Used Car Dealership CRM

The system provides an integrated CRM for Used Car Dealers for selling Cars. It has support for real-time Lead Parsing, Inventory Feed Parsing from different providers (like Automanager, CarsforSale, etc.), Auto-Responders for Emails, Browser Texting and Voice Call integration.


  • Android and iOS Native Apps with the functionality of scanning and storing of the information within the QR Codes.
  • Programming Language: Objective C, Java (Android)
  • Database: SQLite
  • API Integration
  • Other: 3rd Party integration for License Scanner and VIN Scanner


The client wanted to provide a real-time parsing for Leads and Auto Responders for emails. Also, he wanted the integration of Text Messaging and Voice Calls over the Browser.


Android and iOS Native Apps with most of the functionality of the web platform are covered in this.


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