Why Startup Must Have a Second Programming Team as a Backup

Why Startup Must Have a Second Programming Team as a Backup

Having a second programming team as a backup is a common practice for startups who cannot afford business losses due to delays in development processes. Hiring a dedicated team of developers as a backup can save your startup from winding up. Most startups need help with problems like cash in hand, fewer projects that result in developers leaving the organization, or pay raise; it happens mainly in the IT industry.

Being a custom software development company - you need to create a website, mobile app, and an e-commerce portal for your customers. By having a backup team, you can make sure that you will deliver better results and that too on time because maybe your current team lacks experience or professionalism; still, your client won't take any project from you.

Why may Startup need a Second Programming Team?

  • Large, complex, and time-consuming projects (avoiding the risk of changing developers in the process)
  • A high attrition rate of developers
  • Complexity in projects that can't be handled by the current team, like using multiple technologies, frameworks, third-party services, etc.

Why a backup programming team is essential for StartUp?

When startups are approaching to work in the development sector, they are always far behind the enterprise or the companies that have been in the industry for many years - in terms of - infrastructure, talents, experience, funds, management, expertise, etc.

As a startup, if you choose an IT industry, then you must plan everything, especially in terms of human resources. Whenever you get a new project, you require no. of people knowing different technologies. Being a startup, you may face the problem of working capital because you need to make expenses every day, like hiring costs, salary, etc., but you will get money only after the completion of the project.

Above that, when you get a project, you need to start working on it immediately; hiring and training take time. This delay may result in the loss of the project. You can avoid all these drawbacks by having a backup team with you.

Below are some of the essential reasons why a startup in an IT industry must invest in a backup team:-

backup software programming team

Your existing software outsourcing company may close the door

Being a startup, you need to outsource some of your projects or at least take help from another software outsourcing company to meet the deadlines. Most of the time, software outsourcing companies require more profit-sharing, adversely affecting a newbie's growth. Secondly, to fulfill the commitments of their clients, they close the door for a startup.

So, always keep a team of backup developers to protect you from adversity.

Your existing programming team may ask for an unreasonable price hike

As a startup, you do not have enough funds at the beginning. So, you hire developers at a lower rate. If developers have been working on the project since the beginning, that team knows how to deal with the code - they become pro. If any problem occurs, they know how to solve it. However, their expertise makes you dependent on them, and you cannot be more reliable than any other developers except them. This is when they’ll ask you for a hike or increment. This would be the time when you can not deny them for their appraisal and will have to surrender yourself.

But you don't need to worry about things if you have a backup team with you. Like, we said earlier, if you have a backup team who is always there with you and no matter how they are good at it, they will walk with you adhering to the policy. You don’t need to worry about hikes or increasing the price of your team if your backup is capable enough to carry the burden of your in-house developers.

Your key programmer may resign

Now, needless to say, your team of developers or an individual developer knows the insight of the project. As they are working dedicatedly on a particular project, they play an important role in the development cycle. If a developer or a team steps back from the project, you should have to pay a huge amount for the particular project. Not just about economically, but also manpower, resources, and reputation as well. If a developer or a team resigns from your company, you will not be able to bear the cost of time and money you invested in. And again, you are left with no other option.

However, having a backup team ready may help you from ruining your company and reputation as well. If you have a second programming team ready as a backup, you should not worry about any resignation or exit. You can easily pass on that project to the secondary development team and get it finished in your given time period and budget. This way, you can save yourself.

Advantage of diversified talent from different Software Outsourcing Company

Sometimes you cannot have a large pool of talent due to budget constraints. But if there’s a requirement from the client that you cannot fulfill with your developers, you need to reach out to the other developers or companies. You can have a plethora of talent from two different companies. So, if one company fails to offer you what you are asking for, there will be another company to save you from the hassle.

For example, if the client is demanding to make a native mobile application, but you are bound with Android and iOS developers. Then you can easily ask to develop a native app from another company that has a team of native developers.

In this way, you can easily evolve into the process of fulfilling the client’s promise. By having diversified talent from different companies, you will be able to deliver what your clients are looking for.


Don’t let other circumstances suffer your business. Having a second programming team as a backup allows startups and midsized companies to concentrate on their project and enjoy seamless service. Every startup owner or entrepreneur can hire a reliable team of custom software developers and should devote sufficient time and effort to the endeavor. Having a custom software development company or a second programming team as a backup can lead to a better result.

As a startup owner, you can win the long race only if you have made a backup plan ready. This way, you can survive in any situation and reach your density on a smoother road. And as a plethora of talented and experienced web and mobile app development companies, The One Technologies understands your journey and destination. We are ready to provide you the support you need during any development process. No matter how many developers, resources, or expertise you need, we will always be there with you as a partner - a second programming team. Get in touch now to know more.

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