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Looking for the best Digital Marketing Service company? The One Technologies is a full-service digital marketing company, best known for generating revenue and creating measurable success with our strategic SEO and Digital Marketing Services. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy allows you to analyse, engage, and convert your target audience in real-time. As a prominent digital marketing company, our digital marketing services will help you deliver exceptional sales conversions and ROI for your clients.


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Industries We Serve

Digital Marketing Services offered by us cover various industry sectors and helps our valued client getting the required support through us.

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Digital Marketing Services Company

The entire world of Digital Marketing is going through a revolution today with the innovative and latest technologies and features. Digital Marketing is a roof for all online marketing efforts. We can feel assured that tomorrow will certainly be different and adventurous when it comes to online marketing and branding. To keep you updated and stay ahead of the competitors, The One Technologies understands the digital world of web and mobile technology. We’re one of the prominent and top-notch Digital Marketing Services Company, offering end-to-end solutions for SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Reputation Management, Lead Generation, Content Marketing and other digital marketing services for your business to reach worldwide and increase sales.

The One Technologies is the best digital marketing company that enables you to bring value to your business for your customer in today’s multi-brand culture. By keeping your goal in mind, we create digital marketing campaigns with established and proven strategies ensuring you gain customers globally. We offer the best digital marketing services through our world-class campaigns by understanding the scope of work and target audience. We provide actionable results that dramatically improve your online presence. Our digital marketing team uses the latest, effective and modern digital marketing solutions to drive more traffic to your website.

Why Choose Us For Digital Marketing Services?

Regardless of the type of your industry or business, be it an app development company or a service provider company, there are plenty of reasons you can benefit from leveraging our Digital Marketing Services.

affordable digital marketing company

Low Cost

A properly well-planned and targeted digital marketing campaign can attract the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods. However, we put your business ahead of your competitors with various tactics. We offer cost-effective solutions to your business to attract more customers worldwide.

Our experts increase your brand awareness through the simplest means without exerting too much spending power. Through various digital marketing strategies, we will drive attention to your business by creating posts on trending topics. Also, we will relate those topics to your campaign and brand.

global reach

Global Reach

Your product campaign or website allows you to find new markets and trade globally for only a small investment. Our experts will stretch your advertising reach with various reliable digital advertising techniques. Our approach gives you the advantage of getting to a relevant target market, conveniently as well as quicker, and to those that are most likely to purchase your products.

Our digital marketing services help you to pitch in your sales at any time of the day, and thus you can run your campaign 24x7 at no extra cost.

improved conversion rates

Improved Conversion Rates

Your visitors may turn out to be your customers if you have a good website or offer them a product with good deals with just a few clicks. Through our digital marketing services, we will help you reach out to your customers at any time. We focus on people more likely to be interested in your business. Therefore, it will increase your chances of earning a conversion.

Your company earns more conversions, which helps you grow. Moreover, we monitor the performance of their ads on Google search; so we can know how many people viewed your ads and learn all about their conversion rates.



Track various metrics like impressions, clicks, comments, shares, conversions, and more for your campaign to know how it’s performing. With our digital marketing services & strategies, you can accurately track the results of your campaign.

Each type of campaign has a tracking system. From social media to search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll be able to track the results of your campaigns. You can track various metrics with each campaign. You can see what’s working for your business and what isn’t. You’ll get insight into your campaign to see how you can improve it.

By measuring your results, you’ll run better campaigns for your business.

digital marketing solution

Solving Customers Problems

With digital marketing services, you can provide solutions to their problems or resolve their queries and guide them by offering live chat access. In addition to that, you can respond to posts promptly on your platforms. You can easily enjoy the benefits of digital marketing for your business at its best.

Our digital marketing services can help you interact with your customers quite easily. It seems like having your storefront open all day long. Your audience can access your website and purchase goods and services irrespective of the time or fear of closing hours.

ROI for your investment

Better ROI for Your Investment

It’s a well-known fact that higher conversion rates can be generated by effective digital marketing techniques. Therefore, our digital marketing services offer a better return for your small investment. As it cost little when compared to traditional marketing. Hence, it will deliver loads of profitable benefits for your business in terms of better and higher revenues.

We optimize conversion rates to achieve maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for businesses. With better revenue growth expectancy, your business will have better chances of expanding its workforce. Also, we generate a steady flow of targeted traffic that gets converted into sales and leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The One Technologies is a reputed SEO agency, offering the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Our affordable and effective SEO services take care of tall the important aspects of your business to increase your search engine rank. Our experienced SEO experts come up with the new strategy and execute the plan to earn your website a higher ranking in search results which directly create a positive impact on the online traffic engagements, internet marketing, online product reputation, and online ranking of your brand/product. Implementing strategic partnerships and building flawless relationships with our clients, we have been able to maintain a client retention rate above 99%. As a prominent SEO company, our aim is to have a steady and consistent flow of new business each month. By leveraging our SEO service, we ensure that your website stays relevant for your customers, that it brings you the most relevant leads and conversions.

search engine optimization agency

Our SEO Packages

Basic - 500 USD/ Month
Upto 10 keywords
Initial Website Analysis
Keyword research
SEO Strategy and Plan
Content Marketing
Off Page Optimization Strategies
Monthly Reports
Personalized Attention

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Active - 1000 USD/ Month
Upto 25 keywords
Basic Features
Video Marketing
Blog Marketing
Meta Tag Optimization
Image Optimization
Robots.txt Analysis & creation

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Professional - 1500 USD/ Month
Upto 40 keywords
Active Features
4 Informative content Writing & Submission
4 Blog Post writing
5 Classified Ad writing
RSS feed submissions
Industry Specific Citations
YouTube channel creation & Marketing

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Enterprise - 2000 USD/ Month
Upto 50+ keywords
Professional Features
Video Submission % Sharing
Video URL Promotion in Social Sites
Chat, Mail & Phone Support
Dedicated resource allocation

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social media optimization agency

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization is a key element of any successful digital marketing campaign. By utilizing different social media channels like Facebook marketing, The One Technologies lets you connect with new customers and build any loyalty with your existing and new customers. Being a Social Media Optimization (SMO) company, we understand your importance as well as the credibility that SMO services bring for a brand owner. Our SMO strategies increase your brand awareness as well as attracts more traffic to your website, that will generate business leads. Our SMO services can help you gain customer trust as well as familiarity with your business because your potential customers see that you are not only mentioned but also recommended by other customers who have leveraged your services in the past. Social media gives you an insight into what your clients are searching for, that’s why Social media Optimization services cannot be neglected.

Our SMO Packages

Basic - 300 USD/ Month
Upto 2 Social Media Platforms
Social media profiles setup & creation
Growth in Facebook fans-100 & 10 posts/month
Quality Content creation
Awareness creation
Audience engagement
Monthly Analytic reports
Social media hygiene

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Active - 500 USD/ Month
Upto 4 Social Media Platforms
Basic Features
Social media calendar access
Social media hygiene
Target competitors
Cover Image Creation
Banner image creation

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Professional - 800 USD/ Month
Upto 6 Social Media Platforms
Active Features
1 Branded related Contest
Website Conversion
Add connections on LinkedIn
Forums discussions
Infographics creation

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Enterprise - 1000 USD/ Month
Upto max Social Media Platforms
Professional Features
Video Submission on YouTube
Appropriate tagging
Video promotion on all social media channels
Dedicated resource allocation
Promised results

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Our Digital Marketing Service Process

To satisfy your customer’s needs and have a successful sales and product presence worldwide, requires a digital marketing strategy involving a five-step process.

process of digital marketing service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As per the survey, around 97% of users in the USA go online to find local products and services. If you want to reach out to a large audience, connect with them and increase leads and sales, you have to meet them where they spend their time online.

  • As a 360-degree digital marketing services company, The One Technologies offers full-suite Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Design, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Analytics and Tracking, Lead Generation, and branding.

  • It is difficult to give an exact digital marketing cost without knowing your requirements. Despite having a limited amount, we adjust our plans, strategies, the volume of work and timescales based on the available budget.

  • At the current time and trends, everything is moving under the umbrella of digital marketing. By leveraging digital marketing services, you can get reduced cost, real-time result, brant awareness, remarketing & targeting, higher user-engagement, faster reach, many more.

  • Lead generation is to attract and convert business prospects into genuine interest. It brings more qualified buyers to your doorstep. Leveraging Lead Generation services, you can maximize your prospects and establish what your business truly needs - growth.

  • Most companies prefer SEO, PPC, and website design as core services. Apart from that, depending on your requirements, budget, the scope of work, your goals, your product/service and a few other factors, we can suggest other services as well.

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Jason McCoy

CEO / SpitFire CRM

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Dr. James Broselow

Founder & CEO / Broselow Communication, LCL

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Sushant Ajmani

VP Product Management / Course 5i

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