Why is Payment Gateway Integration Essential for Your Business?

Why is Payment Gateway Integration Essential for Your Business?

Payment gateway integration is set up as a payment method and verified front-end side eCommerce website accepts digital payments from the customers. Payment Gateway Integration is essential for your business because it facilitatessecure online transactions, enhances customer experience, ensures compliance with regulations, and supports business growth in the digital economy.

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Why is Payment gateway authentication necessary for eCommerce website and what are its different types?

A payment getaway is required for eCommerce website because of its part of Security, Fraud Prevention, Risk Mitigation, Enhanced User Experience, Compliance with Industry Standards purpose.

- Here are the types of Payment gateway authentication that follows a common factor utilized in eCommerce websites.

  • 3D Secure (3DS)
  • Tokenization
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  • One-time Passwords (OTP)
  • Device Authentication
  • Risk-based Authentication

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Types of Payment gateway verification

  • Success: The gateway requests successful paid payment.
  • Decline:The call to the gateway was completed successfully, but the payment gateway declined the payment. This response often happens when the customer has insufficient funds to complete the transaction.
  • Validation: Customer payment data is incorrect, such a misspelling in the credit card address or incorrect CVV.
  • Permanent Fail: The gateway calls failed, and future requests using the same payment method won't work. This response often happens when the external gateway or customer bank detects risk, such as attempted fraud. If you receive this response, don’t make further payments using the related payment method. The customer must contact their bank to review the issue that prompted the Permanent Fail response.
  • Requires Review:The customer bank requires additional information before completing the payment.
  • Indeterminate: Billing didn’t receive any response from the gateway. This response usually happens when Salesforce Billing times out waiting for the response. This response doesn’t increase the payment run’s failure count.
  • System Fail: Billing ended the payment request call before receiving a response. For example, billing lost credentials or lost access to its server then this response increases the payment run’s failure count. It ends payment calls if it doesn’t receive a response from the gateway in two minutes.

Payment getaway HTTP Response Codes

Transaction response code processed API requests will result in response messages with HTTP code. Majorly below some response code are verify by the tester.

Payment Getaway Http Response Codes

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Payment getaway Error Response Codes

Transaction error response code getting an error form the server-side response from the payment getaway side. Majorly below some error codes are verify by the tester.

Payment Getaway Error Response Codes


Without a doubt, payment gateway integration is essential for modern businesses looking to optimize their online sales. Companies may guarantee simple and secure financial transactions by integrating a dependable payment gateway, which improves the client experience overall. This integration is essential for keeping compliance with strict industry regulations about financial transactions, in addition to making the process of receiving payments online easier. Companies that put payment gateway integration first show that they care about customer pleasure and operational efficiency, which in turn builds client loyalty and trust.

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