Top 10 Things To Consider While Hiring Flutter Developer In India

Top 10 Things To Consider While Hiring Flutter Developer In India

Flutter is Google's new user interface (UI) software development kit, released in 2018. Flutter was initially created to address the limitations of existing app development frameworks like iOS and Android. And now, it stands tall as the 6th most popular programming language among developers.

The Flutter framework has been designed to be fast and simple to use, making it perfect for developing highly efficient applications on any platform. From just one codebase, Flutter can build applications for mobile devices, the web, desktop systems, and embedded devices.

But Flutter is challenging to learn and requires expert resources to maintain, so it may not be the best option for businesses that don’t have the necessary skills. And did you know that a Skillsoft report shows an immense gap between the supply and demand of qualified IT professionals? 

It’s only natural to consider hiring offshore Flutter developers in such cases, and what better place to consider than India? Soon, we’ll discuss the 10 most important things you should consider when hiring a Flutter developer from India.

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Flutter - An Overview

Flutter, an open-source technology, enables developers to construct a multitude of applications for mobile, desktop, and web platforms from one source code. What distinguishes this solution from others on the market is that it is not something basic like a framework or library; it is an entire Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows developers to work with various programming languages such as Dart, Java, C, C++ and more to build both frontend and backend applications.

With Flutter, you'll have pre-made widgets and add-ons that can be customized to create the perfect application. Additionally, this modern framework comes with a wealth of open-source libraries and tools to help you develop customized applications from a single code base for mobile apps and websites.

Perhaps that could explain the results of the annual Stack Overflow Survey in 2022. According to this analysis, Flutter is the 6th most popular technology for developers working on commercial projects and beyond.

Why Hire Flutter Developers from India

As we mentioned, Skillsoft research shows that over three-quarters (76%) of IT, decision-makers view talent shortage as a problem they face. In comparison, over half (54%) have unfilled positions due to the lack of qualified applicants.

If you'd like to hire tech talent but aren’t available or the qualified individuals are beyond the organization's budget, then it’s only natural to consider hiring Flutter developers from India.

Each year, India sends approximately 10,000 highly qualified postgraduates to universities in the USA, UK, and Canada. These students go on to join leading technology companies as coders and developers. Additionally, there are notable leaders of Indian descent presiding over international tech giants such as Twitter, Google, and Nokia.

This makes India an attractive choice for finding hardworking, talented professionals in many industries. In fact, major corporations such as Microsoft and CISCO have delegated tasks like providing customer support, creating new technologies, and completing projects in India.

Additionally, did you know that Bangalore, India's most cost-prohibitive Information Technology center, is still 140 times more affordable than California? All these factors make this country the ideal place to seek outsourced services.

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Things To Consider When Hiring Indian Flutter Developers

To use the Flutter framework in a way that fulfills your specific business needs, you need developers with technical expertise. Furthermore, all applicants must demonstrate the appropriate interpersonal skills necessary for the job.

Here are 10 deciding factors to consider before hiring an Indian Flutter developer.

  1. Dart Expertise: Flutter uses the powerful programming language, Dart. Therefore, it is imperative that potential developers have prior knowledge of Dart before they start their tasks.
  2. Clear Communication: Your project’s success depends on your team’s ability to work together and communicate clearly. It is only through effective communication that members can use their individual skills for a common goal.
  3. Decent English: While on the topic of communication, it’s essential to be well-versed in English if you want to employ Flutter developers from abroad non-English speaking countries.
  4. Understanding Agile & Waterfall Methodologies: Agile methodology is an amalgam of different development practices and frameworks that adhere to the 12 principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto. On the flip side, Waterfall revolves around the effortless adoption of a chronological life cycle throughout the software creation process. Both approaches enhance productivity.
  5. Problem-Solving Skills: As a programmer, Flutter developers must have irreproachable problem-solving skills. This is integral to successfully completing the development tasks.
  6. Familiarity With Version Control Systems: Version control is an essential system that captures the evolution of a file or group of files with time, allowing users to recall particular versions at any point.
  7. Readable Code: The readability of the code means that it is easy to understand and use, no matter who edited or updated it. A complex web of coding indicates that the applicant lacks adequate proficiencies or technical finesse.
  8. SQL Proficiency: Flutter offers various sophisticated packages to work with databases, particularly the essential sqflite. Sqflite enables the control and use of SQLite databases.
  9. Teamwork: Flutter app developers can be abroad, but they still need to work together with UX designers, QA engineers, and other relevant individuals to make sure the final product is its best version.
  10. Time Zone Differences: The time-zone difference between India and Western countries is a lot. This could be both a good and a bad thing depending on your needs, but regardless of its merits, it’s something all businesses must consider before they hire Flutter developers from India.


A wide array of cross-platform frameworks and app development tools are present in the market, such as React Native and Xamarin. But Flutter is a leading technology when it comes to building cross-platform applications.

The Flutter SDK is an optimal choice for businesses of all sizes as it meets their needs at a cost-effective price and provides extensive features while allowing for dynamic and quick development. But if an organization lacks the necessary technical capabilities or budget to hire local developers, the next best choice is to hire Flutter developers from India. 

India is renowned as a leading technology center in Asia. It has an extensive network of software engineers and developers, and its major tech companies work with the most sophisticated tools and technologies for iOS, Android, and web applications. But despite the abundance of tech skills in India, hiring the right flutter app development company can be a challenging task.  

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