Top 9 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2023

Top 9 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2023

With the advent usage of smartphones and the increasing number of mobile users across the globe, many business owners and entrepreneurs are focusing on developing mobile applications for their businesses. By marking its presence in the digital world, the mobile application development market has achieved an unparalleled CAGR of around 23.8% and is expected to reach $366.93 Billion by the end of 2030.

Well, if you look at the current market trends and understand the scenario, the ruler is a Mobile Application. Mobile apps have plenty of advantages of being faster and more efficient with the power of working offline and easily. The features and characteristics of mobile apps have forced many organizations to switch from Web App to Mobile App. By leveraging mobile app development services, your business can reach the peak of success. However, behind feature-rich and successful mobile applications, there are Mobile App Development Framework such as Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, etc play a vital role. Due to frameworks, the app’s functionalities and features have won the heart of users.

In this competitive world, to make your mobile app a real success, it’s essential to choose a suitable mobile framework, platform, technologies and databases for your project. However, choosing the perfect mobile app development framework with the appropriate development strategy is very important. This will surely lead you to overall business success.

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Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2023

Here are the top 9 mobile app development frameworks that can help you build a successful mobile app for your project.

Table of Contents:

  1. React Native
  2. Flutter
  3. Xamarin
  4. Ionic
  5. Mobile Angular UI
  6. JQuery Mobile
  7. Corona SDK
  8. Native Scripts
  9. Swiftic
  10. Things To Consider To Choose Reliable App Development Framework

Defining App Development Framework

A mobile development framework is a complete tool for developers to build successful mobile applications. Thousands of mobile app development frameworks work behind the app development as the key to a successful mobile application.

Aspects of powerful applications deliver the most effective user experience. Top mobile app frameworks offer developers the required access to a cluster of APIs, code libraries, SDKs, and similar elements to develop a competitive mobile app solution.

1.React Native

open source framework react native

React Native is one of the most popular and best JavaScript libraries used to develop Android and iOS applications. Using React Native, you can develop native applications for all devices and platforms. It’s a free and open-source cross-platform framework developed by Facebook.

With React Native, developers can develop high-performance apps with faster deployment time in a short period of time. It uses JavaScript and assists in developing rich, intuitive, and amazing apps. It has gained popularity in the topmost mobile app development frameworks in 2021.

React Native provides a core set of platform-agnostic native components like Views, Text, and Images, mapped to a platform’s native UI building block. It supports JavaScript, which is a must for full-stack development.


  • Support for Third-Party Libraries
  • Declarative API for predictive UI
  • Live reload
  • Virtual DOM
  • One-way data binding
  • Accelerate development
  • Modular and intuitive


  • Facebook
  • Soundcloud
  • Airbnb
  • Instagram
  • UberEats


flutter open source mobile app

Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK that Google launched. It’s Google’s UI toolkit, Which is used to develop beautiful, natively compiled mobile, web, and desktop applications through a single code base.

Flutter has widgets that include all critical platform variations, namely scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts, and eliminates dependency on platform-specific UI components. Flutter uses ‘Skia’ to develop visuals, a 2D rendering engine. Hire flutter developers from The One Technologies, as they have some of the best flutter developers.


  • Highly customizable UI design 
  • Access to native features 
  • Publicly accessible 
  • Hot reload  
  • Built-in material design
  • Increased time-to-Market speed
  • Rich motion APIs
  • Own rendering engine
  • Strong widget support


  • Alibaba
  • Google Ads
  • Reflectly
  • Cryptograph


xamarin app development framework

Xamarin is an open-source and cross-platform app development framework developed by Microsoft for creating the best mobile apps by using a software framework, .NET, and the programming language C#. It provides a flexible native performance that empowers businesses to deliver a unique user experience to their customers.

It’s an abstraction layer that controls the communication between shared code with underlying platform code. It allows developers to develop an ecosystem with a backend, API, components, etc. It is supported by various tools, libraries, and programming languages. It allows you to develop applications with the support of an active community for Android, iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Windows.


  • Native platform support 
  • Code Reusability
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Application loader
  • Android SDK manager
  • Storyboard files
  • Google emulator manager
  • Open-source tech with corporate support
  • Full development ecosystem
  • Compatible with Wearables, IoT, and TV


  • Azure mobile app
  • UPS mobile app
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Microsoft News App
  • Outback Steakhouse


ionic cross-platform mobile app development

Ionic is a completely free and open-source framework built with Angular and Apache Cordova which allows developers to develop an app for three different platforms - iOS, Android, and Windows. It’s used to develop cross-platform mobile applications for seamless mobile performance. Every mobile app developer companies uses this framework to develop a robust and feature-rich native application.

The major advantage of the Ionic framework is that mobile app developers can use several UI elements in their application design. These UI elements are list views, filters, forms, action sheets, navigation menus, and tab bars. It allows developers to develop high-performing and interactive Hybrid, Progressive web applications, and cross-platform mobile applications.

Ionic framework can turn out to be the best one if a developer is well-versed in HTML, JavaScript, or CSS.


  • Intuitive UI components
  • Easy and quick to development
  • Cordova Plugin
  • JavaScript components
  • Framework compatibility
  • Strong community support
  • Complete control over app building


  • Instant Pot
  • GE Transportation
  • Market Watch
  • Amtrak
  • Sworkit

5.Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI Development

Mobile Angular UI is an open-source UI framework that combines HTML5, Bootstrap, and AngularJS. If you are well-versed with Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS, you can easily learn Mobile Angular UI in no time.

With the Mobile Angular UI framework, developers can use JavaScript libraries like Overthrow.js and FastClick.js. This framework is perfect for modern web and mobile applications.

It provides the best experience to users with some of the useful components of this framework, such as overlays, switches, sidebars, scrollable areas, etc.


  • Build HTML5 hybrid desktop & mobile apps
  • No jQuery dependencies
  • Build fully responsive interfaces with a super-small CSS file
  • Developer’s community
  • Easy conversation from the web to mobile apps
  • Responsive framework
  • Number of default controls


  • Hotelier News
  • Zaobao Mobile Website
  • Gunks
  • iKeyBox
  • Guezz It

6.JQuery Mobile

jquery mobile framework

JQuery Mobile framework is also referred to as an HTML5-based UI system that programmers use to build highly responsive applications for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It is one of the most favored mobile app development frameworks that offer customizable themes.

Furthermore, it has extensive Firefox support, including Windows, Kindle, MacOS, and Blackberry.


  • Progressive enhancement and graceful degradation.
  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA).
  • Theming and UI widgets.
  • Uncomplicated API supporting user-friendly inputs.
  • Apps developed with JQuery mobile support easy SEO optimization. 
  • Compatible with other frameworks like Apache Cordova. 
  • It is light in weight and has good, straightforward API support


  • Bobcares 
  • On-demand 
  • Biotech 
  • Sapsf 
  • Plateau 

7.Corona SDK

corona sdk cross platform framework

Corona is a free and open-source cross-platform framework for designing mobile apps related to games for mobile devices, desktops, tablets, and smart TVs. It’s powered by a Lua-based framework lightweight scripting language that offers speed, ease of usage, and flexibility to develop apps.

Corona SDK is a popular and best choice for developing cross-platform mobile apps in a short time. It will work effectively with various platforms, including iOS, Android, and Nook.


  • Cross-platform framework
  • Real-time simulation
  • Call any native library
  • Completely free
  • Live testing
  • High Speed and performance
  • Easy setup


  • Designer City
  • Gunman Taco Truck
  • Beasts Battle 2
  • Zip Zap
  • Guezz It

develop 2d android game

8.Native Scripts

It is an open-source framework that uses Typescript, Angular, JavaScript, CSS, and Vue.js to develop the best native mobile applications. Native Script is a flawless framework for developing apps while cutting down on the code length and development time. Native Scripts are effective and offer great built-in elements empowering the platform among many prominent companies.


  • Native API reflection 
  • Fast and responsive software performance 
  • Angular integration 
  • Hot module replacement 
  • Easy to setup 
  • Rich animations 
  • Bundle workflow 


  • Strudel 
  • BitPoints Wallet 
  • Daily Nanny 
  • Regelneef 
  • Dwitch 

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It is one of the frameworks through which you can develop a perfect mobile app. The best part is that you can create an app independently, as it doesn't require coding, and the app can be made at a minimum cost. 


  • Activity dashboard 
  • Compatibility testing 
  • Easy to Navigate and communicate 
  • Easy third-party integration 
  • Good customer experience 
  • Social Media Integration 


  • pa Cafe 
  • Muve Magazine 
  • The gentleman's barber 

Now, you must be wondering what to consider while choosing a suitable mobile app development framework for your project. So, here it is: 

Things to Consider While Choosing a Reliable Mobile App Development Framework 

  • Improved Visibility and Customer Engagement:  

With mobile apps, businesses can connect and interact with clients more efficiently. They may boost client engagement and develop a better brand presence by providing pertinent information and services through the app. 

  • Competitive Advantage 

In today's digital era, businesses that fail to embrace a mobile app may be regarded as outdated and less competitive. A mobile app can give businesses a distinct advantage and enable them to differentiate themselves from their rivals. 

  • Improved Customer Experience 

By offering convenient access to information, efficient communication, and customized services, a thoughtfully developed mobile application can potentially improve the overall customer experience. Consequently, this can result in increased levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

  • Valuable Insights and Data 

Mobile apps can offer valuable observations and data on customer behavior, preferences, and trends. This valuable information can be utilized to enhance business strategies and aid in making informed decisions. 

  • Increased Sales and Revenue 

A mobile app can provide a convenient and seamless way for customers to make purchases or access services, increasing business sales and revenue. 


Frameworks are the most important and useful tools for developing any web or mobile application. Moreover, the above-mentioned frameworks are ruling in 2022 and will continue to rule in 2023 for high-end app development. If you are a developer, start using these frameworks for better, feature-rich, and robust mobile apps for your project. You will surely find it extremely interesting and easy.

2023 will definitely see the emergence of many well-known frameworks, but the above 9 frameworks are at the top of the priority list of mobile app developers.

So, if you wish to develop an app using fewer resources and time for your business, as an experienced mobile app development company, we will help you develop a mobile app for all devices and platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Mobile App Development Frameworks

  • Which mobile app development framework should I learn in 2023?

All the mobile application frameworks, including React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Native Scripts, Ionic, Apache Cordova, and jQuery Mobile, are important for any mobile app developer.

  • Which is the most used app development framework?

At present, React Native is among the most popular mobile app frameworks. The accessible framework is essential in the software industry as they allow you to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

  • Which mobile app development frameworks can be used for cross-platform app development?

Ionic Framework, React Native, Xamarin, Native Script, Adobe PhoneGap, and Flutter are the best mobile app development frameworks for cross-platform app development.

  • Which frameworks are the best for native app development?

Native Script is the favorite of developers, and it offers the best native applications. It is an accessible framework that uses Typescript, JavaScript, Angular, and CSS to design native mobile applications. In addition to that, Xamarin is known as the best framework for mobile application development in a competitive edge.

Xamarin and React Native framework is the best JavaScript framework for building native apps for any platform and operating system.

  • Which frameworks can be applied to build a mobile application?

Python, Java, Flutter, React Native, Swift, and Kotlin can be used to create a mobile application. These technologies are considered the top mobile app technologies for robust app development.

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