Top 5 tips working with Offshore IT Outsourcing Company in India

Working with an Offshore IT Outsourcing Company in India can be a tough grind because you are on a new turf and territory; therefore, you will have to learn about what and how things are done and how your business can gain the most by outsourcing to places like India. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working with Offshore IT Outsourcing Companies.

Cultural Competency

Most generally, American companies are the largest by far that are outsourcing to India with respects to software and the biggest question is how Indians are making sure they train their offshore teams to uphold and better cross-cultural competency.


The first thing to do when working with an Offshore IT Outsourcing Company is to make sure your executives go there and see the cross-cultural training first hand. Making sure that your Indian counterparts are trained in American culture with respect to business is a preliminary step that must be completed for optimum productivity. You want to make sure those clients and customers feel no change when talking to a member of your company and when talking to a member of the Offshore IT Outsourcing Company.

Communication and Transparency

The most important thing to understand is that outsourcing companies run on teamwork. Teamwork in an outsourcing company is like fuel to a car; therefore, everyone must be involved and must know what is going on. No department should be unaware of the processes carrying on within the walls of the company. American companies need to make sure they have their business communication skills up to par when it comes to dealing with Offshore IT Outsourcing Companies.

Dedicated expert to handle offshore team

The next tip would be to make sure you have outside experts to aid your procedures. Therefore, whoever it is that is dealing with Indian Outsourcing companies, should have experts and people with the knowledge of and experience in such fields. Another promising trick to handling Offshore IT Outsourcing Companies is that training must be a two-way process. If Indians are leaning about your culture, you must learn about their business culture, ways and how to’s. It is the only way to get along together thereby improving business for both parties.


Lastly, dealing with Offshore IT Outsourcing Companies, one should mentor while working. Mentorship is the tool that will help Indian employees learn quickly the business strategies and thus improve your business on their turf.

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