Why do you outsource to The One Technologies?

  • The per hour rates for several technology stacks have not changed in the last decade if you adjust for inflation. I can only guess that technology supply is catching up with demand in a pace faster than it has ever. (I'd like to see come counter-points and alternate views)
  • Custom application development is going to be a difficult sell for several generic outsourcing firms. APIs and SaaS products a eating that lunch 
  • The One Technologies has been fortunate enough to look at some of the best outsourcing firms from very close quarters. From what we see, traditional project management in remote situations (tool-based) would leave way to a very collaborative/human touch approach (Tele-presence & Agile are becoming mainstream). We know a team that's on hangout all the time with customers and they intersperse coding with quick conversations. The always-on chat is projected to the wall. Very effective!
  • Freelancing & Moonlighting is already getting organized. They'd get more secure as well and be enterprise ready. This would be a big whammy for staffing & outsourcing firms that sell bodies.
  • Traditional analysts will be challenged by crowd-powered analysis of firms driven by peer-data. (We're working on it)
  • Vendor evaluation and selection is a data analytic problem that is not dealt with that way. Given proper attention to research in this area, outsourcing failures will reduce. Someone has to solve this as a data problem (Hopefully its us!)
  • Mobile devices will play a huge role in IT outsourcing, as mobile device users will soon exceed the number of PC users.
  • Software as a Service dominating enterprise solutions
  • Offices is considered an "obsolete way of doing business" as the boundary between office and home will become less distinct with workers often working from home.
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