Why AngularJS is The Perfect Choice For Web Development?

Why AngularJS is The Perfect Choice For Web Development?

In this digital and competitive world, everyone is trying to create their first impression of their business on the internet. This tends to increase its user base. They are trying hard to make customers fall in love with their business through the website.

Though, it’s not easy to create simply a website and attract the user. In this, web apps and mobile apps also play a vital role. There’s an advent demand for mobile apps and web apps rather than websites.

Do you know what attracts more users, if we talk about web apps? It’s a design element. As we know the front end development is responsible for the look and feel of an app. Therefore, front end development services play an important role to create the first impression on users.

What you see on the web apps such as font, buttons, graphics are all part of the front end development services. Users will always land on your web apps if they are attractive and user-friendly.

However, you will find plenty of technologies for front end development. Business owners generally get confused about which one would be the preferred choice for their web development.

Among many technologies, JavaScript offers amazing frameworks for the best UI for your web apps. And AngularJS is the most popular web development framework.

Before proceeding further as to why choose AngularJS for your project, as a renowned front end development company, let’s give you a brief about AngularJS.

What’s AngularJS?

Since the inception of AngularJS in 2010, it has become quite popular among the front end developers to develop interactive web apps. It’s an open-source framework which enables developers to address the difficulties related to web app development.

It’s a JavaScript MVC framework allowing developers to develop dynamic web apps which include a wide range of amazing features. It offers a myriad of benefits to the developers who wish to develop attractive and engaging web apps.

Comparing AngularJS with other JavaScript frameworks, it’s quick and can easily be integrated with other frameworks. Using this framework, AngularJS development company can develop feature-rich and robust web apps.

Therefore, due to its progressive features, website owners always choose AngularJS web application development.

Let’s have a look at the latest trends the AngularJS:

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Reasons to Choose AngularJS For Web Development

AngularJS comes with different functionalities and major advantages which no other JS framework offers. And because of this, it has become the most loved framework.

Due to its agile development process, it saves both time and cost of development.

So, as a business owner, if you are planning to get a web app and confused about choosing the right framework, then AngularJS will be the ideal choice for it.

Here are the reasons why you should choose the AngularJS framework for your web app development.

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Table of Contents:

Two-way Data Binding

two-way data binding in angular

One of the most amazing features of AngularJS is two-way data binding. Due to this feature, the changes made in the user interface can influence web apps objects immediately and vice versa. In short, if a developer makes any changes in the user interface, that will immediately reflect in the app interface too.

It seamlessly integrates the data between Model as well as View. Hence, if it found any changes or modifications in data, then these two components get updated automatically in real-time. This helps developers to save a lot of time. And this is the reason why AngularJS is booming in web app development.

Efficient Usage of MVC

mvc components

With various frameworks, developers can split the application into MVC components. The developer has to further write a code to join them up. MVC can be implemented easily and efficiently as it only requires the user to split the application into MVC components. Angular manages and takes care of the rest by serving as a pipeline that connects them.

As we can see in the above image, the model is the data present in the application. Whereas, the view is an entity that distributes explicit data and methods to retain defined views. In addition, the controller is responsible for setting an introductory state and improving the space with methods to regulate the behavior.

Intuitive and Declarative User Interface

The Angular framework uses HTML which is easy to understand and simple to manage. HTML is used to define the web applications interface and considered to be an intuitive and declarative user interface.

HTML eliminates the development time in program flows and plans what gets loaded first. Angular developers just need to figure out what is needed and the framework will do the rest.

Code Reusability

AngularJS offers the most important factor - code reusability. This enables developers to reuse the code that has been written before very efficiently. It helps them save a lot of time, thus, a web app can be developed quickly.

It requires minimal coding in AngularJS:

  • No need to create a pipeline
  • No need to use Getter/Setter functions as its data model is simple enough
  • Accessible to all the data with the help of data-binding feature
  • Any developer can write a code without any integration issue
  • Developers can handle the data on the view level without altering any controller and this is possible just by filters.

In this way, AngularJS developers can easily customize or modify the app with necessary changes in the code. If you hire AngularJS developers, they can deliver the project in the least possible time.

High Performance

AngularJS not only offers feature-rich and fully-functional web apps but also offers high-performance applications. AngularJS is backed by robust features such as Filters, Animations, Form Validation, API Client, Routing, API Clients, and many more which enhances web development and this makes web apps robust and scalable in a very short time.

So if you are planning to develop a web app using AngularJS, it’s easy for you to update and upgrade an app without undertaking a bulk coding task.

Google Support

AngularJS framework was developed and maintained by Google. Due to its large Google community of experts, your queries or questions will always be answered in a very quick time. The community will help you with clearing queries for AngularJS web application development.

Having a plethora of experience in AngularJS web application development, the community has experts who are capable of solving even the most complex problems. They also offer Long-Term Support (LTS) for Angular to enhance enterprise Angular application development.


To make your web app more attractive, get in touch with any front-end developer, as they are perfect for this job. And AngularJS is one of the most used and preferred front-end technologies to develop robust, fast, and interactive web apps.

AngularJS is a cost-effective and highly convenient framework allowing developers to develop innovative and business-oriented web apps for their clients faster and cheaper.

As a front-end development company, we at The One Technologies offer comprehensive AngularJS development services from strategy to building a Single Page Application (SPA) to developing cross-platform apps. So, let us know your requirements or Hire AngularJS Developers or Hire Front end Developers from us to develop scalable and flexible web apps.

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