required a replacement for technical and contractual reasons.

After a lengthy phase, the website was reimplemented using Umbraco and published faster so that editors could focus more on the content quality instead of technicalities, translators could translate content quicker, and the website could be accessible even during a heavy traffic load.

#Case Study 2: Baker Tilly International (BTI)

baker tilly international website home page screen shot

Sector: Finance

Skills used: Integrations, Design, Support


About Baker Tilly International

Baker Tilly International is one of the largest accountancy firms in the world, having 740 offices and operating in 148 territories; with such an expansion and offices approaching the thousands, they needed help connecting under a uniform brand. And to overcome these challenges, BTI asked ClerksWell to help create a new international website that unifies all firm's under-designed and organized websites. ClerksWell recommended BTI to choose the Umbraco CMS due to its flexibility, friendliness, ease of use, and excellent scalability.

Their previous website was irresponsive and sluggish, and editors could not publish new content. But after redeveloping the entire website using the capabilities of Umbraco, the BTI members could access and share information across the backend and maintain sole governance. The current BTI website is engaging, visually appealing, and intuitive for users to navigate.

#Case Study 3: Carlsberg Group

carlsberg group website home page screen shot

Sector: Food and Beverages

Skills used: Content Creation, Digital Strategy, Umbraco Cloud


About Carlsberg Pegasus Framework

Carlsberg Group is an international enterprise, and its big online move is a website framework called Pegasus. Carlsberg has around 500 brands in 160 markets, but before they adopted the Umbraco CMS, they did not have a place to share it. Apart from this, the brand's platforms were hard to find online and must be optimized for mobile devices. For this, the Carlsberg website needed significant modifications in the digital strategy.

The Pegasus framework uses the Umbraco cloud and acts as a central platform for catering to local needs. All this was only possible due to the Umbraco's flexibility to create unique and strong brand identities. Also, sharing and collaborating on content can be easily done using ContentFlow to bring product and branding together while staying loyal to the individual brand.

#Case Study 4: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

commercial products website home page screen shot

Sector: Engineering & manufacturing, B2B

Skills used: Integrations, Digital Strategy, Umbraco Cloud, Mobile, PIM-Systems


About Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Rubbermaid Commercial is a leader in the commercial cleaning industry, which requires an ideal CMS that works well at an enterprise level. They ran into a severe issue when they intended to redesign their corporate website. They sought help from Scylla Group and asked them to facilitate the flow of their digital ecosystem and develop a robust and impactful website using the Umbraco cloud.

To overcome their problems and streamline their approach to data management, Scylla’s adopted the Umbraco CMS and removed the congestion by consolidating their Content Delivery Network, Digital Asset Management, and Product Information Management into a single unified system through Salsify. And with the capabilities of Umbraco, integrating multiple third-party applications for eCommerce and delivering a website that works exceptionally well was accomplished.

After the thriving release of the Rubbermaid Commercial website, businesses have seen a drastic impact of Umbraco on eCommerce, and the adoption of Umbraco CMS increased gradually.

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#Case Study 5: Skoringen


Sector: Retail

Skills used: Content Creation, eCommerce, Headless CMS,Umbraco Cloud


About Skoringen

Skoringen is a footwear retail chain delivering over 2.8 million pairs of shoes at 195 stores annually. They needed a new digital platform to transform omnichannel and deliver personalized commerce experiences. For this, the one-stop solution was a headless CMS platform allowing editors to build AI-based content. This is where Umbraco comes into the picture, as it is an ideal solution to create a headless single-page application, making the editor experience seamless and intuitive.

After redevelopment, Skoringen's conversion of visitors to customers significantly increased by 19% and the drive-2-store rate by 49%. So, we can say that the potential of Umbraco has become a key to producing next-level commerce and intuitive customer experiences for Skoringen.


The list of case studies on Umbraco is endless. But after reading this article, we can see that Umbraco has proven itself one of the best and most effective CMS to create and manage enterprise content. The flexibility and advanced features have made Umbraco a perfect choice for businesses, including Hyundai, Domino's Pizza, Thomas Cook, Carlsberg, Reebok, and Heineken.

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