When Should You Redesign Your Website?

When Should You Redesign Your Website?

In this competitive world, people are always attracted to great design and user-friendly websites. They get more traffic and user engagement. Therefore, most of the websites, you will find attractive and intuitive. Because the aim of every e-commerce website is to convert visitors into customers. Well, it’s only possible if your website design and structure are proper with the latest web design trends and features.

Since you have landed on this page, you are probably thinking about the makeover of your current website. Though a website redesign is not what business always wants to do, but often is a matter of necessity.

Well, if your website is not living up to the mark then it may hurt you as well. So, let me ask when was the last time you had redesigned your website? If you are still thinking about the answer and have not got yet, then you should start thinking about redesigning the website.

However, we always neglect or remain in the budget when it comes to website maintenance, designing and integration. But eventually, it affects your conversion.

So what are the major factors you should consider when redesigning your website? We really don’t have a formula or workflow that makes this easy, but as a renowned custom website design company, we can surely guide you through the points that may lead to better conversion.

Reasons to Redesign Your Website

In recent times, before purchasing a product or choosing your services, people do Google your business or company. As per the recent report, 87% of buyers do their product analysis before making a final purchase.

Once a visitor lands on your website and if your website gets failed to represent what they are looking for, they will leave your website immediately and will choose your competitor. Even, if your website takes more time to load the product and its information, you may end up losing the customers.

Your online existence is really important to your business for growth. Moreover, you can find WordPress development services easy, smooth and eye-catching.

There are some of the major factors that you should consider for your website. Read it to know more.

Visually Outdated Website

As we know, the first impression really matters to your website visitors. Your visually outdated website shows that you are not aware of current trends. Because some companies are attached to the old website. Moreover, it’s a fact that if a visitor will not find your website attractive, they will not proceed further and leave it.

If your website was designed a decade back and even today it looks like this, then it’s time to redesign your website using WordPress themes and plugins. If your website doesn’t have proper navigation menus and has an older look so the time has come to adopt the changes. By doing this, you are letting others know that you can adapt to change.

High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a method that describes the percentage of your visitors that leave your website abruptly within moments of arriving from a search results page.

Generally, what happens is that whenever a user lands on your website, if they don’t complete the activity that you want them to finish, this tends to cause low conversions. Either user was sent away due to a technical error or something about your website compelled them to leave of their own volition. You can see your bounce rate in Google Analytics.

You would always want to get more customers and make them purchase your products if you own an e-commerce site. If your websites are standing upto your expectations, then you really need a makeover of your website.

But a visitor doesn’t convert into a buyer or a customer that doesn’t mean it’s our loss. However, it’s true that they’ve spent time on your website and have increased your brand awareness. After all, it cannot be achieved without having a new website.

Slow Loading Pages

When a visitor arrives on your website, they expect the website to be loaded with the content and images in 3 to 4 seconds. They will not wait for it to be loaded for a long time. Hence, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load then you must update your website.

To see whether your website falls into that category or not, you should use speed tester tools such as gtmetrix.com and Pingdom.com.

Research shows that half of the visitors leave websites if the website will take three seconds or more to load. The more your website takes time to load, the greater chance that your visitor is going head back to the search results.

Text Loaded Website

Too much content on your website is not suitable for search engines. If you want to represent the content, then give a separate section. People like a simple and neat website. If your website has too much content than images, graphics and icons, then it’s time to redesign your website.

Generally, people have a common concentration measure of 8 seconds, you need to use visitor’s first 8 seconds very carefully on your website.

Doesn’t Have Fresh Content

It’s human nature that if you cannot offer fresh or latest content, visitors will not be attracted to your website. However, fresh content boosts the quality of the website and increases search volume. This way, you can attract visitors to your website. Fresh content helps search engines to crawl and improve your website quality.

As per the study by HubSpot, businesses that created 16 new pages of content per month attracted more than three times the amount of traffic as businesses that created zero to four new pages of content per month.

Not Mobile-friendly

mobile friendly website design

Nowadays, everyone is operating the website from mobile devices. The majority of the traffic is generated from mobile devices only. On the other hand, Google gives preference to mobile websites than desktop websites. If your website is not responsive or not mobile-friendly, you could end up losing potential customers and clients. It may affect your SEO rank as well.

Like with the website speed, you can also check if your website is mobile-friendly or not. And you can check with Google’s mobile-friendly website test tool.

Not Secured With HTTPS

Security and Privacy is really an important factor in every e-commerce website. If a visitor believes r thinks that your website is not secured, they will not prefer to purchase from you and never come back again.

To secure the website and make users feel safe, you need to integrate HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) to your website. It enables data transmitted to and from your website to prevent unauthorized users from reading it. HTTPS will also give your website a secure padlock icon, whereas using HTTP will result in a “Not Secure” label.


Web design trends change rapidly. Every day, you can find some new changes and trends in the web site design companies. So first, you study your website and find out the points that are missing and could be implemented. If you don’t have an answer yet then think about when was the last time you did redesign your website. Generally, it’s expected to redesign a website every 3-4 years of the interval if you want to stay updated.

Still, you are not aware of when you need to redesign your website. Get in touch with the best and most prominent website design company, The One Technologies. Our web designers ensure that our web designs company are affordable, quality-oriented, dynamic, intuitive, and unique that meet the client’s requirements and goals.

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