Why Enterprises Choose .Net Core to Build Cross Platform Web Apps

Why Enterprises Choose .Net Core to Build Cross Platform Web Apps

If you are out in the market to develop a web application for your business, you will find many technologies to choose from. There are many open source technologies like Java & PHP, and then, there is closed-source technology ASP.NET MVC.

When many organizations leverage the ASP.NET MVC technology to develop web applications, there’s one advanced technology in the industry. And that’s the ASP.NET Core framework. It has something unique and many benefits to offer than the ASP.NET MVC.

Therefore, a website development company prefers to use .NET Core development services to build cross platform applications.

In nutshell, ASP.NET Core is a free, open source and cross platform framework for developing Windows, Linux, and macOS web applications. In fact, it’s a complete reform of ASP.NET that combines MVC structure and web API into a single framework.

It has the potential to support cloud and IoT-enabled applications. Also, it supports four cross platform scenarios such as ASP.NET Core Web Apps, Command-line Applications, Libraries, and Web APIs.

When to Choose .NET Core Development Services?

“As per the survey, .NET Core automatically optimizes the compiled code and increases its performance speed 859 than the previous performance.”

If businesses and enterprises are looking to develop a web application which could cover a large plethora of audience and works seamlessly across platforms - macOS, Windows, and Linux, then .NET Core development services secure its spot. Here, ASP.NET Core allows developers to write code once for all the platforms. It uses Razor pages to create Web UI, MVC, and Web API, which ensures speedy and higher performance than the older versions.

Reasons Why Enterprises Consider ASP.NET Core For Cross Platform Web Apps

ASP.NET Core is an emerging, robust, and feature-rich framework, allowing developers to develop super-fast APIs for web applications.

Let’s go through the factors that make ASP.NET Core the perfect choice for Enterprise app development.

1) Cross-platform

When enterprises are planning to develop web applications, they must support all the platforms. And here, ASP.NET Core development services make it happen. Hence, a net core development company can easily develop web apps that run smoothly on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

In short, it enables ASP.NET Core developers to reuse skills and code across all platforms. From mobile apps running on iOS, Android, and Windows, to enterprise server applications running on Windows Server and Linux, or high-scale microservices running in the cloud, .NET Core development offers a unique solution for you.

While developing cross-platform web applications, only the front end with the same C# code for the back end is required. With the new .NET standard libraries, you can cross-platform apps with maximum capabilities.

cross platform web application development

2) MVC Architecture

Previously, developers had to worry about IsPostBack & ViewState while using the ASP.NET framework. But nowadays, web application development has become more natural and the app workflow has also become more efficient using MVC.

Moreover, the latest version of the ASP.NET Core framework helps developers to develop web APIs and web applications testable in a better way.

In nutshell, a developer can easily code, compile and test an app in either model, view, or controller using ASP.NET Core.

3) Razor Pages

One of the newest elements of ASP.NET Core is Razor Pages. It makes programming page-focused scenarios more productive.

Technically, Razor Pages is a page-based coding model which makes building web UI easier.

So, if you have a bit of knowledge about the ASP.NET MVC framework, then you already know that controller classes are filled with a large number of actions. And additionally, they also grow as new things are added.

With Razor Pages, each web page becomes self-contained with its View component. And the code in it is also organized well together.

4) Flexible Deployment

Whenever enterprises plan to develop a web application, they will look at their comfort first. They will search out for the flexibility of the deployment as well. Therefore, .NET Core can be included in your app or deployed side-by-side, user-wide or machine-wide. It can be used with Docker containers, which typically run Linux today. In addition, it can host ASP.NET Core applications that allows them to leverage the benefits of containers and microservices.

5) Easy to Maintain

It’s a proven rule that fewer things need less maintenance. Therefore, this methodology is applicable to the technology as well.

.NET Core is known for its less coding as compared to other frameworks. Therefore, it allows the developers to deliver the application with less code which offers easy and automatic maintenance. Hence, a developer has to use fewer statements and optimize the coding structure.

Therefore, by joining hands with the asp net core development company, enterprises can get their web apps maintained. This will help to make their business run smoothly without any worry about security, data breach, and technical issues.

6) In-Built Dependency Injection Support

ASP.NET Core framework offers in-built dependency injection. This means a developer doesn’t have to be dependent on third-party frameworks like Ninject or AutoFactor anymore.

Basically, Dependency Injection is one type of pattern allowing developers to distinguish the different pieces of their applications. Previously, a developer had to use the above-mentioned frameworks like Ninject or AutoFactor for Dependency Injection. But in ASP.NET Core, the dependency injection is treated as the foremost priority. This means that developers have the liability to leverage new libraries apart from web applications in more event-driven apps such as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions.

Overall, the in-built dependency injection in the ASP.NET Core framework enhances the testability and extension of web applications.

7) Support for Cloud-Based Development

Enterprise applications must have important features - Scalability and Security. And these features can be leveraged by using Cloud services. ASP.NET Core is preferred as the best choice for cloud deployments.

Therefore, it also supports different types of web and mobile app development along with IoT application development.

8) Command-Line Application

The inclusion of the Command-Line Application is compatible with all the major platforms. Hence, it makes it possible to develop and host different applications.


So, above are some of the benefits which enterprises can leverage by using .NET Core development services. ASP.NET Core has changed the era of enterprise web application development. With continuous new additions and improvements, a developer’s life has become far easier and enterprises’ web presence more profitable. Therefore, ASP.NET Core has turned out to be the first choice for enterprises to build cross-platform web applications.

Therefore, to develop cross-platform web applications for your enterprises, you must consider the versatile ASP NET Development Company that ensures scalability, quality, security, and end-to-end solutions.

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