Why Choose Flutter for Cross Platform Mobile App Development?

Why Choose Flutter for Cross Platform Mobile App Development?

In this competitive world, every organization and business is in the race to secure their position on number one. To reach that level, everyone is following the “mobile-first” approach. All organizations need to make a necessary decision about making their customer’s lives easy and comfortable by providing essential services.

As a business owner, when you are planning to develop a mobile application, it’s a tough choice to decide between native or a cross platform app development. They have no idea, which might turn out to be the best-suited platform for business mobile app development.

Therefore, to clear your doubts, we are going to write and make things clear in this article. We will bring your questions to the table and quench your thirst by giving justifications.

Android and iOS are the renowned platforms to develop mobile apps. Hence, developers have to write different codes for both platforms. Eventually, this will cost you higher and consume your precious time. And here, the cross platform comes to the rescue.

If we talk about cross platform app development, its demand has been increased. In the eye of developers, the cross platform app development has been catering to the needs of forward-thinking businesses. Using it, you can save money, effort, and also time. To encourage the cross platform app development, there are different tools available in the market such as Xamarin, PhoneGap Adobe, and React Native.

Here, we will discuss the features, and advantages of Flutter.

Here, Flutter has proved it’s worth and can help you enhance your digital presence in this competitive market.

What’s Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source technology developed by Google. It’s a mobile app SDK that helps developers to develop iOS and Android apps using the same language and single codebase.

Flutter allows developers to develop native-like apps using DART programming language. It also includes a rendering engine, widgets, APIs, and also command-line tools. Since it was developed by Google, Flutter is emerging as a strong competitor for Xamarin and React Native.

A Software Development Kit:

The SDK consists of various tools that help developers in developing the application such as tools for compiling the code into native machine code.

A Framework with UI Library:

It’s a collection of reusable UI components such as sliders, buttons, text inputs, etc, that helps in building the application with less time-to-market.

Is Flutter better than Xamarin or React Native?

xamarin vs react native vs flutter

Facts About Flutter

  • Feature-rich UI elements of Flutter follow particular guidelines
  • Open-source and free
  • Developers can benefit from its highly customizable and fast widgets
  • The C++ rendering engine is used in Fluter
  • Architecture is based on reactive programming
  • A comprehensive SDK

What’s Cross Platform App Development and Why should Startups Choose It?

If you are a non-technical person and unaware of what cross-platform is, then let us say, Cross-Platform App Development is “Killing two birds with a single stone.”

Didn’t get it yet?

Okay, let me start again.

When there was not an introduction of cross platform app development, developers had to write a code for every platform (Android, iOS, Windows, and more) for the same application. So, it used to become lengthy, costly, and time-consuming factors for the developers as well as businesses who invested in developing that app.

And since the day of cross platform development’s inception, it has made it possible to use a single codebase for every mobile platform within less time and less money.

Now, let’s understand how Flutter is helping to develop the best mobile app with mobile app development services.

flutter features


Developing a native mobile app can be an expensive process for businesses as the developers need to write different code for multiple operating systems.

But when we talk about cross platform, a single codebase has been used and written by the developer for both apps. It’s used to build apps that function well on various platforms, minimizing the cost of maintenance of the software.

Faster Code Development

It’s the major concern for every developer to write code faster. That’s where cross platform development comes into the picture. Reusing the single codebase allows developers to speed up the pace of developing an app on multiple platforms.

The Hot Reload feature by Flutter helps the team build the apps faster, fix the bugs on-the-go, and experiment with mobile app development. Hot Reloaded is an added advantage of using Flutter for mobile app development.

Reusable Components

Cross platform app development allows developers to write the code once and use it for other platforms as well. With a single code, developers can develop iOS and Android apps.

Flutter has its own widgets and designs, therefore, it becomes easier to develop cross platform apps. And if you want to differentiate apps for different platforms, Flutter can help you with that as well.

Faster Time to Market

The Hot Reload feature of Flutter helps to accelerate the development cycle. Instead of recompiling the app after any changes in the code, the developers can view the changes on emulators only. If you change a code in that, the app doesn’t get reloaded entirely.

Flutter has immutable widgets and its reloading process is undertaken only for those screens you are currently working on. Therefore, you can save up to 30% of the development time. Thus, ensures a faster time-to-market of the app.

To know whether this cross platform is best suitable for your app or consult a cross platform app development company.


native code widget

Irrespective of the size of the screen, the widgets should be having a natural look. These are needed elements of the apps for the view and interface.

Apart from that, your widgets should be easily customizable, extensible and fast. Flutter offers an enriched set of widgets, which possess extensive capabilities to develop the best apps.

Widgets used for:

  • To add a structural element such as a menu or button
  • To integrate stylish elements like fonts
  • To incorporate aspects of the layout

Less Time in Testing

Since the developers have to use a single codebase for mobile app development, QA experts need to check only one code for all versions of the single app, unless there were some differences made between versions. Hence, it saves time in testing. You can also hire Flutter developers to develop a Flutter app and save time.

Reasons to Consider Cross Platform App Development Over Native Development

Vast Audience Reach

A cross platform mobile app widens your application reach as compared to Native apps as it reaches a wider range of audience across multiple platforms and devices.

Saves a Lot of Time

Since the cross platform app development allows developers to use the single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms.

This helps in saving development time by eliminating the need to write the same function in a different language for making it work on various platforms.

Cross-platform reduces the development time to much extent thereby speeding the delivery of your business app.


Using cross platform app development services, you can save a lot of development time. Using a single codebase for all the platforms can be helpful in consuming time and money thereby cutting down the development cost.

What Are The Features of Flutter?

Leveraging Flutter app development services, you can leverage various features such as:

Native ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) Code

The coolest feature of Flutter named Native ARM is used for startups and tech businesses. It helps you implement your idea more efficiently and gain maximum advantage from it for your projects.

Web-View Component

This allows users to view web content within mobile applications. Moreover, Flutter makes navigating and stabilizing the apps easier.

Dart 2.2

The newly updated Dart 2.2 has proven to be a game-changer for cross platform app development services. It has improved the performance of AOT-compiled code.

Additionally, the library of the dart proffers a number of collection classes for modeling maps, lists, and sets of objects.

In-App Purchase

If a user is planning to app-purchase in the app store, the features allow the transaction to continue in your app.

Hence, the developers have to configure an app with in-app items for purchases to call their in-app purchase APIs.

Android App Bundles

The Android app bundles by Flutter provide all your app’s resources and compile the code.

Decreased APK Size

The split APK mechanism used by Android app bundles aids in decreasing app size and enables new features like dynamic delivery for Android apps.

Dynamic Feature Module

Developers can easily separate certain features and resources from the base module of your app and add them into your app bundle.

For instance, if your app offers camera functionality, you can make it a dynamic feature. Later on, when a user wants to download and install it, he can do it on demand.

Top Apps Built with Flutter

There are many industries like healthcare, eCommerce, manufacturing, food, retail, entertainment, and more that use Flutter cross-platform development to develop mobile applications. Here are some of the leading companies that use Flutter programming language. By contacting the Flutter app development company, you can develop a Flutter app.

build flutter apps

Social Networking:

KlasterMe, Pairing, Meeve

Photo & Video:


Health & Fitness:

Reflectly, Watermaniac

Music & Entertainment:

Hamilton, Topline, InKino, Music Tutor


Top Goals, Dream 11

Banking & Finance: 

Cryptomaniac Pro, Nubank


School Planner


HuYu, Xianyu


Pawfect Match

Map & Navigation:

Station La Moins Chère


Alibaba, AppTree, Google Ads



Real Estate:

Realtor.com, Emaar



From eCommerce to social networking, Flutter app development companies have made their way for app development for prominent companies.


Cross-platform mobile app development is booming due to open-source technologies. And Flutter has become one of the fastest-growing technologies backed by Google.

If you are a startup or a small business looking for developing apps quickly for various platforms, then Flutter app development services can be the right choice for you. Instead of developing two different apps for Android and iOS, you’d have a single app, helping you save time, money and effort.

In case, if you are planning to develop 2D apps, and wish to gain greater efficiency while releasing them on multiple platforms, you might consider using Flutter. You can also hire Flutter app developers from us to develop a feature-rich mobile app for your business to take it to the next level. Leverage Flutter app development services from us today and see what new opportunities it brings for your business.

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