Recent years have seen an increase in online shopping for products and services, especially in times of emergency and epidemic.

Research shows that on-demand food delivery is experiencing a rapid rise in popularity around the world, growing at a CAGR of over 14% between 2018 and 2020. In addition, a mobile app restaurant delivery study shows that 63% of people prefer ordering delivery to head out for dinner.

Over the past year, the food delivery space has seen a tremendous digital transformation, with more and more people using these tools. Some restaurants that have never offered delivery services in the past plan to do so in the near future.

Statista predicts that by 2023, online food delivery revenues from direct cloud kitchen-to-consumer deliveries will be $22,898.2 million. There has never been a better time to make a name for yourself among customers and eateries with a food delivery app.

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The Helpfulness of Food Delivery Apps

The ordering process is quick and easy online, which makes getting a bite more convenient for most people.

During the ordering process, customers save both energy and time. Additionally, they receive special discounts and coupons that allow them to purchase items at a reduced price. These factors make ordering food from your place more enjoyable for app users, resulting in increased sales.

Businesses should also remember that anyone craving Asian food, pizza, or donuts can use a mobile ordering app. This means using a restaurant delivery app can increase your prospects by a hundredfold.

But you must first understand the underlying principles of an on-demand food ordering app before you can create an exceptional one. The following are the top 15 features of the food delivery app.

Restaurant Delivery App Features

There are different types of new food delivery apps, with the following advanced and practical features to facilitate food delivery and improve the experience for customers and online food delivery businesses.

Most apps include three separate versions (or three different login panels within the same app) to improve the overall work process.

  • A version for the admin or the business owner
  • A version for couriers
  • A version for customers


The following are the top 11 features of an excellent delivery app for food.

Restaurant Owner or Admin

Maintaining the efficiency of the service relies heavily on the admin app. The complexity of the app will depend on the amount of information stakeholders want to know and share. Naturally, business owners must be clear about this before the development process begins, as it influences how it should be designed.

Assigning Orders

An essential feature is the ability to assign orders. This feature allows you or the restaurant to assign order requests to delivery employees via the admin panel.

The admin panel also allows businesses to keep track of payments, past orders, customer reviews, order status, etc.

Content management functionality

Dashboards are a huge part of optimizing your service's performance. The app should provide easy access and management functions to all the content you need, such as menus, ingredient lists, pictures, menu prices, promotional offers, and more.

Analytical Tools

The admin app is equipped with comprehensive and automatic analytical tools to provide relevant and actionable business insights. Some of these might include:

  • Customer acquisition rate
  • Tastes and choices of customers
  • Order volumes received during different seasons and times of the year
  • Coupons customers used to save money
  • Different loyalty program statuses for different customers.

Reviews & Ratings

A business can benefit significantly from feedback or ratings about its delivery application to learn about its shortcomings. Using this feature, your customers can rate and comment on the dishes listed in different restaurants.

Delivery Partner

Besides the person ordering food through the app, you also need to consider the person delivering it. Your app needs to have useful features for delivery people or couriers.

Sharing Details

A list of essential information about delivery executives, including names, phone numbers, locations, credentials, etc., will be kept on the app. In the event of an accident or any other disaster, the delivery executive can receive any needed assistance thanks to this feature.

Message & Communication Panel

Among essential aspects of developing a food delivery app is the inclusion of in-app messaging for three-way communication between the establishment, clients, and delivery drivers.

The courier app’s messenger feature is essential for communicating with clients and resolving issues.

Delivery Status

If you were a customer awaiting your order, you would prefer to be kept updated, right? The courier should be able to change the delivery status quickly in order to notify the customer that they are on their way to pick up or drop off the package.


Your food delivery app will be more useful if you incorporate features tailored to your customers’ needs. There are a few key features that each type of food delivery app should have.

Rating & Feedback Section

Once the orders have been received and the food has been served, customers may want to give feedback about the food and delivery. Using this feature, customers can rate and assess other restaurants based on their food preferences.

Push Notifications

Businesses can use app push notifications to maintain contact with their customers. A push notification is the best way to keep up with your competitors and increase your exposure.

If you manage push notifications well, they will significantly increase the growth of your business app. Just remember not to make them too salesy or too frequent.


Once an order has been placed, customers become nervous and impatient. Your food delivery application must have a way to track deliveries to avoid problems like this. Food delivery apps allow customers to track their food's location in real time using GPS, an invaluable feature.

Many great APIs are available for this feature, including Google Maps, Mapbox, and Waze's Navigation.

Discounts & Rewards

Users will be more loyal to you if you offer them perks. You should also remember that promotional offers and coupons can help you attract new customers to your restaurant delivery app.

It has been reported that 40% of users use food-ordering apps to find money-saving offers, with 25% using them for loyalty rewards. Offer frequent discounts to your customers if you want them to stay interested.


It doesn't matter if you're a restaurant owner looking to boost sales, satisfaction, and retention rates or if you're an entrepreneur looking to launch an online food ordering service – you need these features in your app.

Make a name for yourself in the world of food delivery apps by building a cloud kitchen for your restaurant right now. A credible mobile app development company can take advantage of current technologies and help you build an engaging app.

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