Why Choose Django Framework To Build A Custom Ecommerce Website?

Why Choose Django Framework To Build A Custom Ecommerce Website?

With the emergence of new technologies, frameworks and tools, it has become an essential part for every business to build an online store or e-commerce platform and integrate it directly into the company website.

If you have ever thought of developing an e-commerce website, you will be juggling between choosing the right framework for your business. There are many frameworks available in the market which may convert your dream into reality, but on the other hand, we also have to check on their reliability, features, cost-effectiveness, and user adaptability.

While looking at the technologies and frameworks to build an e-commerce application, Python stands out to be a proficient and reliable programming language that could help you build a great e-commerce website. Python is the perfect solution because it's simple to understand and powerful enough to build AI systems.

Upon considering a Python for your e-commerce development choice, you will find numerous frameworks for that. Among all of them, the following are the best-fit frameworks to build e-commerce applications.

  • Django
  • Pyramid
  • TurboGears
  • Web2Py

We, as a renowned eCommerce development company, use Django Development Services as our primary framework for back-end application development. If you would like to see some of the amazing applications that we have already created with Django, you can surely visit our portfolio page.

Why Choose Django Development to Build an E-commerce Application?

Every e-commerce website deal with buying and selling products using secure payment integration. To gain users’ trust and loyalty, you must develop a website that could secure the user’s data and encourage them to become frequent visitors.

Python developers can integrate Oscar (An e-commerce framework for building domain-driven applications) for seamless e-commerce website flow and process into various Django applications. They can even customize the open-source e-commerce framework according to day to day needs of each e-commerce app development by extending, replacing, or overriding specific classes. Also, the features of Oscar will help developers to build a custom e-commerce website with Python.

So, here are the factors that affect your application to go down in this competitive digital market.

  • User experience
  • Application loading time
  • Security
  • Various features
  • Reliability
  • Scalability

An e-commerce website needs some obligatory functionality to be present such as admin back-end, shopping cart, authorization, etc. Implementing them from scratch all by yourself can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially for fresher Django developers. But with the Django e-commerce packages, you can develop your e-commerce web app just like any experienced developer out there.

Django’s e-commerce frameworks have all the above features, such they won’t let your business go down. The following are the famous Django’s e-commerce frameworks.

  • Oscar
  • Saleor
  • Django-SHOP
  • Shuup

Out of the above Django frameworks, developers mostly choose the Django-Oscar framework to build an e-commerce app as it’s structured in such a way that any part of the core functionality can be customized to suit the needs of your project.

Considering the Django Oscar, it allows you to integrate any payment gateway, multi-currency support, and multi-language support, and offers many more features. And the framework has a wide range of development support communities also.

Django Oscar supports all the core factors which are much needed for every e-commerce business application to build. It also consists of the following features which are key for e-commerce app development.

  • Customized products, such as a product with personalized messages
  • Extension libraries are available for many payment gateways, including PayPal, GoCardless, DataCash, and more
  • Comprehensive dashboard that replaces the Django admin completely
  • Large catalog support - Oscar is used in production by sites with more than 20 million products
  • Vouchers (built on top of the offers framework)
  • PDF invoice generation
  • Customer accounts and dynamic categories
  • Support for complex order processing such as split payment orders, multi-batch shipping, and order status pipelines

Oscar is built as a highly customizable and extendable framework. It's open-source and free to use and designed to build domain-driven websites. It's a very extensible framework for building your e-commerce store or platform. Django oscar has well-designed models and extensive tests and also good documentation with code snippets for solving common e-commerce problems.

Extensible Code of Django Oscar

Basically, Oscar is designed for easy to extend and customize the e-commerce framework. In order to feature an extensible code, the e-commerce framework supports dynamically loading classes as well. There would be an option to modify the framework’s core functionality through the classes provided by the project.

Supports Multiple Product Types

Oscar supports multiple product types that help developers to build a variety of e-commerce websites or web applications. Python developers can use the framework to create web stores dealing in both physical and digital products.

Whereas, using Oscar, you can create web stores dealing in digital products, subscriptions, multilingual products, customizable products, and dynamic price products. Also, it can be used to make a web store having multiple variants of the same product.

Easy Checkout Process

easy checkout process

In this competitive market, many online shoppers or customers are looking for multiple checkout options on their e-commerce websites. With Oscar, you can reduce your shopping cart stranding rate by supporting a variety of payment gateway methods like debit/credit cards, business accounts, vouchers, and gift cards.

Thus, developers can integrate various payment gateways with the merchant’s e-commerce websites. Even this framework allows you to pay for a single product through 9 different payment sources at the time of checkout.

Many Extensions

Oscar comes up with many extensions which could be integrated into the website and leveraged by the users. This way, Python developers can further accelerate custom e-commerce app development.

Developers can use these extensions to extend the e-commerce framework and perform e-commerce development tasks without writing additional code.

With popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Sage Pay, data Cash, Recurly, and Payment Express, developers can use specific extensions to integrate with them.

Likewise, they can use Django-oscar accounts to manage accounts efficiently and Django-oscar stores to integrate web stores with physical stores seamlessly.


Having a clear mind working with Django, on precisely Oscar, will put your Django developers on ease mode. If you are thinking of developing an e-commerce website, then first, you should give a spotlight to Python and its framework, which could justify your requirements and let your developers complete the website with minimum effort.

If you are unaware of the world of technology, you should approach the renowned Python development company or Django development company, which can help you out developing an e-commerce website.

The One Technologies can help you to develop Django and Python web applications or Django Oscar e-commerce website development. Our Django developers can develop a reliable and customized e-commerce website using the Django framework.

You can also hire Django developers from us. We provide intuitive eCommerce development services for seamless and user-friendly online store management. If you are looking for Oscar e-commerce development solutions, you can hire Django developers or request a quote from our expert team.

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