Boat and Watercraft Partnership Management SaaS portal

This SaaS based Boat Management Application website is one of the most usedful and proficient website for boat owners and who are looking to find a partner for their boat business. This SaaS based Boat Management Application is used to manage your boats with your partners. This boat management service provides some excellent features like boat trip scheduling, expense manager, boat sharing, check on/check off and messaging which can be shared with your and your partners. You can also find your potential boat partner by using this website.


  • Programming Language: ASP.Net, C#, .Net Framework 4.0
  • Front-end Technologies: Boostrap, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Database: MS SQL 2012
  • Web Server: Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Other: Telerik Controls, Asp.Net Ajax Controls


This application was originally developed in Classic ASP, and the client wanted to upgrade it to with new features and modern look. The challenge was to develop web-based application incorporating all the existing features along with new modules.


The One Technologies provided a cloud-hostable web application using Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server with following features:

  • Boat Trip Scheduling
  • Email Notification WebJob
  • Expense Manager (Income and Expense tracking)
  • Check On/Check Off
  • Messaging between partners
  • Social features like Photo Album, Comments, News Feed
  • Online and mobile scheduling
  • Custom domains


This application is now used by 60,000+ users across North America, Australia, UK, and New Zealand. Thousands of boats and watercrafts are advertised for sharing partnership.

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