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Data Business Intelligence Software as a Service

Matchbook CRM web application is a comprehensive platform that provides you with accurate and complete control over your Dun & Bradstreet data matching and enrichment processes. This web app helps every business grow through the power of their data.

This toolbox web app compares similar company records and manually chooses the best match using side-by-side views. By applying the filter option, users can filter data functionality that helps you work on subsets of data.

You can also edit your company’s data right with this website, manually assign a DUNS number and pass it back through the D&B API.

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Programming Language

  • WordPress
  • Core


  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


  • MySQL

Web Server

  • Microsoft Azure
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data management website development


The client has been in the database and business intelligence industry for the last 20 years. So they wanted to develop a website which could help them integrate the company’s data with D&B monitoring service, automate the process and can have complete control over Dun & Bradstreet data matching.

The client wants to develop a web application as a comprehensive platform that assists users with precise and complete control over your Dun & Bradstreet data matching and enrichment processes. We aimed to build custom BI solutions for the web with customizable business intelligence dashboards that offer real-time visibility.

data management mobile app development


Matchbook is a Data Business Intelligence Software developed to give accurate data effortlessly integrating BI.

  • Filter data functionality
  • Interactive, Data-intensive visualizations
  • Dynamic KPIs with sharable visualizations
  • Tailored dashboard reporting with a centralized data
  • Automations using BI technology

Final Outcome

The WordPress developers developed an amazing website that continues to enhance the enterprise SaaS platform and also provides deployment and operational support for platforms hosted in Microsoft Azure. The team of developers also took the challenge of developing data services such as Azure Cosmos DB. We also built other services like HTTP callback and REST API services.

Our developers delivered on all these capabilities with great ease to our satisfaction.

The Matchbook CRM website is an attractive website that builds trust with both customers and partners. The team at The One Technologies was able to set up the website so the contract used conditional logic. We can look at this as either cost savings or enabling the team to spend more time growing the business, either way, it is a huge win.

At The One Technologies, our PHP developers designed and developed a new website with user experience in mind. Custom programming and innovative design elements were used to bring all the pieces together for a functional, comprehensive digital experience.

This web app includes a dedicated portal and database. Build ETL processes for automated integration or take advantage of batch import/export functions via the User Interface. Need to develop this software application for your business? Hire WordPress Developer team who can work with you to build the right processes and set up the integration.

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