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Accident Assistance - Mobile Application

Car accidents are inherently stressful. In the midst of chaos, a driver is expected to gather a plethora of information in an effort to ensure accurate insurance claims and police reports. The goal of the on-demand accident assistance app or roadside assistance app is to take away just a bit of that stress by providing you with a step-by-step plan of action.

With this on-demand accident assistance app or roadside assistance app, all necessary information will be compiled in one single, convenient location, from the other driver(s)’ insurance and license information, to witness testimonies and crash site photos. There’s a place for everything with this convenient app.

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget to gather this essential evidence. With this app, you’ll know exactly what you need to make your recovery process go smoothly.

car accident help in mobile app


Application End Programming Language

  • Xamarin.Forms C#


  • Firebase Database
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accident assistance mobile app features


A client wanted application that helps a driver to deal with the accident and their after cause. Client wanted to record the witness testimonies and crash site photos, video, audios.

It is basic requirement of client that application will open automatically when the accident occur on the basis of the speed of the driver.

Our client came up with a great idea to develop an app that will help to identify car accidents and assist people in need. From Mobile support, Geofencing support, Notification, Map management, and location identification, an app requires detailed functionalities for its purpose. If anyone got stuck and anxious in a car accident, this app is the best support that assists you with people for help.

mobile app driver info view


The one technologies developed the code for both Android and iOS using the best UI components and hosted to the Play store and App store.

  • Provide the application that helps a driver to record the crash site data(Including photo,Video, Audio, witness records)
  • Provide place from where user can upload their reports of accident to the firebase
  • Provide the efficient background service that open up the application when accident occur and start recording the data automatically

Final Outcome

In the end, the developers created a complete and fully-functional accident assistance app solution that meets the client's requirements for both Android and iOS platforms.

As a result of efforts by our development team, we provided the client with outcomes that they were expecting from us. We not just created a fully-functional app for the client but also launched it on the app store to ensure that it is available to download. From the play store, people can easily download the app and start utilizing its features. hire Xamarin developers to create traffic monitoring apps, car accident assistance apps, car sharing apps, and car rental apps.

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