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The Car Rental Portal - Marketplace Website Application is specialized in providing dynamic vehicles or cars for Touring, Weddings, TV & Film work, Photo Shoots, Promotional Opportunities and many other special events. The company has a bespoke fleet of famous replica TV & Movie vehicles for hire for exhibition and display in the UK or Irish postcode.

This Car Rental Portal - Marketplace Website Application provides secure, easy, and quick access to the top rental car service. It’s an online car rental-booking platform and allows you to search for cars, and compare deals to find the best rental for your leisure, wedding or trip.


  • Programming Language: Joomla
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Jquery
  • Database: MySQL
  • Web Server: Apache


The Client requirement was to create a website where user can rent, Hire, register cars for Multiple European Countries.


The One Technologies has provided a open source SEO friendly solution for car hiring service with following features:

  • Vehicle Management with user friendly seo urls.
  • Country based Vehicle Registration and shortlisting vehicles.
  • Country based Vehicle Hire Enquiry.
  • Get the quote for vehicle.
  • Sharing personal vehicle.
  • News and Blogs.
  • Seo Based url Modifications for Vehicle Management, Export Facility for Vehicles.


The One Technologies overcame many challenges, including the need to ensure web browser compatibility and interoperability. A rigorous testing methodology and strict coding standards helped ensure success.

Our PHP developers used simple but attractive components to ensure that the website functioned seamlessly across all the web browsers, and the layout appeared to be similar. Our developers faced lots of difficulties and hurdles during the execution and development. But then, we came up with the solution by examining all the real-time issues and user requirements.

Our experienced and expert team of PHP developers took in the factors of their location and the flow of potential customers. With that, they worked out a strategy that would be best suited for maximizing conversion rates, thus improving the client’s website’s credibility and business.

The newly developed car rental service website is SEO friendly website, resulting in a 30% average increase of visitor growth, of which 85% being organic.

Today, users now enjoy a seamless service experience across the website. At The One Technologies, our certified and expert PHP team specializes in helping you deliver outstanding personalized and contextually customer experience. Contact us or Hire PHP Developers to help you propel your digital transformation.

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