Online Appointment Booking Application

Online Appointment Booking Application is the safest website that enables customers to manage the appointments and communication in an easy and safe manner. This online appointment booking application also enables customers to locate service providers within a 50-mile radius, research their profile, request services, and make payments through the mobile app.

It empowers service providers to create profiles, markets their services, manage bookings, track revenue, and carry out loyalty reward campaigns while receiving feedback from customers.

The in-app store currently featuring must-have products in the areas of health, wellness, and beauty curated to enhance the user experience.


  • Programming Language: ASP.Net-WCF, C#, .Net Framework 4.5
  • Front-end Technologies: Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS
  • Database: MS SQL
  • Other: Implemented Apple push notification, Android push notification


The client wanted us to develop the admin panel and the API which will be used by the mobile developer. The basic concept of the application is that there are two basic roles for the mobile first one is a customer and the second one is a therapist. So from the mobile application customer can book an appointment with the therapist for the different services and the therapist provides the solution to the client. Also, there is a functionality of ordering the item from the store. For admin panel client want to develop us that admin can see everything that what is happening at the mobile side like how many clients registered, how many therapists registered, how many appointments were booked, how much profit gain by the platform etc.


The One Technologies developed a Web Application for Admin and Web API:

Web App:

  • Admin can track of the customer and therapists
  • Admin can see the all appointments and the store orders
  • Admin can add product for store
  • Customer support
  • Generate report for profit gain by platform

Web API:

  • Developed different API for order the item, booked appointment, wallet management for funds, sign up, log in, etc.
  • Api For Send apple push notification(APNS) and android push notification.
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