Why Software Outsourcing to India Is the Right Choice in 2023

Why Software Outsourcing to India Is the Right Choice in 2023

With rapid changes in the market and constant competitive pressures, businesses are constantly thinking of ways to reinvent their operations with smart and effective processes. Many executives have found a clever and easy way to do this: outsourcing.

No wonder we expect outsourcing spending to reach $731 B in 2023. And in today's digital market, with over $177 billion in revenue, software outsourcing to India is a good idea. You may be wondering why India is the right place for software outsourcing. Here are a few reasons.

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Enormous Talent

The availability of a large pool of capable professionals is one of the most common reasons companies today prefer software outsourcing to India. There has never been a shortage of resources in the country. Every year, many competent professionals come from numerous Indian universities and institutes. They can perform their tasks effectively as most are well versed with the latest tech and world-class business practices.

Numerous skilled and capable talents in India are proficient in programming, AI, IoT, Cloud, and Big Data. With such a broad skill pool, it is easy to meet the software development needs of a wide range of industries.


One of the key benefits of hiring Indian firms for outsourcing services is to increase your profits. When you have fewer expenses to pay throughout your value chain, you can decrease the total cost of goods or services, increasing your company’s competitive advantage.

Labor costs are one of the major company expenses. Payroll costs can take a sizable portion of a company’s entire budget. When you look at software outsourcing companies in India, you have access to a worldwide pool of specialists whose financial expectations may differ significantly.

Cutting-Edge Tech & Infrastructure

Infrastructure investment is certainly a wise investment for some companies, but if your company's revenue depends on various projects and their success, you are better off not investing in your company's infrastructure. You do not have to because one of the key benefits of outsourcing is the ability to scale infrastructure without investing millions of dollars.

Not only can this help your business save money, but it can also help you better address other challenges. You no longer have to deal with delays or multiple issues because a third-party expert is taking care of them.

Thanks to a massive pool of talented engineers working with cutting-edge tech and infrastructure, India has become a popular outsourcing location for software development, web design, and mobile app development.

Moreover, India has +10 super cities with top-notch telecom and mobile networks and Internet service providers.

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No Language Barrier

The relationship between the business owner and the software developer is an important part of the development process. Communication barriers can be a big obstacle to effective owner-developer engagement in software development outsourcing. But not in India. 

With about 122 million English speakers, there is no need to be concerned about language barriers limiting progress. When you outsource web and app development to India, you may simply connect with a team of remote developers in English using various systems such as Skype, Zoom, and others.

In addition, compared to other nations, the ratio of English speakers to native speakers is higher in the United States. As a result, companies no longer need to look for an English-speaking country that costs more than India.

24/7 Operation

The time zone is another advantage for India. The country is 9-12 hours ahead of US Standard Time, 5-6 hours ahead of UK local time, 5-6 hours behind the Australian time zone, and so on. Because of the time zone difference, companies in the United States can receive support around the clock. While the company works during the day, the third-party expert is on duty at night.

If you have a tight schedule, draft the guidelines during the day and have them ready by the time you get to work the next morning. If you choose a hybrid approach, with local IT staff working during the day and the third-party team working at night, your organization is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This advantage results in a shorter time to market and lower development costs.

Favorable Government Policies

India's pro-IT leadership is continually updating its policies to favor software development outsourcing to India. The Indian administration considers information technology to be one of the top five high-priority industries.

The government has granted several tax breaks and exemptions for IT development, which has inevitably attracted new investors and, as a result, IT growth. Long-term government programs like Digital India have considerably improved the social ecosystem’s technology.

Aside from the IT business, the government is undergoing a paradigm shift into the technology world, with the goal of establishing cross-sector technical collaboration between the public and private sectors.

The Information Technology Act also incorporates several electronic contract and cybercrime provisions that address one of the most significant difficulties of outsourcing software development—data security.

Quality of Work 

The cheap development cost may lure businesses in, but the quality of the finished product is what keeps them. That is what maintains India's competitiveness in the global outsourcing market.

With a 55 percent share (as per the data published in MarketWatch) of the IT outsourcing market, India has eclipsed China as one of the most appealing investment locations in the IT sector. Despite severe competition within and outside India, a software development company in India can consistently produce top-quality software solutions. 

All of this is possible because India has a big talent pool. India also boasts the most ISO-certified businesses, guaranteeing that quality is never compromised. 

Bottom Line

Finally, we recognize that companies want to remain competitive in this volatile global economy in the face of technological advances. You cannot afford to neglect the benefits of software outsourcing to India, particularly with such a level of talent and infrastructure.

Of course, even in India, you will want the services of a renowned software outsourcing company that allows you to get a competitive edge over your rivals. You need a reliable provider that’s affordable and has a long track record of providing excellent offshore services. At The One Technologies, we are proud to say that we can provide you with all that and more, putting you ahead of the curve. Just contact us and let us take care of the rest.

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