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As a leading IoT Development Company, we help our clients build connected devices, turn analogue products to digital using sensors and firmware, and create software infrastructure - web, mobile and embedded for custom IoT solutions. Our IoT developers follow the agile development process and have extensive knowledge of IoT frameworks and IoT-enabled app development.

As a prominent and top-notch IoT App Development Company, we offer robust solutions for augmenting automation worldwide across all versatile domains. We deliver the best IoT development services which are transparent, reliable and engaging. Hire IoT Developer from us to transform your devices into ‘Smart Devices’.


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Industries We Serve

Internet of Things Services offered by us cover various industry sectors and helps our valued client getting the required support through us.

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IoT Development Services

The Internet of Things technology is booming in the market and is expected that billions of devices will be connected with each other with this service. Different devices such as - sensors, vehicles, cameras, and machines - everything will be connected and empowered by IoT. There are various industries which have utilized the IoT and cloud services to serve their customers by adding new IoT devices to their offering. The One Technologies has a vast experience in providing enterprise-class cloud solutions, developing IoT applications for web or mobile apps.

The One Technologies is a forerunner in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry leveraging its modern, robust and differentiated approach to the market. Our aim is to unlock the hidden potential of our customer’s business and increase growth through technology innovation. We have a large number of experienced developers in the industry today. You can benefit our Hire IoT developer service on an hourly, full-time or part-time basis with the dedicated client-centric focus.

Our IoT developers help you get your connected devices that can transform your complex business processes into simple and user-friendly ones. Being a leading IoT application development company in India, we unleash the potential of IoT technology by connecting data, process, and users.

Why Choose Us For IoT Development Services?

The Internet of Things-enabled technologies is taking over everything. It increases your audience size by deploying IoT features into your business. We are providing IoT development services at affordable prices.

IoT brings new opportunities

Increases Business Opportunities

IoT brings new opportunities and helps companies benefit from new revenue streams developed by advanced business models and services.

improves IoT safety and security

Improves Safety and Security

IoT services integrated with sensors and video cameras help monitor the workplace to ensure equipment safety and protect against physical threats.

increasing organizational productivity

Increases Productivity

IoT offers just-in-time training for employees, improves labour efficiency, and reduces mismatch of skills while increasing organizational productivity.

easily access any data & information

Access Information

You can easily access any data and information sitting away from the actual location in real-time from any part of the globe.

better communication

Enhances Communication

You can have better communication over network interconnected devices, making the communication of devices more transparent.

IoT reduces human errors

Reduction of Human Errors

IoT reduces human errors due to mundane or repetitive tasks with its complementarity of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

Our IoT Service Process

We follow agile development process in order to ensure timely delivery to our clients. Here is the complete process that we follow:

IoT development services process

Our IoT Development Services

Our IoT app development company serve the global clients for over a decade with end-to-end IoT development services at affordable prices. Our IoT App Developers promise to deliver superior and excellent IoT development services.

IoT Application Development company

IoT Application Development

We deliver flexible strategies, blended with high-security in order to manage new and diverse IoT devices for IoT Development services.

hired IoT development companies

IoT Gateway Development

We’re one of the most hired IoT Development Companies in India providing feature-rich IoT Gateway Development services to various businesses.

IoT cloud solutions

IoT Cloud Solutions

We utilize state-of-the-art cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix for the IoT App Development Services.

IoT development consulting service

IoT Development Consultancy

As a leading IoT development company, we also offer IoT consultancy services through our expert IoT developers and consultants.

IoT support and maintenance services

IoT Implementation & Support

Apart from providing IoT development services, we also provide complete implementation, support and maintenance services to our prestigious customers.

IoT backend & API development solutions

IoT Backend & API Development

Our expert IoT developers provide complete IoT Backend and API Development solutions and services to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a leading IoT app development company, we provide IoT consultation, gateway development, IoT solutions with powerful architectures, implement and support, security consulting, cloud platform, and much more.

  • Yes, we can develop a universal remote app that can be used to control all electronic devices including your TV, fridge, microwave, AC and other devices by coding.

  • We use many tools to develop varieties of IoT apps; Tessel 2, Arduino, Node-Red, Zetta, Canopy, Losant, etc.

  • At The One Technologies, our IoT gateway development solutions can be scaled vertically or horizontally, based on the requirements.

  • Well, it depends on your requirements, project complications, features that you wish to add. Sometimes, even a small project takes a lot of time due to complex implications.

  • We follow advanced hybrid data encryption standards such as 256 bits AES and 2028 bits RSA; therefore, it is totally secure.

  • Yes! Of course, we sign NDA or legal contracts with our clients.

  • Yes. We develop feature-rich, robust and scalable backend along with custom API for a two-way handshake between users’ devices and your mobile app database.

Client Testimonials

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David Wilson

CEO / Docufi

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Sushant Ajmani

VP Product Management / Course 5i

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Margaret Yova

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