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Having a plethora of experience and an expert team of Xamarin Developers, The One Technologies specializes in building high-quality and seamless performance mobile apps for clients from various industry verticals. We offer a comprehensive suite of Xamarin App Development services - Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Forms to help clients achieve their business objectives.

Hire Xamarin Developers from us on a part-time or full-time basis who provide prominent Xamarin development services for all kinds of mobile development projects. If you are planning to invest your time and money in developing a successful product using Xamarin app development, then you must hire Xamarin Developers from us who offer you the cost-effective Xamarin Development services.


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Xamarin Development Company

In recent times, Xamarin is gaining its popularity among businesses and developers because of its performance, cost-effectiveness and ability to easily create mobile applications that work across the platforms like Android, iOS and Windows without having any trouble. The One Technologies is offering the best, robust and professional Xamarin Development Services and Xamarin Developers who put stock in building versatile and tablet applications.

If you have any in your mind for your business and wish to explore the mobile platform, then hire Xamarin App Developer from The One Technologies. Our dedicated team of Xamarin developers have vast experience and in-depth knowledge of Xamarin technology and hence, they can offer you the best support and maintenance after deployment also. Being the best Xamarin App Development Company, our Xamarin programmers work dedicatedly on your project and reports to you. You have full control of the project right from start to finish.

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Our Xamarin Development Services

  • Custom Xamarin App Development
  • Xamarin App Maintenance
  • Xamarin App Upgradation Services
  • Xamarin App Testing Services
  • Xamarin Enterprise App Development
  • Xamarin App Migration
  • Xamarin Consulting
  • IoT App Development

Why Choose Xamarin Development Services?

Native Mobile Applications provide the best user experience and performance output. Xamarin is a set of tools to create that helps you creating hybrid apps for multiple platforms. It helps build native iOS and Android mobile apps with elegant user interfaces using powerful C# language. Whether it’s used on macOS or Windows, it shares code elements allowing Xamarin developers to use singular app development solutions.

By leveraging our Xamarin Development Services, enterprises can integrate Xamarin applications with Cloud, IoT and Analytical Solutions and create a real-time business environment to get a stronghold on customers and employees. The main advantage of using Xamarin for your app is it has a single code and re-use that code to develop on a different platform.

Being a prominent Xamarin App Development Company. The One technologies has a team of experts who deliver top-notch, highly engaging and user-friendly mobility solutions. By leveraging Hire Xamarin Developers service, our developers can convert your ideas into apps that run across Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Xamarin.Forms aims to abstract the development of both platforms into its own self-contained project. It means you can write code once for both platforms and can avoid touching any of the native frameworks for either platform. Xamarin.Forms uses its own markup language in the form of XAML to build the UI of the app. Xamarin.Forms works best using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture and as such incorporates data-bindings to manipulate and update your UI.

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Why Hire Xamarin Developers From Us?

A company with a longstanding software development experience can clearly lead and guide you for your business growth.

  • Unvarying Maintenance
  • Best Xamarin Programmers or Developers
  • Strong technology competency
  • Cost-effective and secure development
  • Focus on standards and quality
  • Dedicated QA Team



It allows developers to create native iOS applications using the same UI controls that are available in Objective-C and Xcode.


Xamarin.Android provides open-source bindings of the Android SDK for use with .NET managed languages such as C# - xamarin/xamarin-android.


Firebase is Google's mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business.


SignalR lets your server-side code push content to connected clients, in real-time, with client SDKs for JavaScript, .NET (C#, F#, and VB), and Java.

Ble Plugin

This plugin enables the communication between a phone and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripherals.


It is an open-source cross-platform framework from Microsoft for building iOS, Android, & Windows apps with .NET from a single shared codebase.

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Looking to hire Xamarin app developer from us?

Having an in-house team is an expensive option because you will need to hire, train, nurture, and retain it. Then why have one when you can hire Xamarin App Developer who can work on your project remotely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • At The One Technologies, our Xamarin developers have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the industry. You can hire Xamarin developers part-time or full-time as per your requirements.

  • No. Not at all. We will be conducting rigorous tests on your apps to ensure that the quality of your app is perfectly fine and it runs smoothly as it can be. We never compromise with the quality of the app.

  • We provide guaranteed code ownership of the project to our clients. Along with the project, You will get the following:
    - Copyright
    - NDA
    - Intellectual Property
    - Source code and more

  • The process is very simple to hire Xamarin developers. You need to send your project requirements to us. After an initial discussion with our expert, choose the engagement model for development and hire Xamarin developers.

  • As per your requirements, our developers can develop mobile apps for any category or industry using the Xamarin platform.

  • If we haven’t worked for your industry before, we assure you that your project will meet your expectations and give you the utmost satisfaction.

  • No, the code developed for your project is exclusively yours.

Client Testimonials

david wilson

David Wilson

CEO / Docufi

sushant ajmani

Sushant Ajmani

VP Product Management / Course 5i

jason mccoy

Jason McCoy

CEO / SpitFire CRM

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