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Casino Games and Software

This casino game app allow users to add the casinos and the physical machine which is installed in that casino by entering the machine number. Users can add machines and select machines from the app. It also allow users to chat with the group of other casinos.

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Application End Programming Language

  • Xamarin.Forms C#


  • Firebase Database
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The client wanted application with the basic level is a casino slot machine logger. Where user can press the button to start the log and after winning or losing they need to press the loss or the win button on the application which Will record the data of users win and loss.

The client just wanted the core system that provides a way to video the spin, photo the spin, and log which casino/game. The idea is the slot machine users build a huge database through usage. There is also a sub-mechanic to track slot machine bonus rounds.

UI/UX Consulting

For high-performance Casino game software, premium quality features are required including game testing, programming, character development, mathematics, quality assurance, and effective graphic designing.

The challenge here was to control every aspect of the online casino game software development lifecycle from prototyping to coding to QA to release.

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The one technologies developed the code for both Android and iOS using the best UI components and hosted to the Play store and App store.

  • Provide the application that record the user loss and win records with money on the firebase database
  • Firebase chat integration for the Casino groups
  • Application will provide the user related data using the user’s device id

Final Outcome

The One Technologies has created an interactive real-time casino game app for both iOS and Android. The casino mobile game facilitates custom casino and its machines with friends and proper tracking of all winnings. You can enter the machine number on which machine you have to play with personalized settings without hassle.

You can play against the opponents sitting on the same machine in real and chat with the group of other casinos.

At The One Technologies, our experienced and skilled team of mobile developers started working continuously on client requirements and after going through the development life cycle, we did it successfully. We turned the dream of the client into reality. Any project in mind? Select us as a cross platform app development company or Hire dedicated developers to create a robust and amazing mobile game.

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