Umbraco SEO Plugins and Tools: Enhancing Your Website's Visibility

Umbraco SEO Plugins and Tools: Enhancing Your Website's Visibility

Having a comprehensive SEO tool or plugin for any CMS (Content Management System) is quite complex. Still, if you are working with the Umbraco CMS, you get a more in-depth and complete look into issues arising on your website, how you perform against Google's best practices, and what opportunities you must acquire.

Here are some top plugins you need to consider if you want to enhance Umbraco by adding the potential of SEO, improving the editor experience, easing the development process, and lowering maintenance. All these feature offerings make Umbraco one of the best CMS for SEO success, and this is why businesses are still unlocking the potential of Umbraco development.

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Top Umbraco SEO Plugins to Improve Your Website’s Visibility

SEO Checker

As we mentioned, finding an effective plugin for CMS is difficult. Still, with the SEO Checker for Umbraco CMS, you can find common SEO issues on your website and fix them on the page before it is released.

Validate pages against Google recommendations, Snippet preview, social preview, report inbound link issues, Manage Redirects, and Easy URL rewriting are some functionalities in the SEO checker for Umbraco.

Seo Checker

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Meta Fields

As an SEO toolkit, you can easily set your meta fields like Description, Title, Open Graph Title/Image/Description, and canonical URL based on existing fields on your content node. Using this tool, you can combine multiple functionalities and aim at making SEO easier to use within your website. Also, it allows users to see where the values are coming from and what those values are.

Meta Fields

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301 URL Tracker

You can use Umbraco SEO plugins to enhance your website visibility and ensure that search engines find your content. To do this, you need to make sure that when you move any of your website content to a new URL, remove a URL, or if a URL breaks, you should be able to redirect the old URL to the most relevant URL. With this, you are keeping your users happy and letting search engines know the content has moved so it can be ranked accordingly.

So, assume that you are already working with Umbraco development. In that case, we recommend using the 301 URL Tracker to allow your users and developers to stay on top of their redirects, broken URLs, and server codes delivered when a page is missing or removed. Apart from that, this SEO tool is important for content editors planning to migrate to a new Umbraco website to guide their users to the right place.

URL changes tracker, sever code tracker, redirect creation and edits, redirect requests and recommendations, and query string matching are some of the features of 301 URL Tracker for Umbraco.

Url Tracker

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XML Sitemap

You can use a sitemap XML to understand what content is on your website and what you would like indexed to prioritize the website content. This will give you a sitemap.xml listing all your website pages and working with multiple domains and languages. You can then upload this to Google Search Console to be indexed, as this is the only way to create a sitemap XML for your website when working with Umbraco. You can also update your sitemap settings within the Umbraco CMS.

Xml Sitemap

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SEO Starter Kit

You can use the SEO starter kit to give your clients and Umbraco users more control over their website's metadata and other SEO tags and elements. Developers can develop an SEO-friendly website and update their page's individual SEO elements to enhance search engine visibility.

Creating and editing title tags, creating and editing meta descriptions, creating and editing canonical tags, setting index, following robots’ meta tags for your content, and allowing or omitting a page from being listed in your sitemap XML are some of the functionalities of the SEO Starter kit for Umbraco.

Seo Starter Kit

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AMP For Umbraco

Umbraco does not offer an ideal solution for AMP (Accelerated mobile pages), but as AMP is an SEO practice, you can install its code on your website to meet Google's and pass their mobile-friendly test. Adding this code to your website's source code will ensure that your web pages are rendered correctly on mobile devices and provide an excellent user experience.

In short, you can use this functionality to ensure that your code is compatible with multiple platforms and devices so that content can load instantly regardless of your mobile device or tablet.

Wrapping Up

After reading this post, you must have known about the best Umbraco SEO packages and why it is known as one of the best CMS for SEO. Also, developers can use the above-mentioned tools toenhance their website's visibility and improve brand reputation. So, as an experienced website development company, The One Technologies offers excellent Umbraco development services and leverages the extensive capabilities of Umbraco to provide clients with complete control over their websites. We understand the significance of using a versatile CMS to turn our clients' dreams into reality.


  1. Is Umbraco good for SEO?

Yes, Umbraco is good for SEO because you are not required to worry about 404 errors being mismanaged for SEO. As a default option, if the page is not found, Umbraco will return a 404 status code, so search engine crawlers will know that the content they are searching for is unavailable.

  1. What is the purpose of Umbraco?

As a leading open-source .NET CMS, Umbraco allows you to easily manage digital text, images, products, and services the way you want.

  1. Why should I hire Umbraco developers from The One Technologies?

You should hire dedicated Umbraco developers from us because our industry experts aim to deliver innovative solutions to match your business requirements. Also, our dedicated developers work transparently and follow strict NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) without compromising on the quality of your project.

  1. What are the key features of Umbraco?

Here are some key features of using the capabilities of Umbraco:

  • Content management
  • Web Accessibility
  • Excellent marketing features
  • High performance and security
  • Open-source CMS
  • Integrations and extensibility features
  1. Which companies are using Umbraco?

Giant companies like Peugeot, Heinz, Costa Coffee, Microsoft, and Carlsberg use Umbraco.

  1. Why do developers prefer using Umbraco?

Developers highly prefer using the Umbraco CMS for building robust websites as it allows them to create high-performing, secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage code.

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