Top Software Development Trends To Watch in 2022

Top Software Development Trends To Watch in 2022

We have many things on a platter to welcome the new year 2022.

The 2021 year has been a unique year for everyone, be it economically or mentally, or business-wise. But when we talk about the software development industry, the need for robust software has been increased.

Custom Software Development Company has created a significant impact on business today. The demand for software developers has been increasing. They have become an asset to businesses to help enterprises innovate, evolve, and grow with reliability. 

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, software developers have realized that their role will not remain the same in the contactless world tomorrow.

Software and mobile app development services have now become an integral part of every organization’s growth and success. And while we are welcoming 2022, it’s very clear that everyone who has the arsenal of cutting-edge software technology will take the first stop on the battleground.

Hence, it’s time to look ahead and speculate on what the future holds in software development.

Let’s walk through the top 10 new technology trends you should watch for and make an attempt at in 2022.

Table of Contents:

  1. Native App Development
  2. Low Code Development
  3. Progressive Web Apps
  4. Cloud Computing
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. 5G
  7. Outsourcing
  8. Internet of Things (IoT)

1. Native App Development

No matter what heights cross platform app development services might reach, there will always be a special place for Native app development. Unlike hybrid applications, Native apps can seamlessly run on specific devices such as smartphones.

Since iOS and Android platforms have made their benchmark in the smartphone industry, many organizations are investing a huge amount in developing native apps for iOS and Android. Since they are device-specific applications, they provide a better user experience and more powerful performance when compared to hybrid apps.

A renowned company like Airbnb set a benchmark by developing an app with Native app development. Their experience with Native app technology has created trust in many organizations and tempted them to shift to Native app development.

Moreover, there are other programming languages like Kotlin and Swift that are creating a buzz in the software industry.

And therefore, the unparalleled performance of the native app looks promising in 2022.

3. Low Code Development

Low code development or no-code development is using applications to create software with a minimal amount of code. This will help non-developer to develop applications and implement them. The developers have to use a drag-and-drop editor to create an app.

As per the observation and demand, the low code development will keep growing as we go into 2022. At the moment, it’s used by a large community of non-developers.

As per the prediction, the revenue of no-code and low-code platforms will grow 25.3% each year and is expected to reach $64.65 billion by 2026.

Let me make you understand what’s low code development.

Well, it’s operated by employees or developers who virtually have no programming experience or abilities. They can use the drag-and-drop editors. The terms “No Code Development” and “Low Code Development” are sometimes used interchangeably, but you will see a fundamental difference.

Low code development will only be useful in everyday business situations and requires at least some amount of programming knowledge.

Complex websites can be developed using low-code or no-code development. If you have no technical programming knowledge, but still want to create websites, then you can consider this platform. This trend was even more accelerated by the pandemic.

Low code development has turned out to be very cost-effective for companies.

2. Progressive Web Apps

Gone are the days when people would wait for an application to be loaded on their mobile devices. However, native apps are not the only app that we should consider in 2021, but PWA - Progressive Web Apps are also taking their spot and going to stay.

PWA is coming on the next top list when it comes to web development services. PWA runs in the mobile background and works smoothly like any conventional app on the device. You don’t require to install it on your phone through app stores. Nor do they require any phone memory.

PWAs are powerful enough for responsiveness, push notifications, and internet hosting, therefore, many popular companies like Uber, Pinterest, Twitter, MakeMyTrip, and Starbucks have implemented them for their business and leveraging the benefits.

Seems like it will soar and dominate the technology world in 2022.

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4. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing seems to be a quite promising technology in 2022. This year’s situation has made every organization shift its focus to the cloud. You will see many advancements in the coming years, as cloud computing is growing and evolving every day.

If we consider the stats of Gartner, the revenue of cloud computing is expected to reach $474 billion in 2022. And on the brighter side, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are top players in Cloud Computing. Therefore, this technology is here to stay.

In recent times, every business is using cloud computing. As more and more companies are adopting digital transformation and software modernization, all of them make a move to cloud computing. It’s one of the most efficient and secure methods to store the data.

By the end of 2022, we will surely see the rise of cloud platforms without any doubt.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a wide area that automates the business process through machine learning and speech processing. The impact of AI in custom application development services has delivered more relevant and meaningful customer experiences.

Therefore, many companies are moving to the concept of Artificial Intelligence. AI can expedite an outcome and enable more informed decision-making.

Tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon are using AI to improve their customer experience. Therefore, in the coming years, the ability to add cutting-edge AI capabilities to projects and business processes will be critical for organizations.

6. 5G

Being an innovative wireless communication technology, 5G provides a better user experience and mobile broadband to users with the fastest download and upload speeds. By 2022, the 5G technology will take place at everyone’s home and is expected to grow to 1000 million users. The global spending on 5G mobile infrastructure is projected to reach about $58.08B by 2026.

5G provides enhanced data security. Moreover, you will also see improvement in VR and AR development due to better, fast, and speedy connections.

5G will unleash the potential of software developers to use and incorporate into their systems.

7. Outsourcing

The outsourcing market is growing. Business owners and entrepreneurs prefer to outsource their work to a software company in India. Businesses can leverage many benefits from it. It’s not only due to the pandemic but also due to problems that businesses face.

More and More businesses are going forward with the outsourcing option as it is cost-effective and practical. Companies can now grow rapidly by getting help from outsourcing companies. Now-a-days, outsourcing is not optional, but it is a necessity to develop over the competition.

As per ReportLinker - The Global IT Outsourcing Market size expected to reach USD 610.12 billion by 2027.

Businesses now can focus on their core competencies and offload the peripheral tasks to partners that have core competencies there. This makes them drive the trend of IT outsourcing.

8. Internet of Things

Every product and business are becoming smarter than ever. Many devices are continuously exchanging data across the internet. Through the internet, these devices are internally connected as a platform. Some experts even predict that by 2022, half of the new businesses will switch to IoT technology.

From turning on AC to switching on bedroom lights, it’s possible for us to operate every device using a smartphone.

Additionally, disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can be leveraged to the most out of IoT. IoT businesses are about to reach $520 billion in 2021.

So, if you are thinking of making a move in IoT, this is the right time to hire an IoT developer and explore the technology. Implement this trend in your custom software development services.


We are already in the year 2022, and if you start looking for the best custom software outsourcing company now, you can get productive results.

This year will bring many new trends in the software industry. Therefore, the software industry is considered the most important and competitive industry because no business can enhance its capability without new software implementation.

Seems like 2022 will bring exponential growth in the software development industry. It will surely change the way applications and software are developed. We hope that you find this article useful in making an informed decision for the coming years. If you are still unsure about which technology to implement in your software development, you can consult the custom software development company, The One Technologies. Our experts will understand your project requirements and discuss ideas with you. Then, we will implement the ideas to develop a suitable software application for your business.

By the way, is there anything we missed here? What do you think will be the biggest software development trend of 2022? Let us know your thoughts!

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