Dedicated Development Center

At The One Technologies, hire a dedicated development team to establish your own dedicated offshore development center and expand your development and testing infrastructure. Our dedicated development team will work on your projects to fulfill your expectations and help you in reducing operating costs and improving the productivity of your organization.

Our offshore dedicated teams develop the software as per your requirements and goals. So you don’t need to worry about anything other than building your business. We provide the best infrastructure and administration for your dedicated team in our Development Centers.


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Dedicated Offshore Development Services

The One Technologies is a renowned, leading and best Dedicated Development Center in India and already established as a dedicated offshore development center for offering a flexible approach towards the customized business establishment. We believe in providing a cost-effective and long-term strategic partnership with our clients from various industries.

At The One Technologies, our strategic model of dedicated development center provides you with full control over ever-changing software requirements, research & development, quality checking, deployment, maintenance, support and other complex requirements. When you opt for our service ‘hire dedicated offshore development team’, you actually get access to our expanded development and testing infrastructure.

We offer a truly service-oriented approach to application development and create an atmosphere of mutual trust with our clients. Our dedicated offshore development center is exclusively designed to help organizations with the perfect resources and infrastructure to deploy large IT projects. Our dedicated development team is here to become your remote office and make our team part of your ongoing production success.

Why Choose Us For Dedicated Development Center?

Instead of having a whole IT department that will disturb your company financial budget, partnering with our offshore development team will allow you to complete your projects, improve and maintain your development resources professionally, quickly and effectively.

offshore dedicated environment

Dedicated Working Environment

Our offshore dedicated development team focuses on your projects ensuring no long-term investment and quick revenue.

flexible development model

Flexible Model

You can easily adjust the team size, get extra resources and expertise according to your needs with this flexible model.

transparency development


The One Technologies is known for delivering the transparent and all-time support to your development needs.

in-house developer

In-house Control Level

When you hire a dedicated offshore development team, you get the same level of control over each developer secured by a wide range of Project Management tools.

customer centric environment

Customer-Centric Environment

Our offshore development team shares a common passion and interest in helping customer’s businesses thrive by delivering high-quality software.

talented development team

Talented Team

Our team has a well-versed with various technology stacks and versatile development experience to meet your unique business needs.

Our Dedicated Development Team Setup Process

Our dedicated development team will guide you through the setup process and you get instant access to optimum technology skillset, ready-to-use infrastructure and established web and mobile app development processes.

offshore development service process

Our Dedicated Resource Model

What makes our dedicated business resource model unbeatable is its flexibility. As we know, the requirements of clients constantly change, and we adjust to these changes anytime before delivery. At The One Technologies, our Dedicated Resource Models propose competitive prices, dedicated resources, no hidden costs, and zero overheads to every client.

hire full time developer

Full-Time Hiring

Hire expert designers and developers for your projects on a full-time basis and have full control over the development process.

hire part time developer

Part-Time Hiring

As the name implies in part-time hiring model, to cater to small business needs, you can hire a small team of dedicated developers for small projects.

hire hourly basis developer

Hourly Hiring

Hire our expert based on the number of working hours. For small projects and to cater to small business needs, this model works on an hourly basis.

hire fixed based developer

Fixed Price

This model is well suited to clients who have a well-structured process to gather requirements, scope, deliverables and acceptance criteria for the project.

developer time and material

Time and Material

This is used when the resources and time can’t be estimated upfront, at the start. For a project that has a constantly-changing requirement, this model is perfect.

hire dedicated developer team

Dedicated Team

We provide experienced, highly skilled and domain expertise developers to work on a monthly hiring basis for your project development work.

Industries We Serve

Dedicated Offshore Development Services offered by us cover various industry sectors and helps our valued client getting the required support through us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, certainly. In fact, our dedicated model allows you to hire your own resources, onboard them and scale up or down as per your requirements.

  • Without any doubt and with prior notice, you can easily expand and trim your offshore development team.

  • For assurance of our work quality, we will provide you with real-time project management tools to monitor your product development.

  • Yes, you can easily dissolve your Offshore development team anytime by giving as a prior heads up for winding up the development.

  • Yes. We are committed to protecting our client’s confidentiality. We are open to signing it.

  • If you’re expecting a steady workflow for a longer duration using consistent programming languages and operating systems, then you can opt for even an entire project team to focus on your project alone.

Client Testimonials

jason mccoy

Jason McCoy

CEO / SpitFire CRM

dr james broselow

Dr. James Broselow

Founder & CEO / Broselow Communication, LCL

jorge ferro

Jorge Ferro

Founder & CEO / Iron

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