Umbraco CMS: Features and Benefits

Umbraco CMS: Features and Benefits

With the rapidly expanding digital landscape, having a flexible and robust content management system is important. And Umbraco is the first thing that might strike your mind when discussing the best CMS.

This post will discuss the latest Umbraco CMS features and benefits that make it one of the most powerful content management systems. So, without any further ado, let's get started!

What is Umbraco CMS?

Umbraco is one of the most popular and robust content management systems widely used by businesses. It is built on Microsoft's .Net framework using ASP.Net and purely written in C#. This platform allows editors to publish content for the Internet and Intranet. As a robust content management system, it can handle anything, whether simple web pages or sophisticated applications.

It is widely used by Umbraco development company For eCommerce website development customers who're not willing to invest time in building and monitoring personal websites. Apart from this, it gives users an easy-to-use interface and out-of-the-box editing experience.

Now that you’re aware of Umbraco, let us unlock the exciting Umbraco CMS features that will help you edit, manage, and create responsive websites which can be accessed from any device.

Umbraco CMS: Features

Block Grid Editor

One of the most impressive Umbraco CMS features is the Block Grid Editor, which will supersede the popular Grid Layout Editors and provide a new editing experience for the back office. It offers a variety of new features, functions, and the ability for editors to flexibly lay out content in the Umbraco backoffice and focus on what they do best: curating great content quickly. The Grid Layouts Property Editor is now using Element Types and Blocks as the well-building blocks so that a variety of excellent editors are available with several unique features.

Customizable Workflow

The workflow engine extends a powerful Umbraco model along with a variety of features using which you can design the approval process that suits your business. As an excellent open-source CMS, Umbraco web development allows you to create an editing experience tailored to your content editors and the tasks they need to perform, such as campaign pages, updating content, adding new products, blog posts, etc. This means you provide them with a digital tool allowing content managers, copywriters, and companies to publish their work confidently.

Updating and decoupling of dependencies

With every latest Umbraco release, you can upgrade some of the dependencies within the product. With this, Umbraco has decided to increase these with the most notable TinyMCE, a JavaScript framework that powers the text editor in the Umbraco Backoffice. Umbraco has a dependency on ImageSharp for image manipulation, which has been removed, so it works like a package shipped with Umbraco development. This change makes it possible to upgrade to the latest versions of ImageSharp independently of Umbraco.

Alignment with .Net 7

You'll be surprised to know that Umbraco is one of the best and most widely used Dot Net CMS nowadays. It runs on the latest version of Microsoft .Net technology to provide enhanced performance and excellent functionality that ships with these versions. Apart from taking all the benefits related to performance, you'll get remarkable updates such as OpenAPI options, rate-limiting, output-catching middleware, etc.

Infinite editing

Infinite editing is one of the most-liked features of Umbraco, as it allows you to edit every content element without losing the content meaning and returning seamlessly to editing the page of copy. Whatever changes you make, then become effective across your entire website. This feature doesn't limit the editors; rather, it works perfectly fine when creating landing pages with personalized media or creating the content flow for a chatbot.

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Umbraco CMS: Benefits

Let us now discuss the benefits of Umbraco that will allow you to create and edit friendly content and significantly improve the performance of your website.

Smooth content management

If you've ever worked with Umbraco, you must know that it is a smooth CMS with incredible creation and editing capabilities. The latest versions of Umbraco provide an intuitive editing experience and multilingual support to content editors. They'll also get a great interface, the ability to edit images, and a media library for managing assets.

Headless CMS

With the introduction of Headless CMS, content editors can now create a highly modular and scalable content distribution system. And Umbraco development has the ability to function as both a headless CMS and monolith, allowing you to handle multiple websites simultaneously with the same simplicity as one – adding or subtracting any data you want.

Cloud Hosting

Umbraco has streamlined deployment in the cloud that helps businesses with cloud hosting and deployment. The vendor offers a budget-friendly and efficient hosting ecosystem that is automatically upgraded and configured within minutes.

Future-proof software

Umbraco is a developer-friendly, flexible, and easy-to-learn platform if you're a beginner. Working with Umbraco as a developer, you'll find improvements to all the classic APIs and services and new .Net 5 goodies like Razor TagHelpers, Microsoft Dependency Injection, and .Net CLI.

Excellent community support

Umbraco has excellent community support, with more than 200,000 members actively contributing to growing the Umbraco community across the globe. This strong community consists of developers, designers, and marketers, ensuring a quick response to your problems.

These are the top 5 benefits you’ll get if you choose Umbraco development for your upcoming project. Apart from this, you’ll explore more Umbraco CMS benefits once you start working with it.


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