Top Skills to Look for When Hiring .NET Programmers

Top Skills to Look for When Hiring .NET Programmers

As we all know, the increasing popularity of .NET is forcing businesses to choose the .Net framework to deliver the desired outcome. Also, thousands of opportunities are coming up in the IT sector; companies across the globe are now planning to hire .Net programmers with enough technical skills who cater to achieve the expected project demands.

According to research, there are more than 6 million .Net developers worldwide, and the figure is expected to rise by the end of 2024 due to the high demand for ASP.Net programmers

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If you, too, are searching for resourceful and dedicated developers to work on your upcoming .Net development project and preparing to launch a recruitment drive, make sure to choose the candidates with all the skills a professional .Net developer has. Once you receive the resumes and applications of the candidates, check their skills, shortlist the candidates, and later conduct an in-process technical interview whose skills match your requirements.

This article will discuss the top 8 skills to look for while hiring ASP.NET programmers. Let’s get started!

8 Skills to Look for When Hiring .Net Developers


The web development industry is expanding, so businesses need to gain a digital presence on the web. ASP.NET framework is a widely used and popular framework preferred by companies to build web apps with efficient controls, the latest technology trends, security, and faster deployment.

While hiring .Net programmers, ensure they have a basic understanding of modular MVC architecture and how it works. If they are familiar with the APS.NET MVC framework, they can build highly responsive web applications that manage enormous amounts of data. So, hire dot net developer who are aware of the MVC model, as it acts as an engine for development processes.

  • Microsoft Azure

The increasing demand for web apps has led businesses to configure a cloud-based backend for .Net applications. It helps companies to save additional server configuration and maintenance costs. And when it comes to building .Net applications, it has its own cloud platform, Azure, which is known for better compatibility and is one of the most popular cloud platforms. It offers three main cloud models, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, with open-source computational resources. The cost of these services depends on the resources needed for the project and the amount of computing power used.

So, remember to examine whether the candidate you are hiring can utilize the existing Azure code. Also, it would be a plus point for you if the candidate is familiar with other Azure services such as governance, databases, storage, containers, and Windows virtual desktops.

  • Sharp Coding Skills

Having a developer with sharp coding expertise should be considered a part of your .Net development team. Ensure the candidate you are hiring is proficient in writing complex code for building applications for any platform, be it mobile, desktop, or web. The code should be written in such a way that it allows the software to perform as intended. In short, a resolute developer should understand the purpose of code as it helps them to determine what code should be updated and what existing code, they can input to save time and resources. So, hire net programmers who have the ability to write complex code, analyze code and its performance, and make necessary changes when required.

  • Programming Language

Hire a .Net programmer having solid experience working on various popular languages such as VB.NET, C++, C#, Python, and Iron Ruby. Apart from this, they must be aware of database applications, such as SQL Server, NoSQL, and Oracle.

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  • Familiar with Code Refactoring

Having strong coding and programming expertise is not enough to become a great .Net developer. An ASP.Net programmer should be able to write clean, reusable, and maintainable code. And this is where the importance of code refactoring comes into the picture.

Code refactoring is modifying the source code and its structure without changing functionality. When code refactoring is performed, the entire code scope selection is examined before applying the code to the whole section. A developer works on an existing application with a poor coding structure, restructuring it without modifying the external behavior to make the code easier to read, debug, and maintain.

In short, consider those candidates who have a thorough understanding of all the code refactoring concepts.

  • Client-side Technology

A professional developer should be competent in client-side technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery to build web applications coordinated with SQL servers. As a result, before you hire ASP.NET programmers, make sure they are familiar with client-side technologies, as it helps to diversify their skills and boost employability.

  • Data Security

The main fundamentals of cyber-security are ensuring data confidentiality, availability, and integrity. And all three are important during the .NET development phase.

A professional developer should know how to write clean, streamlined, and secure code to eliminate a data breach. As a popular development platform, .Net provides modern authentication, authorization, and access control systems that can be tough to configure for some applications. However, recruit a .Net programmer with knowledge of .Net security controls and can implement appropriate security controls.

  • Problem-solving Attitude

Lastly, while hiring .Net developers, it is essential to have a problem-solving ability to determine and resolve issues in their prototypes. They should have a critical thinking approach to overcome business challenges and a complex skillset to pave the way through those challenges. While building interfaces, .Net programmers need to analyze their testing outcomes to determine whether there are any mistypes in the application's source code that might trigger malfunctioning. So, they should be able to identify the problem and fix it in a timely manner.

Final Thoughts

Concisely, the demand for scalable and highly secure business solutions has increased due to the rapidly evolving digital landscape and expanding scale of businesses. With this, the .Net framework has become a leading web development technology, and we are also witnessing a massive demand for .Net developers.

So, if you have made it till now, we assume you are prepping to launch a recruitment drive to hire .Net developers. And to get the best results from them, ensure all the skills mentioned above are present to build a unique and secure .Net web application.

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